Other Early Whittles With South Carolina Roots

Who Are Their Parents?

There are 3 Whittle brothers who appear in US census data born in the same time period as the children of James and Joseph Whittle. All of them say they were born in South Carolina. All 3 lived in Crawford County, GA in 1830 and appear on jury lists. It is possible they belong to the second Joseph from the 1790 census or the second James from the 1810 census. It is very unlikely they belong to James M. Whittle, Sr. because he died intestate and the court awarded the estate to his 13 named children. James would not have had the opportunity to cut them out of his will.

1. Richard Whittle was born in 1804 and died in 1884 in Smith County, Mississippi.

From the book, Georgia Marriages to 1850 by Jordon Dodd, we find a record of the marriage of Richard Whittle to Temperance Goodin on 11 Nov 1827 in Crawford County, GA. This is 4 years after the birth of William J. Whittle, so there may be an unknown first wife. Some time before 1860, Richard married Feraby Pope.

Richard and Feraby Whittle are on both the 1860 and 1870 Census living in Smith County, Mississippi. There is a land patent on file which shows that he was in Mississippi by 1848. Both say they were born in South Carolina on both census records. On the 1880 census, both say their parents were born in SC. Richard's children from the 1860 census are:

  1 M i William J. Whittle - born in Georgia about 1823 and died in 1866.
  2 M ii James Erasmus Whittle - born about 1831 and died in 1901.
  3 F iii Vincy A. Whittle - born in Mississippi about 1843.
  4 F iv Missouri Whittle - born in Alabama about 1845.
  5 F v Mary Whittle - born in Mississippi about 1854.
  6 F vi Elizabeth Whittle - born in Louisiana about 1855.

There are two letters that prove Richard and Elisha Whittle were brothers. One of them also mentions James as a brother as well. The first was written in 1909 by William Henry Whittle, grandson of Richard Whittle.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

William doesn't identify his father by name but it has to be William J. Whittle. The brother mentioned must be James Erasmus Whittle. Judge Whittle is Lewis Neil Whittle a son of Fortescue Whittle of Virginia fame. Unfortunately William does not mention enough family names, but if the connection to Judge Whittle is accurate, we have some new possibilities.

The second letter arrives 31 years later. Page 2, if there was one is missing, but it is likely from another son of William J. Whittle, Richard A. Whittle. This letter confirms Lish again and adds Jim to the list of three brothers.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

2. Elisha Whittle was born about 1805 and died 20 Jun 1885 in Pike County, Alabama. He was married to Orpha C Bodie. Orpha was born in SC in 1803 and died 4 Jan 1885 in Pike County, Alabama.

Elisha Whittle makes his debut on the 1830 census living in Crawford County, Georgia. Researchers have not been able to verify his parentage. In every census from 1850 through 1880 he says he was born in South Carolina. His wife Orpha also consistently says she was born in SC. On the 1900 census, Elisha Jr. says both his parents were born in SC.

Courtesy Pike County Heritage Book, Pike County, Alabama

The only record found for Elisha Whittle in South Carolina is the settlement of the estate of Allen Bodie in 1833. Elisha and his wife are awarded 1/13 of 2/3 of Allen's estate. Because Elisha's wife in not named in the estate settlement, researchers had concluded that he was first married to Nancy Bodie and that Orpha was a second wife. Thanks to some recent discovery of old documents from Edgefield County we have a petition for the sale of Allen's real estate that lists his wife as "Orfea". From this it is assumed that Orfea was a daughter of Allen Bodie. The Nancy Bodie in the estate settlement is the daughter of John Bodie, deceased. She receives 1/13 of 2/3, which is paid to James C. Whittle as her guardian because she is under age.

Courtesy of Edgefield Archives, Edgefield, South Carolina - January, 2007

Elisha and Orpha Whittle had the following children:

  1 M i Manly A. Whittle - born about 1825 and died in 1870 in Hinds Co, MS.
  2 F ii Milbray Whittle - born about 1826.
  3 F iii Sarah Whittle - born about 1829.
  4 F iv Louisa Jane Whittle - born about 1831. She married Wilson Bell (Bell & Howell family).
  5 F v Charity Whittle - born about 1832. She married John B. Sasser.
  6 F vi Mary Elizabeth Whittle - born about 1833.
  7 F vii Caroline Whittle - born about 1836.
  8 M viii John Elisha Whittle, Jr. - born 30 Jun 1846

3. James Whittle was born between 1807 and 1809 and died 22 Feb 1891 in Taylor, Georgia. He married Mary McGee on 23 Sep 1830. She was born Jun 1805 and died 14 Dec 1893. Both are buried in Hays Campground Church (Union Methodist) in Taylor County.

A Taylor County Visitor
Among the visitors in the city yesterday was Mr. James Whittle, one of the oldest citizens of Taylor County. Mr. Whittle has six sons, all living, that served in the Confederate Army, the eldest, J.[sic] G. Whittle* of Alabama, having been in twenty-seven regular engagements with Jackson, Lee and Longstreet. Mr. Whittle enjoys the best of health and is greatly attached to Taylor county.

