The South Carolina Whittle Families

Third Generation

The Possible Children of Joseph Whittle

5. Macajah Whittle was born about 1788.

On the 1810 census Macajah Whittle has 1 male under age 10 and 2 females under age 10. Macajah is in the age 26 to 44 column. On 5 Feb 1810, Macajah is a witness to a deed between Thomas Warren and Martin Fouts. There is a deed recorded 16 Jan 1813 that shows a transfer of land from Thomas Warren to Henry Padgett and Macajah Whittle. This property adjoins Leonard Webb, James Whittle and Absalum Shearly (Shealy). Apparently Macajah and Henry Padgett had a close relationship. According to Padgett family history, the two patriarchs of the Edgefield Padgett branch were brothers Josiah and Job Padgett. Both were volunteers in Captain Butler's militia along with Burris Whittle. Henry Padgett was a son of Josiah Padgett.

On the 1820 census Macajah lives next door to another member of Captain Butler's militia, James Eidson. He has 1 male under 16 and 2 females under 16. A female of the right age to be his wife is on it as well. Macajah is in the under age 45 column. This is the last we will see of Macajah Whittle in SC. Between 1810 and 1820 he makes appearances at several documented estate sales and then vanishes sometime after 1820. He shows up on an 1826 tax list in Twiggs County, GA along with Watson Whittle who we will assume was his son.

Courtesy of Descendants of Josiah Padgett I, Compiled by James Suddath Paget Jr., Copyright 1998.

All indications from this appointment are that Macajah was married to a daughter of Josiah Padgett and Henry was his brother-in-law. It is possible, however, that he was married to an Eidson because as noted in the Padgett books, tradition has it that Milly Padgett was an Eidson. It would also appear from the original document that Macajah signed his own name instead of using the X.

Macajah (Micajer) Whittle appears again in Dale County, AL with a military record showing he was promoted to 2nd Lt, 5th Brigade 11th Division, 46th Regiment on 21 May 1847. It is unknown what happened to him after this.

6. James C. Whittle was born about 1788 and died in late 1860 or early 1861.

James C. may be the third James Whittle on the 1820 census. He lives next door to John Lark and has a young family; 2 males under 10, 1 under 16, 1 female under 10 and 2 females under 26. He is shown as under age 45 but there is no comparably aged female. Records of James C's known children tell us that he probably only had 1 child by 1820, these children can not be Micajah's because he is on the 1820 census. James began using his middle initial on some legal documents, most likely to distinguish him from James M. Whittle.

James married Margaret Padgett who was a daughter of Job Padgett. Several interesting guardianship documents have been recently found that concern James C. Whittle. He was appointed guardian of Nancy Bodie on 1 Oct 1827. The other parties to the agreement were Job Padgett and Elijah Whittle (son of James Sr.). Nancy was the daughter of John Bodie, son of Allen Bodie. John Bodie died 24 Nov 1833 prior to the settlement of Allen Bodie's estate. It is unclear as to why James got this appointment except for the fact that Job Padgett was married to Mary C. Bodie and perhaps he was the only one available at the time Nancy Bodie's father died in 1833. Elisha Whittle and his wife Orpha are also involved in the estate setttlement of Allen Bodie (See Other Early Whittles with SC Roots).

Another mystery is why Elijah Whittle was a party to the guardianship. He is a descendant of James Whittle, Sr. There is no middle initial on this bond indenture, but the similarity of the signatures in 1827 and again in 1838 are quite noticeable. Additionally, both James M. Sr. and Jr. always "made their mark". Also note in the last paragraph, the reference to Nancy Whittle instead of Body. Is this an error made by Judge Simpkins? Elijah Whittle's wife's name is Nancy. Could this be the answer as to why he is on the bond?

Courtesy Edgefield County Archives, Edgefield, SC.

