The South Carolina Whittle Families

Fourth Generation (Continued)

The Civil War Years

131. Edea "Edy" Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County 10 Oct 1812 and died there 22 Dec 1885.

Edy married Nathaniel Burton, Sr. on 22 Dec 1842. He was considerably older than her. Nathaniel was born about 1773 and died 4 July 1865. He was first married to Susannah Asbill. They had 11 children. Susannah died 30 Aug 1841. Nathaniel and both his wives are buried in the Burton Family Cemetery, Monetta, SC.

Their only child Joseph married Mary Bodie, daughter of James C. Bodie and Caroline Asbill Bodie in 1866. Joseph and Mary took care of Edy in her old age and lived on the same plantation as Nathaniel and Edy. Our thanks to Annette S. Burton who provided this information in a letter to "Whittle Family Descendants" on file at the OEDGS office in Edgefield.

  1311 M i Joseph Burton - born 29 Oct, 1845 and died 18 Apr 1929. This Death Certificate verifies his parents.

132. Reason Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County ca. 1817 and died in 1889 in Hillsborough County, Florida.

There is a good possibility that Reason was named after Reason Gentry who served in the 1st SC Militia during the War of 1812 with James Whittle, Jr.. Reason stayed in SC until shortly after his first wife, Martha McGraw, died in 1852. Sometime before 1860 he moved to Madison County, Florida. The following note about Reason and his friend William Johnson was found on the Internet.


William L. Johnson had a friend named Reason Whittle. (Sometimes his name was recorded as Raison.) He has been identified through census and other records as living close to William L. Reason married Martha McGraw, second daughter of Amos McGraw on January 28, 1838. I do not know whether they had children, but she died rather young, in 1852.

This was about the time William L. married Sara McGraw. That marriage ended the McGraw branch of our family tree. The newlyweds promptly had a daughter whom they named Louisa, sometimes referred to as LuAnn. Then William L. and his friend, Reason Whittle, decided to move to Florida. I do not know whether Reason's wife, Martha, died before they moved. I do know that William L., his wife Sara, and their daughter, Louisa, moved to Madison County, FL with Reason Whittle. While there, the Johnson's had another child, a son, whom they named John Franklin Johnson.

William L. and his family lived in Florida only a short while. They moved into Washington County, Georgia about 1854/55. Reason Whittle stayed in Florida. In 1857 he married a widow named Nancy McPherson. He died in Tampa FL in 1880. William L. and Sara lived close to Seaborn Johnson and his children near Sandersville, GA. Sara gave him five more children, suffered with him throughout the Civil War, and died just about the time it ended, in 1865. Two of her sons became well known doctors in middle Georgia.

Martha McGraw was born in 1825 and died in 1852 of unknown causes. She was the daughter of Amos McGraw, a lawyer in Edgefield County. One of Amos's other daughters married Amos Whittle, son of Willis Whittle. Reason and Martha were married 28 Nov 1838 in Edgefield. On the 1850 census they list 4 children. James Clayton was their last son born in 1851.

  1321 F i Elizabeth Whittle - born about 1839. She is not living with Reason in Florida on the 1860 census.
  1322 M ii Peter J. Whittle - born about 1845. He is living in Florida in 1860 but no other records have been found.
  1323 F iii Laura Ann Whittle - born about 1847. It is reported but not verified that she married David Godfrey Geiger and raised 8 children in Mayo, Layfayette County, Florida.
  1324 F iv Lenora Whittle - born about 1849. She is not living with Reason in Florida on the 1860 census.
+ 1325 M v James Clayton Whittle

Reason married Nancy Dikes McPherson in Florida on 1 Oct 1857. The marriage can be found on in SC Marriages 1641-1965. Nancy said on the 1860 census that she was born in Georgia about 1828 and that her parents were from SC.

On the 1860 census we find Reason and Nancy with children from her previous marriage and their first born Sophronia. On both the 1860 and 1870 census, they are now in Tampa, Hillsborough County.

  1326 F vi Sophronia Cornelia Whittle - was born 10 Jun 1860. She is still living at home in Florida in 1880. She died 1 Oct 1915. We received information from Craig Dankers of Newnan, GA that Sophronia married Alan Andrews and had several children.

