The South Carolina Whittle Families

Thanks To Our Contributors!

Kay Anderson - for her excellent research on the Alabama branch of the Whittle family.

Karon Bishop - for all the postings she has done in past years on

James D. Brooks - for information about James Jackson Whittle (Burris/John/James).

Annette S. Burton - for information about Edy Whittle and Nathaniel Burton.

Glen Collier - for his wonderful detective work tracking down Texas Whittles.

Judy Duncan - for sending Sheriff Scratch Whittle's official stationery.

Billie Jones - for her help in finding Whittle information at the Camden, SC Archives.

Cheryl Girard - for information about Ida Bethany Whittle.

Brenda Laney - for her constant pursuit of obtaining information from living Whittles.

Claude Medlin - for getting me hooked on this hobby and providing the first list of family descendants.

Heather Patrick - for her information about Prevost William Whittle and his family.

Wade Prater - for Prater family history and a great website at Wade Prater

Katrina G. Ray - for her help with Moses and John Wesley Whittle, sons of Allison Whittle and for her wonderful poem found on the home page of this web site.

Louise Riley - Twin-City News, P.O. Box 2529, Batesburg - Leesville, SC, (803) 532-6203 - for writing her local geneology reports.

Nadine Shipman Sinkwitz - for her very thorough research on Whittles in Georgia.

Tom Swartout - for his information about the family of Jesse Clifton Whittle.

Amberys R. Whittle - for his information on Stancil Whittle and his descendants.

Charles E. Whittle, Jr. - for his 3 Mar 1973 letter about Robert and Susannah Whittle, and John Warren and Sarah Whittle.

James and Ruth Whittle - for information about Joseph Whittle, son of James M. Whittle, Sr. We also thank them for help with the Tennessee Whittle's and their efforts to try and prove some relationship with the South Carolina families.

Jeffrey Whittle - for his information on the Lowndes County Whittles and Jesse Robert Whittle.

Mark Anthony Whittle - for his information on the family of Floyd Wesley Whittle.

Richard Whittle - for his information on the family of William Floyd Whittle.

Robert Lamar Whittle - for his information about the family of Reverend John Whittle.

Wayne Whittle - for his analysis of historical timeframe's and his information on the Matthew Whittle family in Virginia.

William Othniel Whittle - the preeminent researcher of the Whittle family from Tennessee. The WO Whittle papers are on file at the Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library in Knoxville. WO wrote letters to every Whittle he could find in the phone books nationwide. He was a pioneer of the "form letter". Unfortunately he got few replies except from his own family during his many years of research prior to World War II.

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