In the 1830 census there are 2 male children under age 10, 1 female under 5 and 1 female under 20. James lives next door to Job Padgett. As in 1820, there is no female near his age on the census. Job Padgett died intestate in 1837. His children fought over his estate for more than 15 years. The heirs of Margaret Padgett Whittle are listed in his estate settlement, so she either died prior to her father or before his estate went to court. On 7 Jan 1838, James M. Norris is appointed co-guardian for Sampson and Mary Ann Whittle. James C. Whittle signs as a witness so he apparently was hedging his bet by establishing this arrangement in case he died before his children reached maturity. Notice the similarity of the signature of James C. Whittle as compared to 1827.

Courtesy Edgefield County Archives, Edgefield, SC

Courtesy Edgefield County Archives, Edgefield, SC

James C. Whittle has not been found on the 1840 census. This may explain the reason for the 1838 guardianship. By 1850 James is living alone in Edgefield County. His daughter, Mary Ann Whittle, is found living, close by, in the household of Henry Rucker along with 2 Norris boys, ages 11 and 12. Their father James M. Norris, first husband of Nancy Whittle, died in 1842.

Job Padgett's estate is finally settled in 1843 and Mary Ann receives her's and Sampson's share of Job Padgett's estate. Sampson apparently died before 1843. Mary Ann will live until 1918 married to James Daniel Miller. Their daughter Civilla Miller will marry into the James Whittle Sr. family.

James C. Whittle makes his final appearance in 1860 living in the household of his daughter Mary Ann and James Daniel Miller, he is listed as age 72. Interesting to note that the Miller's live between John and Mary Duncan, and Elizabeth McGraw who will be discussed later on. Proof that James C. and Ambrose were brothers is found in this statement made by Ambrose defending his handling of the guardianship of the McGraw children.

Courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah

Note that Ambrose says he knows "two James Whittle's" in this statement written sometime in 1869 or 1870. Who is the second James? James Whittle, Sr. died in 1844, the only other James Whittle who would be a contemporary of him is James Whittle in Taylor County, GA. (See Other Early Whittles with SC Roots). Unfortunately Ambrose only says he knows them, he doesn't say he is related to them.

Three children have been verified from the marriage of James C. and Margaret Padgett. There is a good possibility of a 4th, if it can be proven that Elizabeth McGraw is their daughter. In the 1851 dispute filed by Nancy Whittle, she states there are 3 heirs. Sampson was not alive then and had no issue.

+ 61 F i Nancy Whittle
  62 M ii Sampson P. Whittle was born about 1824 and died before 1843.
+ 63 F iii Mary Ann Whittle

7. Ambrose Whittle was born about 1792 and died 11 Oct 1882.

Our researcher, Amberys Whittle, obtained the following information in 2014. From the Columbia Daily Register there were obituaries published on 17 Oct and 22 Oct, 1882. One of them said: “Mr. Ambrose Whittle died a few days since of the infirmities of age, having attained four score years and ten.”  That would push his date of birth back to 1792. Previously it had been guessed as 1796.

Ambrose Whittle is considered the patriarch of this line of Edgefield County Whittles. He remained in South Carolina his entire lifetime. Although it is assumed his father was Joseph, we have no proof. He may be the son of the second Joseph from 1790 or the second James from 1810. A lingering doubt was left for his researchers when the 1880 census taker recorded his father's birth place as Ireland.

Ambrose's great grandson, Sheriff Mark Gary Whittle, responded to one of WO Whittle's request for information in 1945. Although not everything he says is accurate, we can begin to see that his family didn't know the relationship between the Whittle families any better in 1945 than now. No evidence has been found that Ambrose had a brother John. There is no unaccounted for John Whittle on the 1850 Edgefield County census and there is no John Whittle, the right age, found in Texas in 1860. Oklahoma records are not available until after he would have been too old to show up. We assume for now that Mark was wrong, it was Ambrose's son John that moved to Texas.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

This Bond dated 15 Jan 1852, with Ambrose's signature provides additional evidence that James C. and Ambrose are related. As previously mentioned, Mary Ann, daughter of James C was living with Henry Rucker on the 1850 census. Manchester Padgett (born in 1822) is believed to be a son of Josiah Padgett and Sarah Watson. Manchester was married to Susan Corley. No reason for this bond is apparent.