Copy courtesy of Craig Dankers - November, 2012

Reason served the Confederacy as a private in Company D, 1st Florida Infantry Reserves. He would have been age 47 when he enlisted in 1864. His surrender oath is on file in the National Archives.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

133. Clarisey Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County about 1818 and died there before 1871.

Clarisey married Ira Hezekiah Satcher, born about 1817 and died about 1874. They had the following children as verified by the 1850 and 1860 census as well as the Will of James M. Whittle, Jr.:

  1331 M i Amos W. Satcher - born Oct, 1844.
  1332 M ii Stanmore M. Satcher - born Oct, 1846, died before 1871.
  1333 M iii Nancy Marina Satcher - born Oct, 1848.

134. Wilson "Bill" Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born 29 Dec 1820 in Edgefield County and died 7 May 1862 in the Confederate General Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

Wilson enlisted 17 Mar 1862 in the 7th SC Infantry, Company M as a Private at about age 42. His paperwork does not state the cause of death, so we don't know if it was from wounds or disease. In this letter Hepsey gives Capt. Jerry Goggins power of attorney to collect $44.06 of Wilson's back pay. Notice that the additional witnesses to Wilson's marriage to Hepsey are Alfred and Marshall Whittle from the Willis Whittle family. Marshall was home on a 30 day pass from the 19th SC Infantry.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

Wilson married Hepsebah "Hepsey" Prater, daughter of Hezekiah Prater and Ellen Hartley. They migrated to Edgefield County from Montgomery County, Maryland. Hepsey was born 24 Mar 1824 and died 11 Aug 1892. Their children are:

+ 1341 F i Mary Jane Whittle
+ 1342 F ii Georgia Anne Whittle
+ 1343 M iii Allison Harvey Whittle
+ 1344 M iv Minick Quincy Whittle
+ 1345 F v Eudora Whittle
+ 1346 F vi Sophia Victoria Whittle
+ 1347 M vii William Floyd Whittle
+ 1348 F viii Ella Whittle
+ 1349 F ix Cora "Corrie" Whittle

There is evidence that a boy named Milton was born in 1846 between Mary Jane and Georgia Anna. He is buried in the Whittle family plot and only lived a few months. Hepsey and Wilson are buried together in a small family cemetery on their original homestead.

Photo courtesy of Joe Claude Whittle

135. William Floyd Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County about 1824 and probably died in Madison County, Florida 12 Dec 1878.

W. Floyd appears on the 1850 census living between Wesley Whittle, presumably his brother, and Joseph Bodie who married Jane Whittle, daughter of Willis Whittle. The census taker records his age as 26, so he was born about 1824. He is married to Sophia, believed to be a Prater and the sister of Hepsey Prater, wife of Wilson Whittle. Three children are listed:

  1351 M i Capers Whittle - born about 1845. No records have been found. One Internet comment says he died in the Civil War but this may be Capers Whittle Bodie, his cousin.
+ 1352 M ii James P. Whittle
+ 1353 M iii Milton A. Whittle

William Floyd Whittle is not listed in the will of James M. Whittle, Jr. so we can not prove he is his son. Was he disinherited? There are several interesting and unanswered questions about the 1850 census. We have a Capers Bodie and a Capers Whittle that would be 2nd cousins. Floyd and Joseph Bodie are separated in age by 18 years, unusual they would both name their sons Capers. Also interesting to note that Wilson Whittle named one of his boys William Floyd Whittle.

If you review the 1860 Edgefield census there are some interesting unaccounted for children. Unfortunately we find a lazy census taker who used a lot of initials instead of full names. Who is the Milton Whittle living with Sophia Whittle, assumed to be widow of Joseph Whittle because she is age 54? If this is Milton Whittle, son of William Floyd and Sophia Prater, it suggests that WF might be a son of Joseph Whittle. Who are James P. and Rufus Whittle who are living with the older John Whittle? If James P. is the son of WF, this might suggest that WF is a son of John Whittle, or are his children just spread around because WF is off to Florida and Sophia Prater is dead? Where is W. Floyd Whittle, who would be about 36 years old in 1860? The answer may be found in this service record found at the National Archives.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

On the 1870 Madison County, Florida census we find Wm F. Whittle, age 48, born in SC about 1822. He is married to a woman named Cartwrak. There is a 21 year old son named Milton born in SC. By 1880 Milton A. Whittle is married and still in Madison County, he is also 31 years old as we would expect. From this it appears that W. Floyd Whittle moved to Florida before 1870. The fate of Sophia is unknown, although Prater Family records say Sophia died in 1862. We will however, add the additional children living with Wm F. in the 1870 census.

