The South Carolina Whittle Families

Second Generation

The Possible Children of James Burris Whittle

2. Joseph Whittle was born about 1755 and died in 1811. He is a possible son of James Burris Whittle, but there is no proof to date.

The 1790 US Census for Virginia was destroyed, but the Amherst County Historical Society in Virginia has both the 1783 and 1785 indexed Heads of Household lists. Amherst County was created from Albemarle County in 1761. The 1783 list has Joseph Whittle with a family count of 10. The 1785 list has Joseph "Whettle" with 11. Assuming his wife is alive, this leaves Joseph with 9 children.

Considerable research has been conducted on Virginia's John Warren Whittle (1750-1816). John and Joseph are last seen paying taxes in Amherst County in 1787, although there is a John Whittle on the reconstructed 1790 VA census. By 1793 John has settled in Old Lincoln County, Kentucky. His whereabouts from 1787 until 1793 are unknown. His brother Joseph remains a mystery, and is not on the 1790 reconstructed census. It is believed by researchers that the majority of Joseph's family settled in Tennessee. Is Joseph Whittle of VA the same Joseph Whittle found in SC on the 1790 census?

There are four Whittles in the 1790 Edgefield County South Carolina US Census; Jo "Whittel", John Whittle, Jos Whittle and James "Whettel". The 1790 census only lists total female counts. Jo Whittel lives a few doors away from John and has 2 males under 16 and 3 females. Jos Whittle is on the previous page with 1 male over age 16, 1 male under 16 and 6 females. Jos Whittle has a family count close to our Virginia Joseph; however, "Jos" could be "Jas", a common abbreviation of James or "Jo" could be "Ja", another abbreviation of James. If there are two Joseph Whittles, one could be our VA Joseph and the other a son of James Burris Whittle.

The only deed in SC for Joseph Whittle, dated 5 May 1785, "50 acres adjoining William Holston on Clouds Creek". It is recorded in 96 District Plat Book A . If this is our Virginia Joseph he moved awfully fast to have also been included on the 1785 Amherst County VA heads of households list. No other deeds for Joseph Whittle have been found. He next appears as a witness 2 Jan 1788, on a deed between Anthony Argo and William Corley.

The 1800 South Carolina census lists only James and Joseph Whittle living next door to each other. No other misspelled Whittles seem likely. The 1800 census gives us some better information about the ages of family members. Joseph Whittle has 1 male under 10, 2 males under 16 and 1 male under 26. He is listed as over 45. There are 2 females under 10, 2 under 16 and his wife (or possible mother) is over 45. This seems to be the "Jo Whittel" from 1790. His birth year can now be guessed at ca.1755. James Whittle is reported to be over 26 and under 45, so it seems that Joseph is the elder.

Fortunately the estate settlement for James Whittle, Sr. is available and it includes the names of his live and predeceased children. By process of elimination the Whittles we begin finding by 1810 can be attributed to Joseph unless they died before James, and had no heirs when his estate was settled. The question is which Joseph, if there were two in 1790?

On the 1810 census Joseph Whittle has 1 male under 10 and 1 under 26. He also has 2 females under 16 and presumably his wife is still alive and listed as over age 45. Four new Whittle names also appear; a second James, Macajah, William and Willis. Macajah is the only name not found in James Whittle's estate settlement but the new James may not be James Jr. He has a mature family, James Jr. would only have been 20 years old. (visit Other Early Whittles with SC Roots).

Joseph Whittle is not to be found by 1820. Padgett family tradition says that "Joe Whittle was shot by his son in law's father, Josiah Padgett, in 1811". The evidence for this is found in the Padgett family book. It is likely that Joseph was a British loyalist (Tory), he is not found on any of the patriot rosters nor has any pension application been found. Josiah was in Captain Butler's militia, which makes the story more believable. This shooting may also explain why it has been said over the years that these two Edgefield families had "little to do with each other". They seem to have a lot to do with each other prior to 1811.

Courtesy of Descendants of Josiah Padgett I, Compiled by James Suddath Paget Jr., Copyright 1998.

Joseph Whittle's children have not been proven. They are assumed to be from Joseph, and wife still unknown, since they are not listed in the estate settlement of James Whittle, Sr. Using the 1800 census as a starting point there are at least 4 male and 4 female children to be accounted for.