*Irving Green WHITTLE (1834-1894)

The Macon Telegraph
20 Apr 1889
Macon, Bibb Co., GA
Page 5, column 3

James Whittle can be found on the 1850, 1860 and 1880 Georgia census. In all three he says he was born in South Carolina. On the 1880 census he says his father was born in SC and his mother in NC. There is a record of his marriage to Mary McGee dated 23 Sept 1830 in Crawford County, GA so it would seem that he left SC when he was 21 years old. Is he possibly a child of the second James on the 1820 census? James and Mary had the following children based on the census data:

  1 F i Ann Panzade Whittle - born about 1831, said to have married Alexander Jones.
  2 F ii Elizabeth Melvina Whittle - born about 1832, She married John Thomas Jones. John was killed at Drury's Bridge, VA in 1864. They had one son named John Frank Jones and he had 9 children with Mary Elizabeth Middlebrooks. What happened to Melvina after the Civil War is unknown.
  3 M iii

Irving Green Whittle - born about 1834 and died Dec 1894 in Macon, Bibb Co, GA. His second marriage was to Georgiann McGee. Both had previous marriages. Irving served the Confederacy in the 9th Regiment, Georgia Infantry and some how survived.

9th Regiment, Georgia Infantry

9th Infantry Regiment, organized during the late spring of 1861, contained men from Wilkinson, Walton, Chattooga, Clay, Talbot, Baldwin, Fayette, Brooks, Troup, and Sumter counties. Ordered to Virginia the unit was assigned to General G.T. Anderson's Brigade and remained under his command for the duration of the war. It fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, except when it was with Longstreet at Suffolk, in Georgia, and at Knoxville. The regiment did not arrive in time to take part in the fight at Chickamauga. It was involved in the Petersburg siege south and north of the James River and later the Appomattox Campaign. This unit had 411 effectives in April, 1862, lost 8 killed and 41 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles, and had 12 killed and 116 wounded at Second Manassas. Its casualties at Gettysburg were more than fifty percent of the 340 engaged. From April 14 to May 6, there were 105 disabled, and from August 1 to December 31, 1864, it lost 63 killed or wounded. The regiment surrendered with 15 officers and 174 men. Its commanders were Colonels Benjamin Beck, E.R. Goulding, Edward F. Hoge, and Richard A. Turnipseed; Lieutenant Colonels John C.L. Mounger, Sr., and John G. Webb; and Majors John W. Arnold and William M. Jones.

  4 F iv Martha Ann Whittle - born about 1836, said to have married LaFayette Stanford.
  5 F v Hannah Jane Whittle - born about 1837, said to have married Elisha Waters.
  6 M vi Elbert J. Whittle - born 18 Apr 1839 and died 25 Mar 1910. He served in the 19th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry. He married Sarah F. Wade of Talbot and Taylor Co, GA.
  7 M vii William Henry Whittle - born 4 Dec 1840 and died 27 Oct 1923. He married Rebecca Boland.
  8 M viii George W. Whittle - born about 1844 and died in 1908. He married Josephine Kimble Sauls. George served in the 1st Cavalry, Georgia Reserves.
  9 M ix John W. Whittle - born about 1846 and died in 1904. John served in the 1st Cavalry, Georgia Reserves.
  10 M x Joseph Fletcher Whittle - born about 1847 and died 16 July 1939. In his obituary it says he served in the 10th Georgia Cavalry and the 12th Alabama Cavalry. No information has been found in the National Archives to prove Joseph Whittle served in these units. It is said that he married Zippie Dickson and they had at least 4 children.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

In 1924, Joseph F. Whittle makes an appearance and tells a similar story as in our 1909 letter but adds a few things that could radically affect Edgefield County Whittle history.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

This haunting letter contains many unanswered questions. A lot of people from the James Whittle, Jr. South Carolina families have thought that "Major James" was their James. This may not be so. Who is this James Whittle? Is he the first James we find on the 1810 census? If so, we have now accounted for 3 of his 4 male children.

What about the reference again to Judge Lewis Neale Whittle? If this is true, then this James' father is a brother of Conway and Fortescue Whittle who arrived in Virginia from Ireland ca.1800. Even if Judge Whittle was wrong about first cousins, there is now evidence of another James Whittle from Virginia. Could Ambrose Whittle be the fourth son? Remember the census taker recorded his father was born in Ireland on the 1880 census.

Most intriguing of all is who is the 107 year old James from Virginia? In order for the references to Lewis Neale Whittle to be true, the following lineage would be required to make them first cousins.

James Whittle - Ireland
Fortescue Whittle (1776-1858) James Whittle (1778-1885)
Lewis Neale Whittle (1818-1886) James Whittle (1808-1897)
  Joseph F. Whittle (1847-1939)

One reference found on Ancestry.com does state that Fortescue had a brother James, however, there is no proof that he ever came to America. Max Crowder has recently written a book about Fortescue and his home, Whittle's Mill, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. If you have an interest in this family, visit whittlesmill.org

4. Edward M. Whittle was born between 1766 and 1768 and died after 1860 in Greenwood, Oxford County Maine. Rev Edward Whittle first appears in Maine on the 1820 census. He is found on the 1850 census, age 82 and again in 1860, age 94. On both, the census taker recorded his birthplace as South Carolina. The 1850 census lists his occupation as Methodist minister.

He married Elizabeth Higgins from Massachusetts based on information found in "New England Families - Genealogical and Memorial" on Ancestry.com. Edward's son Edward was born about 1807 and he consistently said he was born in Maine, so his father apparently left SC before he was ever recorded on any census. It is possible that Edward is another son of James Burris Whittle; however, there is a record of a slave trade agent named Capt. Giles Whittle who lived in Charleston ca.1740.

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