  1354 M iv William J. Whittle - born about 1862. This is probably Willie J. found in the Oak Ridge Cemetery.
  1355 F v Nancy W. Whittle - born about 1864. We have no further records.
  1356 F vi Catura E. Whittle - born Dec 1869. We have no further records.

On the 1880 Madison County census we find Nancy W. listed as a daughter of Katurah Whittle along with 2 other daughters. Are Cartwrak and Katurah the same women? There are now 2 additional daughters.

  1357 F i Dora R. Whittle - born about 1871. We have no further records.
  1358 F ii Alas F. Whittle - born about 1874. We have no further records.

There is an enclosed Whittle Family lot located in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Madison County. It has W.F. Whittle, born 22 Jan 1828, died 12 Dec 1878. His DOB is different by 4 years from the ages recorded in 1850 and 1870. K.E. Whittle, beloved mother is also there, born 28 May 1828, died 13 Sep 1891. This is assumed to be "Katurah" from the 1880 census. From information received from Brenda Laney in May of 2010, WF's wife is Kittie Mittura Wright, daughter of Jacob and Nancy Howell Wright from Edgefield County, SC.

Five additonal graves are in the Whittle lot: Sophia, died age 10; Lenorah H., died 12 May 1856, age 8; Martha E., died 14 Jun 1854, age 30 and 2 infant children, one named Willie J. None of these names, except Willie J., appear on any census, but all are assumed to be children of WF and KE.

136. Westley Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County about 1825 and died in 1862 in the Confederate General Hospital, Richmond, Virginia.

Westley was on the roster of the 14th SC Infantry, Company B at the time of his death; however, no record of his death has been found at the National Archives. He and his brother Wilson lived their last days in the hospital at Richmond. It appears that neither of their widows ever remarried.

Westley married Hulda Minick. She was born in 1827 and died in 1900. According to information found in Book 000, Page 302 (25 Mar 1869), James M. Whittle deeded Hulda 100 acres which was their homeplace before Wesley died. The children of their marriage are:

  1361 M i John Preston Whittle - born 1851, died 1853.
+ 1362 M ii Francis Coke Whittle
+ 1363 F iii Nancy Emeline Whittle
+ 1364 F iii Mary Anna Whittle
+ 1365 F iii Wesley Annette"Nettie" Whittle

137. Nancy Emeline Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County about 1827 and died there before 1903.

Emeline married Milton Ashberry Prater, brother of Hepsey and Sophia Prater. Milton was born in 1822 and died 5 June 1909. Milton must have been highly respected by his father-in-law. He was named as executor of James M. Whittle, Jr.'s Will in 1871. Our thanks to Milton's brother Larkin's ggg grandson, Wade Prater for this wonderful picture of Milton Ashberry Prater.

Courtesy of Linda Rogers and Wade Prater, May 2010

Emeline and Milton had three boys:

  1371 M i Jacob P. Prater - born 1848, died 1880.
  1372 M ii John Drayton Prater - born 1850, died 1905.
  1373 M iii James Franklin Prater - born 1852, died 1911.

On the 1850 census Emeline and Milton are farming in Lexington, SC. In 1856 they moved to Alabama. Although some of this information is incorrect, here is what Curtis Thomasson had to say about the Prater family.

Prater brothers settled near Andalusia in 1850s
By Curtis Thomasson
The Andalusia Star-News

The Prater family who lived in Covington County during the mid to late 1800s emigrated from South Carolina. At least three brothers, Milton Ashberry, Wesley Griffin, and Hezekiah Jr., came to this county during the 1850s.

These three men were sons of Hezekiah Prater, Sr., a native of Maryland who reared his family in South Carolina. Hezekiah, born in 1793, was the son of Zachariah Prather, a Revolutionary War Veteran. Hezekiah was married to Ellen Eleanor Hartley, daughter of Daniel and Eleanor (Brown) Hartley.

