Virginia Whittles

John Warren Whittle (1750-1816)

John Warren Whittle Sr. was born in Amherst County, Virginia ca. 1750 and died 22 Apr 1816 in Casey County, Kentuckly. He married Sarah Josling in 1779 in Amherst County, VA. He was the son of Matthew Whittle and Elizabeth Warren. Sarah was a daughter of Patriot John Josling and Dianah Evans.

Early deeds show the Whittle, Warren, Josling and Evans families were neighbors in Virginia before coming to Kentucky. Their roots go back to the early 1600s in Jamestown, VA, and England and France.

He bought land on the Rockcastle River in Kentucky as early as February 1784. John had a lead mine in Amherst County from which he furnished gunpowder to Gen. Nathaniel Greene's Army. Capt. Edmund Fair Sr. and his wife Silence were living in Burke County, NC, next to brothers Joseph and Charles McDowell in 1780 where court records show they were both busy reporting Tories to the authorities.

Under the leadership of Maj. Joseph McDowell with the Overmountain Men they defeated the British on Oct. 7, 1780, in the Battle of Kings Mountain, the turning point of the Revolutionary War. Also, Whittle was at the Battle of Point Pleasant, WVA, at Fort Boonesborough under Col. John Holder and in Illinois with Gen. George Rogers Clark.

John was commissioned on March 21, 1803, a lieutenant in the 6th Regt. in the Lincoln County, KY, Militia. The children of his marriage to Sarah Josling are:

  1 F i Elizabeth Whittle
  2 M ii Ninion Whittle - born ca. 1775 and died sometime after 1830. He returned to Amherst County, VA and married Oney Kennedy on 12 Oct 1801. On the 1810 and 1830 census he was in Henderson County, TN. They had three sons named Jesse, John and Sterling.
  3 F iii Mattice Whittle - born ca. 1774 and died probably during childbirth sometime ca. 1810. She married Claiborne Duncan (1771-1830). No children have been identified.
  4 F iv Sophia Whittle - born ca. 1777 and died in a house fire in 1843. She married John East in 1800, No record has been found of any children.
  5 M v John Warren Whittle, Jr. - born ca. 1781 and died in 1835. He married Margaret Fair (1783-1874) in 1802. Both are buried in the Whittle/Fair family cemetary in Liberty, KY. They had at least 8 children. One Son, Edmund, moved to Missouri and is part of the original family that settled there.
  6 M vi Vincent Whittle - born ca.1784 and died in 1810. Vincent died of an accidental leg amputation. He was married to Sarah Josling who was a first cousin. On the 1820 census there are 2 children from his marriage to Sarah Josling. They have not been identified.

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