M i Micajah Whittle
M ii James C. Whittle
M iii Ambrose Whittle
F iv Lydia Whittle
F v Winnifred Whittle
  10 M vi George Whittle

3. James M. Whittle, Sr. born about 1765 and died 7 Feb 1844, is the only proven son of James Burris Whittle.

James M. Whittle, Sr. swore an affidavit that Burris was his father. "Personally appeared James Whittle Senior before me John Lark...said..and made oath that his father James Burris Whittle was wounded near Cloud Creek in Edgefield District in a battle in the old ...and then said that he died from the that time and place and further states the J.B. Whittle ..was ..and has not property to support her at this time and..many years past."

Courtesy of South Carolina Department of Archives and History

There is only one James Whittle in 1800, but there is a second James on the 1810 census, both have males in the household over age 45. The first James lives next door to Thomas and James Warren and has 2 males under 10, 2 males under 16, 1 male over 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female under 16, 1 female under 45 and one female over 45. The second one lives between William Whittle and Elijah Watson with Macajah Whittle close by. He has 2 males under 10, 1 male under 26, 1 male under 45, 1 male over 45 but only 1 female is listed, she is under 26.

Records of James Whittle, Jr.'s children show Edy Whittle as his first born in 1814. If James Jr. is one of the James in 1810, he should have no children. One of these James is clearly James Whittle, Sr., the other remains a mystery. Let's see if the land deeds give us any clues.

The first James Whittle deed is from book 29-p. 277, "Thomas Deloach to James Whittle, Deed of Conveyance, 21 Oct 1794, 50 pounds sterling money of this State, 50 acres, it being part of three tracts originally granted to William Holston and James (name lost in binding but probably Warren) and Hendley Webb, by Gov William Bull, 8 July 1774. Witnesses Samuel Deen, Michael Deloach."

Second deed, book 29-p. 278 "Solomon Deloach to James Whittle, Deed of Conveyance, (day lost in binding) Oct (year lost in binding), $60, 50 acres on Clouds Creek of Little Saluda River, it being part of three tracts originally granted to Wm Holston, James Warren and Hendley Webb, 8 July 1774, adjoining West on Hendly Webb and other sides on James Whittle. Witnesses Matt Burden, Thos (X) Cate, Ezekiel Perry."

Third deed, "Robert Webb to James Whittle, Deed of Conveyance, 4 Jan 1800, $80, 100 acres, being part of 287 acres granted to Hendly Webb, 10 Oct 1792, situated on Jacobs Branch of Clouds Creek of Saluda River by Gov William Moultrie. Witnesses James Whittle, Merrit Johns."

Fourth deed, book 29-p. 276 "Elijah Padgett of Jefferson County, Georgia to James Whittle of Edgefield County, SC, Deed of Conveyance, 12 Jan 1803: Georgia; Jefferson County: $200, 200 acres on Clouds Creek, 140 acres being part of 200 acres granted to Wm Holston and 60 acres granted to James Warren lying on East side of Clouds Creek adjacent the before mentioned tract of 20 acres. Witnesses Snoden Kirkland, Walter Roberson."

All 4 of these deeds reference land originally owned by the same 3 people, Holston, Warren and Webb. James Warren sold his land in Edgefield County and moved to Green County, KY in 1796. There are Revolutionary War records for a William Holston in Maryland, but its uncertain that they are one and the same. Hendley Webb seems to have been a good friend of Burris Whittle.

There are several interesting questions here. Why would it be necessary to describe James Whittle's land as adjoining James Whittle on the 2nd deed? Who is the James Whittle who witnesses James Whittle on the 3rd deed? It certainly can't be James Whittle, Jr. or James C. Whittle, both of them are still children in 1800 (visit Other Early Whittles with SC Roots).

Witnesses on the first 2 deeds seem to be well known names in early Edgefield County history. Michael Deloach is listed on the 1782 "head of household" census in Isle of Wight, VA and then moves to SC. Ezekiel Perry appears to have migrated from North Carolina. Samuel Deen arrived in Edgefield County in time to serve in the Edgefield Company during the Revolutionary War.

Our researcher, Wayne Whittle, provides this information about Merrit Johns as a witness to the 3rd deed. "The Johns name connects with Whittle's Rest, Ann Arundel County, MD originally patented by George Whittle & Alice Parker c. 1654. A (?) George Whittle, Ann Arundel County, MD left 4 unnamed orphans c. 1677 that were awarded to Wm. & Mary Parker, Aunt of the children. . . . Circa 1718 Whittles Rest (400 acres) has passed to the Johns family (of Johns-Hopkins fame). The names, gender, and destiny of these Whittle orphans remains a mystery. . . It is also unclear how Whittle's Rest was pasted to the Johns?" Another interesting note is that Snowden Kirkland, witness on the 4th deed, is likely the son of Richard Kirkland and Mary Snowden who migrated to Edgefield County from All Hallows Parish, Ann Arundel County, MD sometime before 1772. There are also records for the Roberson name in Ann Arundel, however, no Walter has been found.