Courtesy Edgefield County Archives, Edgefield, SC

On 3 Jan 1855 Ambrose was appointed guardian of the estate of Joel McGraw for the benefit of his minor children.

Courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah

This affidavit dated 19 Aug 1869 would seem to connect Ambrose with James Whittle, however, James C. Whittle was deceased by this date, so this would be James M. Whittle, Jr. Elizabeth McGraw is found on the 1860 census with a son named J.R, age 11, living next door to Daniel Miller and Mary Ann Whittle (James C. Whittle, age 72 also lives there). Elizabeth is also found on the 1870 census with only a daughter, Amanda, still living at home. She lives next door to Ambrose C. Whittle. Ambrose (Senior) is ordered to court regarding the guardianship of John Ready McGraw and the estate of his father Joel McGraw.

Courtesy Edgefield County Archives, Edgefield, SC

Ambrose married Rebecca Duncan. She was born about 1793 and died after 1870. Elizabeth is most likely the sister of Nancy Duncan, wife of James M. Whittle, Jr., hence another reason why Ambrose is always on the scene with James. The children of their marriage are presumed to be (partially verified by his grandson, Chesley Whittle, Jr.):

+ 71 M i Stancil L. Whittle
+ 72 F ii Lydia Whittle
+ 73 M iii Mark Berry Whittle
+ 74 M iv John Berry Whittle
+ 75 M v Chesley Whittle
+ 76 F vi Elizabeth Whittle
+ 77 M vii Wesley Whittle
+ 78 M viii Emanuel W. Whittle
+ 79 F ix Mary Ann Francis Whittle

8. Lydia Whittle was born in 1798 and died Sep 1881. She is buried at Springfield Methodist Church in Orangeburg County, SC.

Lydia Whittle married Gazeway Bowen (1794-1853). Gazeway was a neighbor of James Whittle, Sr. and William Whittle in the 1820 census. On the 1850 census, Gazeway, Lydia and 3 of their children lived in Lexington next door to Shealy and Bouknight families.

On the 1860 census, Lydia Bowen is listed in the household of Ambrose Whittle, her brother. Also living with Ambrose is a 24 year old female named L E Holstein, Lydia and Gazeway's daughter who married Wade Holstein. On the 1880 census, Lydia is living with her daughter Sarah Ann and her husband Ariel Able.

Gazeway and Lydia had the following children:
  81 M i John W. L. Bowen - born in 1815 and died during the Civil War. He was in the 27th SC Infantry and wounded in Petersburg, VA. He married Lucretia Reynolds.
  82 M ii Abner Claude Bowen - born in 1820 and died in 1879.
  83 F iii Sarah Ann Elizabeth Bowen - born 4 Jan 1826 and died 8 Nov 1908. She married Ariel Ingram Able. Both are buried at Springfield Methodist Church, Orangeburg County, SC.
  84 F iv Martha A. Bowen - born 18 Apr 1832 and died 10 Feb 1906. She married Elbert Gunter. He was a Captain in the 20th SC Infantry. Both are buried at John Gunter Mill Cemetery, Aiken, SC.
  85 F v Laura Elizabeth Bowen - born about 1834. She married Wade Holstein who died before 1860.
  86 M vi Jacob D. Bowen - born about 1836.

9. Winnifred Whittle was born c.1802 and died before 1880.

Both the Eidson and Padgett families connect Winnifred Whittle with Arthur Jefferson Padgett, son of Josiah Padgett. Little is known about Winnifred but there are 10 children attributed to her marriage. Her name represents some good evidence that she may have been named after her grandmother, Winney, wife of James Burris Whittle. It is also a reasonable assumption from the Padgett history that her father was Joseph Whittle.

She is named "Minnie" in the 1850 census, and lives with Arthur and 5 of their 10 children. In 1860 there is a Winford Padgett, female age 55 living next door to Ira Whittle (James Whittle, Sr. line). Winford is close enough in age to assume this is Winnifred.