Hezekiah and Eleanor had the following children: Mahala Emaline, b. 1812, d. 1870; Elouisa C. “Larcey,: b. 1816, d. 1880; Sophia, b. 1818, d. 1862; Mackey M, b. 1820; d. 1865; Milton Ashberry, b. 1822, d. 1909, m. Nancy Emaline Whittle; Hepsabah “Hepsey,” b. 1824, d. 1892; Wesley Griffin, b. 1826, d. 1885, m. Elizabeth ?; Hezekiah Jr., b. 1827, d. 1863, m. Mary Ann Whittle; Elizabeth Eleanor, b. 1830, d. 1900; Larkin Christwell, b. 1832, d. 1864; and Drury A., b. 1835, d. 1862.

Hezekiah Sr. died in 1850, a few years before three of his sons decided to move west into new territory. He was buried in South Carolina where his wife would live an additional 21 years.

The oldest son, Milton Ashberry, was the first Prater to buy public land in Covington County. In 1856, he acquired three parcels of land: 41 acres, 160 acres, and 80 acres, all near the new little town of Andalusia.

Milton was married to Nancy Emaline Whittle, daughter of Ambrose and Rebecca (Duncan) Whittle. They reared the following three sons: Joab P., b. 1848, d. 1880, m. Mary Elizabeth ?; John Drayton, b. 1850, d. 1905, m. Mary R.; and James Franklin Monroe, b. 1852, d. 1911, m. (1) Rebecca Adaline Permenter ) (2) Saphronia Ann Tanner. It appears that the three children were born before the family left South Carolina.

Milton was apparently listed by error in the 1860 census as William A. Prater. With him were his wife, Nancy, and the three sons. He was recorded in the same year as owning two slaves. In 1867, an N.A. Prater was listed as being a qualified voter in Beat Number One.

In 1862, an M.A. Prater, was serving as an Adjutant in the 60th Reg’t. (Covington County) 8th. Brigade, 11th. Division, Alabama Militia. Soon after this time, Milton A. served with Brown’s Barbierre Battalion of the Alabama Cavalry in the CSA. Following the war, he returned to Covington County and was enumerated in the 1870 census. At some point, he then returned to South Carolina where he died at Batesburg in 1909.

The next son, Wesley Griffin, arrived in Covington County circa 1855. He was enumerated with his growing family in the 1860 census. He was a farmer at 38 years of age living with his wife Elizabeth. They reared the following four children: William B., b. 1846; Mary Ellen, b. 1848; James E., b. 1850; and Eller F., b. 1853.

In 1861, Wesley was serving as an Adjutant for the 60th. Reg’t. (Cov. Co.) 8th. Brigade, 11th. Division, Alabama Militia, the same unit as his brother. He soon advanced to the rank of Colonel. With the beginning of the war, he enlisted in Co. G, 12th. Ala Cav. and 1st. Regular Ala. Cav. After the war, he returned to Covington County where he received a political appointment. Even though he was loyal to the Confederacy until the war’s end, he was regarded locally as having moderate political convictions. In 1865, he was appointed by Military Provisional Governor Lewis E. Parsons to fill the office of county treasurer.

Wesley’s public service was short lived because he had moved to DeSoto Parish, La., by 1870. However, he deeded his land in Covington County in 1885.

The other brother who emigrated to Covington County was Hezekiah Prater, Jr. In the 1860 census, he was listed as a store clerk at 35 years of age and living in the household of Isaac Smith. He apparently moved his family down after this date.

Hezekiah Jr. And his wife, Mary Ann Whittle, sister to his brother’s wife, had the following children: Martha Ann, b. 1854, d. 1928; Sumpter Daniel, b. 1857, d. 1939; James Hezekiah, b. 1860, d. 1950; Elizabeth Betty, b. 1863, d. 1881; Robert E. Lee, b. 1866, d. 1926; William Tillman, b. 1869, d. 1870; and Dollie Evangeline, b. 1871, d. 1958.