There are three James Whittles by 1820. The first one still lives next door to William Whittle as in 1810. On his other side lives Gazeway Bowen who will be discussed later. James tells the census taker that he is James Whittle, Sr. His family count is generally consistent with what it should have been in 1820. The second James identifies himself as James Whittle, Jr. He has 2 males under 10 and 2 females under 10, so this is obviously a young family. There is little doubt that this is the son of James Sr. Our third James also has a young family and he is believed to be the son of Joseph Whittle. There is no trace of the other James Whittle seen in 1810.

James Whittle married Lucretia (unknown). Lucretia was born c.1780 and died in 1854. She is found living with her daughter Elizabeth and Russel Padgett on the 1850 census and is listed as age 70. If this information is correct, James was probably married twice. Lucretia would have only been 5 years old when William was born. James died intestate in 1844 so the court settled his estate listing his 13 children.

(Apt.) Box 51, (file) Pkg. 2147. Estate of James Whittle, decd; Joseph Whittle, Admin. (FHL film 162,264)
Petition of Lucretia (X) Whittle and Joseph Whittle, Feb. 12, 1844, witness F. H. Wardlow; that James Whittle late of Edgefield Dist. died on 7 Feb. 1844 without a will, leaving as his next of kin & heirs at law, a widow, your petitionery Lucretia, and twelve sons and daughters, namely your petitioner Joseph, and William, Willis, Elijah, James, John, Mastin, Ira, Mary wife of Richard Dunkin, Matilda wife of John Story, Elizabeth wife of Russel Padget, and Effie wife of Jacob Certain, and the children of Reuben a predeceased son; that the intestate was possessed at his death of personalty of above the value of $5,000; petitioners pray they may receive a grant of the admin. of goods and chattels and credits of said James Whittle decd. (frame 15)

Account current, 6 Jan. 1845, with Joseph Whittle & Lucretia Whittle Administrators; payments Feb. 26, 1844 to various court costs and for costs of sale, to Dec. 28; received on note of Zachariah Miles amount due estate, and received of Ezekiel Padgett small amount; the account current examined and sworn to 6 Jan. 1845, /s/ Joseph Whittle. (frame 4)

Account current, filed 8 Jan. 1846, Lucretia Whitten, Amrx. Payments Dec. 24, 1844 Elijah Whittle by hand of James Whittle, part of his legacy. Dec. 7, 1844, paid Irw?. Whittle by hand of Felix E. Beau, part of his legacy. Decr. 28, 1844, paid Russel Padgett & wife Eliza part of their distributive share. Jan. 30, 1845, paid Willis Whitten part of legacy; Jan. 1, 1845, paid John Whittle part of his legacy; Jan. 15, 1845, paid Richard & Mary Dunkin part of legacy; Jan. 5, 1845, paid Richard & Mary Dunkin part of legacy; Jan. 4, 1845, paid Lawson Ryorden for carrying chain, same to Wilbert Cambo; Jan. 1, 1845, paid John & Matilan? Strorw? part of their legacy; Jan. 4, 1845, paid Ambrose Whittle as appraiser; Jan. 6, 1845, paid John Hite J.E.D. Recovering Estate; ... Jan. 24, 1845, paid Elijah Whittle part of legacy; Feb. 1, 1845, paid John Storw? & Matilan? his wife part of their legacy; Feb. 1, 1845, paid Irw?. Whittle in part of his legacy; Feb. 6, 1845 & Feb. 21, 1845, paid Russel Padgett & wife Eliza. part of their distributive share; Sept. 8, 1845, paid James Whittle by power of attorney for Jacob Sartin & wife Effie in part of their distributive share; Sept. 9, 1845, paid James Whittle by power of attorney for Jacob Sartin & wife Effie part of their legacy; Oct. 8, 1845, paid Willis Whittle part of legacy; Nov. 14, 1845, paid James Whittle by power of attorney for William Whittle part of his legacy; July 2, 1845, paid Lucretia Whittle administratrix in part of her distributive share; July 4, paid James Whittle by power of attorney for William Whittle legatee part of his legacy; ... (paid various accounts). (frame 3)

