The South Carolina Whittle Families

Third Generation (Continued)

The Children of Reverend John Whittle

There is very little information to support any contact between the Georgia Whittles and their cousins in South Carolina; however, there are a lot of similar children's names such as Ambrose, James, Seaborn, etc. used by both families. This might suggest that Rev John did have some contact with his suspected brother Joseph.

24. Sarah Whittle (Burris, John) was born 6 Aug 1792 in Edgefield County,SC and died in 1855 in Thomas County, GA.

Sarah married William B. Barwick II. He was born 30 Aug 1795 and died 6 July 1855. William was the executor of John Whittle's estate in 1836. On the 1850 census, Sarah's mother, Winney Whittle is living with the Barwick's and is listed as age 85, born in Virginia.

The following biographical information was provided on by Susan Barwick Elliott in Feb 2000. It does help verify the whereabouts of John Whittle after he left South Carolina.

William B Barwick was born August 30, 1795 in Darlington District, SC to William B Barwick and Elizabeth Phillips. He married Sarah Whittle born August 06, 1792 in Darlington Dist, SC, died Abt. 1855 in what is now Brooks County. Sarah was the daughter of John and Winnifred Whittle. William and Sarah were among the first settlers in the wilderness now known as Barwick,GA located on the lines dividing Thomas and Brook Cos, thus the town being named Barwick for them.

After leaving SC, William moved into Washington Co, GA with some of his brothers. There he served in the GA militia 1814-1815, Few's Regiment - Captain Edwards's Co, Washington Co. He was discharged at Burke Co, GA. There are records which show that on May 17,1827 William Barwick won the Land Lottery of Georgia..Captains Dist - Currys No 127 Dist 2 Troup Co,GA. William and Sarah made their move to what was then Thomas Co later to become Brooks Co and raised their seven children. William was murdered in Thomasville. The following is the account taken from "History of Thomas County, GA."


On July 6, 1855, Walsh, a slave belonging to Major E R Young was being hung in Thomasville. During the excitement Augustus C Swain got into an altercation with Mr. William Barwick and killed him by stabbing, Green Johnson having come in for discussion as assisting in the killing. Swain was placed in jail but before trial escaped by means of a key made by a gunsmith, living near old McDonald. At Montgomery, John Swain who was accompaning his brother whom he resembled was arrested but was released as soon as he demonstrated that he didn't fit Gus Swain's description. The two brothers located in TX and several mornings thereafter were accosted by Gen. T E Blackshear who moved to TX because he thought Thomas Co was overcrowded. This was hint enough that the fugitives were not far enough from home. They moved and "Gus" became sheriff of his county but was afterwards killed by Indians. In 1898 John Swain visited Thomasville and discussed fully with Col A T MacIntyre and Judge Hansell, the only two acquantances he could find, the brothers experiences.

Note: Researcher, Brenda Laney, found information from the 1860 census that shows Sarah Whittle Barwick living with her son Redden Barwick, so it appears that she died sometime after 1860.

25. Ambrose Whittle (Burris, John) was born 20 June 1794 most likely in Washington County, Georgia and died 20 July 1856 in Coffee County, Alabama.

Most of the information published about Ambrose Whittle on this website has been obtained from Robert Lamar Whittle. Lamar has been a generous contributor on and we have received numerous emails from him about his family research which has continued for the past 20 years.

Ambrose was in the cavalry during the War of 1812. He was the postmaster in Poplar Head (now Dothan) AL. He owned 400 acres of land in Coffee County. On the 1850 census, Ambrose said he was born in Georgia. In 1815, he married Ruth Dortch, born 1797 in North Carolina, according to the 1850 census. Ambrose is buried in the old Dothan Cemetery in downtown Dothan.