Winnie Padgett, age 70 is on the 1870 census taking care of Mary Ann Padgett and 3 young children. This picture like many others in 1870 suggests a widow who lost her husband in the Civil War. Winnie does not appear on the 1880 census but there are 162 Padgett's in Edgefield County by then.

Winifred "Winnie" Whittle married Arthur Jefferson Padgett, Sr. about 1818 in Edgefield County, SC. Arthur was born in 1798 in Ridge Spring, Edgefield County, SC. He died on 6 Sep 1853 in Edgefield County, SC. He was buried in Maroney-Padgett, Cemetery, Edgefield County, SC.

They had the following children:

  91 M i William Bluitt Padgett was born Mar 1819 and died on 12 Dec 1902 in Aiken County, SC.
  92 M ii Infred Padgett was born in 1820.
  93 M iii Emright R. Padgett was born 15 Jun 1827 and died on 5 Jul 1864.
  94 M iv Arenton Padgett was born in 1835.
  95 M v Emanuel Manley Padgett was born in 1836 and died in 1868 in Edgefield County.
  96 F vi Tabitha Padgett was born in 1837 and died on 13 Feb 1895 in Raines County, Texas.
  97 M vii Ananias Padgett was born in 1828 and died in 1870.
  98 M viii Manfred A. Padgett was born in 1832 and died in Nov 1885.
  99 F ix Mary Ann Padgett was born in 1840.
  910 M xi Jefferson Padgett, Jr. was born about 1849.

Our thanks to Judy Duncan of Monetta, SC for providing this information about Arthur J. Padgett.

Lamentable Occurrence The Edgefield Advertiser, Wednesday, the 5th, 1847

On Saturday last, the day of the Battalion Parade at Mount Willing in this District, a number of personal recontres took place in which many of those present were injured. During the progress of these affrays, Mr. Joseph Quattlebaum was struck on the head with a gun by Mr. Alford Padgett, and so severely wounded that he died at a late hour on Saturday night. Mr. Padgett has not been arrested.

Coroner’s Jury with Monetta Folks - 1847 Miss Belle Williams had two typed copies of this report in her papers found in the South Caroliniana Library. Mt. Willing was one of four centers of commerce in South Carolina between the Revolution and the Civil War.

Moses Holston, along with Henry Sawyer, William Stevens, Nathaniel Burton, Jr., Wade Holston, R. H. Holston, George R. Sawyer and Benjamin Cato served on a Coroner’s Jury April 26, 1847.

The Magistrate was Acting as Coroner in the inquisition upon the death of William L. Quattlebaum. The Coroner’s Jury ruled that Juford and Arthur J. Padgett “feloniously killed and murdered” William L. Quattlebaum with a gun causing his death 8 – 9 hours later. Twelve man found Juford and Arthur guilty.

Moses Holston was the father of Elizabeth Holston Asbill; R. H. Holston was the brother of Elizabeth Holston Asbill. All three were members of Bethel Baptist Church. Nathaniel Burton, Jr. was the father of the Monetta Burtons. Wade Holston, CSA, Captain, was the brother of Moses Holston. Wade was a Deacon at Bethel Baptist Church in l853. (on the Church roll). George R. Sawyer (George Robertson Sawyer) 1817 – 1892 was the father of George Washington Sawyer and the great great grandfather of Allen Duncan. Benjamin Cato Sr. was the great great grandfather of Allen Duncan; Benjamin was a member of Bethel Baptist Church. Henry Sawyer, Henry Stanmore Sawyer 1790 – 1851, the 3 X great grandfather of Judith Dancy Duncan.

10. George Whittle was born between 1800 and 1810.

George Whittle makes only one appearance in Edgefield County. He is on the 1830 census, age 20 to 30 with a wife and 2 daughters under age 5. After 1830 he disappears from the scene. Some researchers have noted that the George Whittle found in Sevier County, Tennessee might be the same George; however, both of them appear on the 1830 census with very different family members.

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