Distribution of the estate of James Whittle decd (settlement), 8 Jan. 1846; Amount to be divided among the children, there being 13 children; each child's account set forth separately as to advancements and final amount due: Willis Whittle, Elijah Whittle, James Whittle, John Whittle, Joseph Whittle, Ira Whittle (plain), Matilda Storea (Stoned?), Mary Dunkin, Elizabeth Padgett, William Whittle, Mastin Whittle, Rheubin Whittle ... due the children of Rheuben Whittle decd, Effa Sertan. (frame 6 & 7)
Account current, 1 Feb. 1847, with Lucretia Whittle & Joseph Whittle Admrs. Payments Jan. 9, 1846, to Joseph Whittle in full of his legacy; to James Whittle attorney of William Whittle in full of his legacy; to James Whittle attorney of Effa Sartin in full of her legacy; to Lucretia Whittle part of her legacy; to Elijah Whittle, John Story?, Russel Padgett, Richard Dunkin, Willis Whittle, Mastin Whittle, John Whittle, Ira? (Irw.?) Whittle, each in full of their share; Oct. 4, 1846, paid Lucretia Whittle part of her share, paid Feb. 1, 1847 to Lucretia Whittle, widow, in full of her distributive share of estate. (frame 5)

Distribution of James Whittle's estate. James Whittle intestate, decd 7 Feb. 1844, leaving a widow Lucretia and 12 children, namely, William, Willis, Elijah, James, Joseph, John, Masten, Ira, Effie wife of Jacob Sertin, Matilda wife of John Story, Polly wife of Richard Dunkin, Elizabeth wife of Russel Padget, and if? set of grandchildren, children of a predeceased son Reuben; Joseph & Lucretia administrators and Joseph afterward died. The following advancements were made by intestate in his lifetime to his children, viz, to Willis Whittle, Elijah Whittle, James Whittle, John Whittle, Joseph Whittle, Ira Whittle, Matilda Story, Mary Dunkin, Elizabeth Padget, William Whittle, Mastin Whittle, Reuben Whittle, Effie Sertan; ... amounts received from various, amounts paid to legatees ... (MAD: seems to be similar to accounts listed in Box 51, pkg. 2147, on settlement of 8 Jan. 1846.) (frames 58-59)

Courtesy of the Edgefield Advertiser Newspaper

Lucretia's estate was probated 10 years later by her grandson Hartwell Eugene Whittle. Only 6 children are specifically identified, John Whittle, Mary Whittle Dunkin, Ira Whittle, Elizabeth Whittle Padgett, Children of Matilda Whittle Story and the children of Joseph Whittle. It would appear that a total of 13 children were paid based on the last sentence (frame 262); however, that depends on what 1/7 of $84.26, really means.

Box 72, Pkg 2911 Estate of Lucretia Whittle dec'd, admin. Hartwell Whittle (FHL firm 162,276)

Petition for letters of admin. & sale of estate, Dec. 15, 1854, by Hartwell Whittle for John Whittle; a short time since his mother Lucretia Whittle died intestate seized and prosessed of a small personal estate which remains to be administered; prays that letters of administration be granted him (frame 261).

Ordinary's Office, Jan. 1, 1855; on application of Hartwell Whittle admin. Of Lucretia Whittle decd, ordered that he sell at late residence of said dec'd on Saturday 20th inst all of the personal property of said dec'd on a credit until 25 Dec. next 1855, purchasers giving notes with amble security; sale not to commence earlier than 10 o'clock AM (frame 261).
Account current, 26 March 1857, estate of Lucretia Whittle, Hartwell Whittle admin. Payments Apr. 28, 1856, to Elly Whittle in part to his distributive share; payments March 15, 1857 in full of their distributive share to: Elly Whittle $15.40, John Whittle $84.26. Mary Dunkin $92.44, Ira Whittle $92.44, Russel Padgett & wife $92.44, William Stevens guardian in full for his wards, Permilia and Hezekiah Whittle $30.80, William Story $18.48, Arren Whittle $15.40, Julie McClendon $15.40, Eldred Whittle $15.40; also paid costs and attorney's fees (frame 260).

Settlement, Account Current, showing income from sale bill and payments, 1/7 share each $84.26, heirs not named (frame 262).

James Whittle, possibly a first wife, and Lucretia had the following children:

+ 11 M i William M. Whittle
+ 12 M ii Willis Whittle
+ 13 M iii James M. Whittle, Jr.
+ 14 M iv Elijah Whittle
  15 F v Effie Whittle
+ 16 F vi Matilda Whittle
+ 17 M vii Joseph Whittle
+ 18 M viii John Whittle
+ 19 M ix Reuben Whittle
+ 20 F x Mary Whittle
+ 21 M xi Maston Whittle
+ 22 F xii Elizabeth Whittle
+ 23 M xiii Ira Cromwell Whittle

4. John Whittle born about 1767, died 2 Mar 1836 is a possible son of James Burris Whittle but there is no proof to date.