Ambrose and Ruth had the following children:

  251 F i Winniford S. Whittle - born 15 July 1816 in Washington County, GA. We have no further information.
  252 F ii Samantha Jane Whittle - born 1 May 1819 in Brooks County, GA and died there on 7 Jun 1896. It is reported that she was the 3rd wife of Nickolas Moses Reddick in 1842. Their son Peter Whittle Reddick was killed at Jekyll Island while serving in Company G of the 26th GA Infantry.
  253 F iii Sara J. Whittle - born 22 Dec 1820 in Brooks County, GA. We have no further information.
+ 254 M iv Auguston Freeman Whittle
+ 255 M v John "Jack" Paul Whittle
  256 F vi Lucy "Quincy" Ann Whittle - born 4 Oct 1826 and died about 1852. It is reported that she married Travis Zaccheus Hildreth, however on the 1850 census Quincy still lives in her father's household in Coffee County, AL.
+ 257 M vii Quintillian "Quin" Durke Whittle
  258 F viii Rebecca E. Whittle - born 1 Feb 1831 and died after 1860, Dooly County, GA. Rebecca E. Brown is living with Ambrose on the 1850 census and apparently has a daughter Ruth. On the 1860 census, Rebecca is living with her brother James G. with her daughter Ruth.
+ 259 M ix James Gideon Whittle
  2510 F x Elizabeth E. Whittle - born 1 Jan 1835 in GA. We have no further information.
  2511 M xi Ambrose William Whittle
  2512 F xii Mary Francis Whittle - born 3 Jan 1840 in Dooly County, GA and died 16 Feb 1907 in Henry County, Alabama. She married John C. Hardwick, M.D.
  2513 M xiii William Wilkins Whittle - born about 1843 in Dooly County, GA. We have no confirmed records but he may have died in the Civil War. There is a William W. Whittle found in the Georgia Conscripts.

26. Burrell Whittle (Burris, John) was born 26 Jan 1796 most likely in Washington County, GA and died after 1860 probably in Gadsden County, Florida.

There is very little confirmed information about Burrell. He first appears on the 1820 census in Washington County, GA. For the next 20 years he is in Houston County, GA. He may have had as many as 4 sons and 8 daughters based on the 1840 census. Lamar Whittle references 2 wives named Alice Brown and Samantha Mashburn. Sometime before 1860 Burrell moved to Gadsden County, Florida. On the 1860 census he is living in the household of Mary Mann.

The children of Burrell Whittle and Alice Brown or Samantha Mashburn (not proven) are:

  261 F i Jane Whittle - born about 1820. She married John L. Manning, 2 Aug 1840 in Houston County, Georgia.
  262 F ii Elizabeth Whittle - born about 1825. She married N. P. Mercer, 28 Sep 1845 in Houston County, Georgia.
+ 263 M iii Ambrose Daniel Whittle
+ 264 M iv Cinchen (or Kinchen) G. Whittle
  265 M v James B. Whittle
+ 266 M vi John N. Whittle

27. Mary Whittle (Burris, John) was born 11 Oct 1798 in Washington County, GA and died after 1860 in Brooks County, GA.

Lamar Whittle reported that Mary married Julius C. Peddie (Petty), a miller by trade. On the 1860 census, Mary's mother, Winnifred Whittle age 100, is living with them in Brooks County, GA. Winnifred said she was born in Virginia on the 1850 census, but in 1860 she says North Carolina.

The following query was posted by Miss Elsie Long on 26 June, 1932. It verifies Rev. John's children from family Bible records but raises the doubt about the connection to the Sanford family.

Courtesy of Hearst's Sunday American Newspaper, Atlanta, GA.

28. Aletha Elizabeth Whittle (Burris, John) was born 6 June 1803 in Washington County, GA and died 9 Sept 1844 in Stewart County, Georgia.

Lamar Whittle reported that Aletha married Thomas Dixon, born about 1802, died about 1872.

29. Seaborn Whittle (Burris, John) was born 31 Dec 1807 in Washington County, GA and died after 1860 in Jackson County, Florida.