Hezekiah Jr. served as a private in Co. E, 11th. Fla. Inf. of the CSA. Some records indicate he died in 1863 in Milton, Fla., while home on sick leave. Other records suggest he died circa 1873, and this would seem more likely based on the birth dates of his last three children. After his death, his family returned to live with his father-in-law, Ambrose Whittle, on Cloud’s Creek west of Batesburg, S.C.

In the 1870 census, there were at least three Prater households enumerated. One was Milton, age 48, and his wife Emaline, age 42, with their son John D., age 20. Another was Milton’s son, Joab, age 22, and wife, Elizabeth, age 20, with Milton A., six months. A third was Hezekiah Jr.’s son, W.B., age 22, and wife, Henriett, age 18, and daughter, Genett T., seven months.

The family of Milton’s son, James F.M., was not found in the 1870 census for Covington County. He was in the county later and died here circa 1911. Actually, he died and was buried in Tuscaloosa where he had been committed to Bryce State Hospital.

James F.M.’s descendants were the ones who mostly remained in Covington County. He and his first wife, Rebecca Adaline Permenter, had the following five children: Harvey C., b.1872, d. 1954, m. (1) ? (2) Alice Gibson (3) Wealthy E. Laird; Charles Wesley, b. 1875, d. 1966, m. (1) Gussie Hamilton (2) Marandy “Randi” Linzy (3) Curtis Lenorah Bell; Wade Hampton, b. 1877, d. 1950, m. Viola Day: James Monroe “Buster,” b. 1882, d. 1911; and Emma, b. 1882, d. 1882. At her death, Rebecca was buried in the Hatcher Cemetery at Freeport.

James and his second wife, Saphronia Ann Tanner, had at least four children: Emmie, b. 1889, d. 1967, m. Emanuel M. Butler; Ella May, b. 1892; Jesse W., b. 1895, d. 1951, m. Adell Ridlehoover; Laura, b. 1898, d. 1981, m. (1) James I. Dillard (2) Guy Cowen; and Ida Belle, b. 1902, d. 1983, m. Arthur Irwin Day. At her death, Saphronia was buried in the Mason Cemetery in Dixie (Alabama).

Among the Prater descendants researching their family’s ancestry is Greg Wood of Alabaster. Appreciation is expressed to him for sharing his family records for use in writing this column.

Anyone who has questions or additional information on this family is requested to contact Curtis Thomasson, Route 9, Box 97, Andalusia, AL 36420 or e-mail:

Emeline and Milton probably returned to Edgefield about the time James M. Whittle, Jr. died and they are found on the 1880 census with a grandson named Charles, born in Florida. Is Charles the son of James F.M. Prater, mentioned by Curtis Thomasson above; if so, why is he living in South Carolina when the rest of the family is in Alabama?

138. Emanual M. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County in 1830 and died 22 Feb 1863 at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Emanuel is listed in the household of his parents on the 1850 census. He apparently followed his older brother Reason to Madison County, Florida as there are land records on file in Tallahassee by 1856. We assume that he was single at the time of his death from disease during the war. Here is his service record:

Enlisted as a Private on 28 March 1861
Enlisted in Company F, 1st Infantry Regiment Florida on 05 April 1861.
Transfered on 28 January 1862 from company F to company H
Mustered out Company F, 1st Infantry Regiment Florida on 06 April 1862

Enlisted in Company G, 3rd Infantry Regiment Florida on 12 May 1862.
Died of disease Company G, 3rd Infantry Regiment Florida on 22 February 1863 in Chattanooga, TN

139. Malachi A. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County Aug 1832 and died there in Nov 1908.

Malachi enlisted as a private in Company M and ended the war in Company C of the 7th SC Infantry under Capt. A.P. Bouknight. He was wounded at Frazier's Farm. Unlike his 3 brothers, Emanuel, Wesley and Wilson, he survived and returned to Edgefield County when the war ended. One can only imagine the purpose of this train pass to Richmond in 1862.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

Malachi was twice married. His first wife was Mary Ann Minick, born 1828, died 1897. They had one daughter.

  1381 F i Mitriam Timokely "Timmy" Whittle was born in 1860 and died in 1883. She married Christopher Columbus Wise, Sr. (1857-1921). They had one son named Ernest Briggs Wise, born 21 Mar 1882 and died 29 Mar 1951.