Some researches believe that John Whittle is a son of Joseph Whittle who received land in Amherst County Virginia in 1776 by gift from his father, Matthew Whittle, and In 1785 Joseph and his family moved to Edgefield County, South Carolina. This theory is possible but lets examine the available evidence.

The children of John Warren Whittle, the other son of Matthew Whittle, are fairly well documented and they settled in Kentucky, but there are a lot of Whittle's in Kentucky and Tennessee who by default are attributed to Joseph Whittle. Did Joseph Whittle move to South Carolina and then back to Virginia after parts of Virginia were carved up to become Kentucky, and parts of North Carolina, Tennessee? There is no evidence of a Joseph Whittle in either Kentucky or Tennessee during this early time period. There is also little evidence that either of the Joseph's on the 1790 South Carolina census are the same as our Virginia Joseph. The only evidence is the family count from the 1785 Amherst County, VA census and the Jos Whittle family count on the 1790 SC census are similar. Unfortunately we have no sex breakdown from the VA records. In order to prove anyone's theory, we must find the father of the second Joseph on the 1790 census and figure out who went to Kentucky, Tennessee or stayed in South Carolina.

On 6 June 1790, John Whittle receives 202 acres of land bordering the land of Burris Whittle. This original grant from Governor Charles Pinckney does not say Burris Whittle, deceased, although he is most likely. Is it just a coincidence that John Whittle gets land adjoining Burris Whittle?

Courtesy of South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Who is living on Burris Whittle's land when John moves in next door? From the 1790 Census it appears to be Winney Warren, who is shown as head of household with 1 male under 16 and 2 females. Is she the widow of Burris Whittle? If so, the 3 children may be Whittles or Warrens. John Whittle has 1 male under 16 and 1 female. The 1790 census only lists males over age 16, under age 16 and total females, there is no age breakdown for women, but this would seem to be a very young family. Without knowing their age, it is impossible to determine if the one female listed is his wife or daughter. It is also interesting to note that John's other neighbors include both Capt. William Butler and Hendley Webb.

In 1793 (day and month not given), John Whittle sells 50 acres of his 202 acres to John Jolly. Winney Whittle signs the deed as his wife. Burris Whittle is listed as deceased. Joseph Whittle, Joseph Jolley and John Warren are the witnesses. On 4 Mar 1794, John Whittle sells 100 acres to Thomas Warren. On this document, Burris Whittle is listed as deceased. John and his wife Winney sign it and Thomas Walker, John Gregory and Elizabeth Gregory are witnesses. Apparently it is just coincidence that John's wife is also named Winney. The disposition of the final 52 acres of John's land has not been found, but it does appear that John Whittle is about to exit South Carolina.

There is no John Whittle on the 1800 South Carolina census. There is a John Whitley living in Edgefield District and it is possible that the spelling could be wrong if you closely examine the hand written census. His neighbors are very different however, than those found on the 1790 census. Most researchers have concluded that John Whittle, sometimes referred to as "Reverend John Whittle", is the John Whittle that appears on the 1798 Tax Index in Burke County, Georgia. The 1790 through 1810 census schedules for Georgia no longer exist. The British burned them during the War of 1812. We will not find a John Whittle in Georgia again until the 1820 census where he appears in Washington County and is the pastor of Bethleham Baptist Church.

John Whittle married Winney, reported by some researchers as Sanford. Winney was born about 1760 and died after 1860 in Brooks County, GA. On the 1850 census she is living with her daughter Sarah and son-in-law William Barwick, age 85. The census enumerator recorded Virginia as her birthplace. On the 1860 census, she is living with her daughter Mary and son-in-law Julius Peddie, age 100. The handwriting on the 1860 census is difficult to read, but it appears the enumerator lists North Carolina as her birthplace.

Considering all of this timeline, most of the evidence suggests that John Whittle is a younger brother of Joseph and James Whittle. The children of John and Winney Whittle are:

+ 24 F i Sarah Whittle
+ 25 M ii Ambrose Whittle
+ 26 M iii Burrell Whittle
+ 27 F iv Mary Whittle
  28 F v Aletha Elizabeth Whittle
+ 29 M vi Seaborn Whittle
  30 F vii Jane Whittle was born 29 July 1810. No further information has been found.
+ 31 M viii James Whittle
+ 32 F ix Penelope Whittle

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