On the 1850 census, Seaborn is living in Pulaski County, GA. Lamar Whittle reported that he married Elizabeth S. Conner on 8 Aug 1847. Elizabeth is recorded as age 25 in 1850, so it is not possible that Catherine and Thomas are her children. On the 1860 census, Seaborn is living with Elizabeth and a 15 year old boy named Robert Conner. The following children are living in the 1850 household:

  291 F i Catherine Whittle - born about 1832.
  292 M ii Thomas Whittle - born about 1842. No further records have been found.
  293 F iii Augustin Whittle - born about 1843. No further records have been found.
  294 F iv Sarah Winifred Whittle - born 27 Dec 1844 in Washington County, GA and died 16 May 1918 in Holmes County, FL. She married John Newton Underwood.
  295 M v Robert Whittle - born in 1844 in Washington County, GA, most likely the twin brother of Sarah. No further information has been found.

31. James Whittle (Burris, John) was born 6 Oct 1812 and died 12 Sep 1892 in Chattahoochie County, Georgia (Verified from tombstone at Camp Hill Cemetery, Tallapoosa, AL).

Robert Lamar Whittle posted this information about James on

"James Whittle, who married Harriett Renfroe on 1 August 1835, was the son of the Rev. John Whittle who settled in Washington County, GA around 1790, Harriett Renfroe was the sister of James M. Renfroe, a Senator in the Georgia legislature from Chattahoochie County, Ga. They lived in Marion and Muscogee Counties . After her death, James married Sarah King and they lived in Stewart County until death."

On the 1880 census the enumerator recorded South Carolina as the birthplace of his father and Virginia for his mother. This census enumerator was quite fond of using ditto marks, so it's very good evidence that Rev John was in fact born in SC. It is also interesting to note that a Mike Whittle lives next door to James. They are only 3 years different in age. Mike is listed as born in Georgia.

Harriett Renfroe was born 18 Jun 1814 and died Sep 1850. James and Harriett's children are:

  311 F i Elizabeth Whittle - was born about 1834. We have no further records.
+ 312 M ii John S. Whittle
  313 F iii

Sarah E. Whittle - was born about 1838. She married Warren Battle. From the Gospel Messenger, July 1887 we have the following obituary written by T. W. Stallings.

"Elder Warren L. Battle died at his home in Lowndes County Georgia Dec. 21, 1886 age 64. He first married Miss Lizzie Cottle of Schley County Georgia and they had 5 children, three living and 2 deceased. He married second the daughter of Deacon James Whittle of Chattahoochee County Georgia by whom he had 3 living children. He joined the Phillippi Church in Schley County and was baptized by Elder John Richard Respess. Ordained Deacon in the summer of 1871. He moved to Geneva Georgia in the spring of 1872 and joined Upatioie Church. Moved to Orange County Florida in 1876 and joined Fellowship Church, Mt. Enon Assoc. of which ordained him to preach in Sept. 1881. He died sitting up in a large rocking chair into which his wife had just helped him. he leaned back on a pillow and asked her to sit near him so he could feel her touch him all the time and in a few minutes he died."

+ 314 M iv Samuel Madison Whittle
+ 315 M v James Jackson Whittle

32. Penelope "Penima" Whittle (Burris, John) was born 25 May 1817 in Georgia and died after 1880 in Smith County, TX.

Lamar Whittle reported that Penelope married Benjamin H. Cane on 13 June 1833 and they resided in Macon County, GA. The following information was published on by Leanna Veazey in June, 2005. It can be verified based on both the 1870 and 1880 census.

"My name is Leanna from the great state of Arkansas. I am researching Penelope "Penima" Whittle d/o John and Winifred Sanford Whittle. Penima was born 25 May 1817 in Georgia. She married first, Benjamin Cane/Cain on 13 Jun 1833 in Washington Co., GA and second, Samuel White abt 1850/51 in Macon Co., GA. Penima and Benjamin had children John B., Elizabeth and Mary J. Penima and Samuel had children Sarah, Charles and Munroe. Penima died in Smith County Texas where she and Samuel had migrated with her daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Nimrod Busby sometime between 1860 and 1870."

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