Malachi next married Sarah Elizabeth Charles, born 1857, died 1924. Sarah's father was Patrick Charles who was a friend of Malachi's during the war. The children of their marriage are:

  1382 F ii Anna Whittle was born in 1876 and died in 1926. She married Daniel J. Maroney (1871-1926).
+ 1383 M iii Augustus Alonzo "Gus" Whittle
  1384 M iv Roy Woodrull Whittle was born in Saluda County 8 Apr 1894 and died in Laurinburg, Scotland County, NC on 18 Apr 1952. He never married.

1310. Francis S. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr.) was born in Edgefield County 19 Dec 1829 and died 24 Aug 1896.

Francis is listed in the household of James and Nancy on the 1850 census. She was not in James Whittle's will. Thanks to information provided in 2012 by a descendant, Monty Thrailkill, she married Levi Thrailkill and was the mother of 8 children. Levi was born 13 Feb 1829 and died 3 Jan 1896. Both are buried in Thrailkill Cemetery off Padgett Pond Road in Monetta, Saluda County, SC.

The children of their marriage are:

  1 M i George Burdette Thrailkill was born 11 Feb 1854 and died 6 Dec 1915.
  2 M ii James Whittle Thrailkill was born 26 Mar 1856 and died 4 Nov 1930. James married Annie Rutland, born 14 Nov 1860 and died 30 Mar 1944. They had 3 children.

141. McNath Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Elijah) was born in Edgefield County 1 May 1828 and died in Dyersburg, TN.

McNath "McKnight" was living in Lexington, SC on the 1850 census, probably in a Baptist seminary. McNath was the administrator of his father's estate in 1853. By 1860 McNath has moved to Dyersburg, TN and is a Baptist minister. On 3 Jan 1863, he married Mary Ford. Mary was born 3 Aug 1830 and died 2 Dec 1925, age 93. The children of their marriage are:

  1411 F i Alice Whittle was born 8 Sep 1865 and died 4 Apr 1902. She is still living with her mother on the 1900 census, so it is likely that she never married.
  1412 M ii Thomas F. Whittle was born Aug 1868 and died 28 May 1881, age 12 years and 9 months.

This biographical sketch of James L. Hicks implies that McNath and Mary had other children to raise as well as their own.

The census of 1830 in Charlotte County, Virginia, lists my grandmother, Sarah A Ford born in 1823, living with her parents, Deveveaux M. Ford, b. 1796 and Amy W, Dupree b. 1801. Also my great-great-grandmother Sallie Ford, b. in 1777, was listed as living in their home in Culpepper, VA.

Sarah A. Ford was married in 1839 to my grandfather, James L. Hicks born in 1819. James' parents John, 1787-1840, and Jane Hicks 1794-1840 lived in Henderson County, Kentucky when James was born. John & Jane Hicks are buried in a small private cemetery in Henderson, Kentucky.

James L. and Sarah Hicks had seven children but only three lived during the years of their marriage. Elizabeth V. b 1841, Mary Teressa b 1853 and Henry Thomas b in 1855. In 1859 when Henry Thomas was 4 years old, Sarah died suddenly. These three children were brought by their father to Tennessee to live with Sarah Hicks' sister, Mary Whittle and her husband, McKnight Whittle, who was a Baptist Preacher. James L. Hicks returned to Kentucky where he died in 1863. Aunt Mary Whittle reared my father and his sisters. They lived on farm land where Antioch Baptist Church is located in the Tibbs Community. The Whittle family gave the land for Anitoch Church to be built.

Mary Teressa, known as Aunt Mollie married John Woody Allen while Elizabeth , Aunt Lizzie, taught school, married Jefferson Lane and left no heirs when she died in 1934.

Henry T. Hicks married Mary Alice Byars, daughter of Tom Westly Byars on 4-3-1876. They purchased land in the Tibbs Community and built their home there. Henry T, and Mary Alice Hicks had four sons; James Westley, 1878-1900, Egbert Ezell, 1881-1980, Henry DeWoody, 1883-1937, Lawrence Edward, 1886-1901. Mary Alice died in 1889 and is buried in the Hicks Family Cemetery located on the Mary Dixon Road in the Tibbs Community near Antioch Church.

After Mary Alice's death, Henry married Minnie Bell Walls, 5-4-1876-4-9-1924, daughter of W.H. and Alpha Walls. Henry Thomas Hicks died in 1916 and Minnie Hicks died in 1924. Both are buried in the Hick's Cemetery in Tibbs Community.

Henry T. and Minnie Hicks had children who were reared and lived all their young lives in Haywood County. These are William Devereux, 1892-1962. Thomas Jefferson 1893-1942; John D 1896-1918; Edgar Lean, 1898-1946; Ivan Herman, 1899-1975; Julius Ulysses, 1901-1985; Sarah Ann, 1903-1974; Mary Pauline 1905-1983; Dupree, 1907-1907; Alpha Elizabeth 1910, and Minnie 1912.

Elizabeth Hicks married Louis Taylor in 1928 and they continue to live in the Tabernacle Community.
Submitted by Elizabeth Hicks Taylor.

Courtesy of The History of Haywood County Tennessee, 1989

Courtesy of Brenda Laney who found this photo on

Lauderdale County Enterprise
Ripley, Tenn.
18 Dec 1925

Mrs. E.V. Layne's Aunt, Mary Whittle, died at her home in Dyersburg December 2nd. She was 95 years of age and the oldest citizen of Dyersburg.

143. Bethany Marthana Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Elijah) was born in Edgefield County in 1832 and died there after 1900.

Thanks to the surviving decendants of this family, we have some excellent information. Bethany married her first cousin William Manchester Whittle, a son of John Whittle. William served the Confederacy in the 7th SC Infantry, Company C and E. He returned to Edgefield after the war and continued raising his family.

Bethany and William lived on Padgett Pond Road in Monetta, SC. On the 1870 census, Bethany's mother Nancy, age 75, is living with them.

+ 1851 M i Levi Burdette Whittle
  1852 F ii Missouri M. Whittle was born in 1856 and died 30 Mar 1930. Thanks to some new research conducted by Brenda Laney, Missouri married John Matthews and they can be found on the 1880 census living in Norris Township under the name "Mathis". John was born 12 Jan 1840 and died 8 Feb 1915 per death certificate. One of Brenda's aunts remembers hearing about "Aunt Missouri Matthews".
+ 1853 M iii Manchester C. Whittle
  1854 F iv Melbrae Adella Whittle was born in June 1863 and died in 1931. She married John Willie Asbill. He was born in 1857 and died in 1932. They had 3 boys and 8 girls.
  1855 F v Nancy "Nannie" Whittle was born about 1867 and died in 1940. She married Michael M. Asbill, born in 1854 and died in 1909. They had 1 boy and 2 girls. Adella and Nannie lived next door to each other in the 1900 census.
  1856 F vi Ida Bethany Whittle was born about 1869. She married William Jarvis Asbill. He was born in 1870 and died in 1949. On the 1900 census they had 2 boys. Ida's great granddaughter, Cheryl Girard, has this to say about what her family always said about Ida. "I just know that everyone that knew them (Ida and WJ) says Ida was a short, redheaded Irishwoman, proud of her heritage. I inherited her shortness. argh!"

144. Agrippa Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Elijah) was born in Edgefield County in 1831 and died in Savannah, GA 13 Nov 1872.

"Ayrippa" is the name that was translated from the 1850 census. Because of the use of initials on the 1860 census, it is not possible to verify this spelling again and there are no initials beginning with A. Thanks to some excellent detective work done by Brenda Laney, there is evidence that Agrippa may have moved to Florida about 1858.

A.G. and Mary Whittle, both age 22 and born in South Carolina, appear on the 1860 census in Archer, Alachua County, FL. In the mid 1850s, a small settlement called Deer Hammock was established as a possible town along the proposed Florida Railroad line. In 1858, the town, then called Archer after Florida's first secretary of state, James T. Archer, was laid out. David Yulee built a plantation here which hosted the Confederate "Gold Train" in 1865. A.G.'s occupation is shoemaker and they have 3 children. Next door to them is William, age 17 and Mary, age 16, McClendon. The census taker visited all of them on 13 July 1860.

Brenda also made this observation. "The Mt Willing census was done on 31 Aug, a month and a half after the Florida census. Living on one side of William and Bethany Whittle is Sophia Whittle and her daughter, Julia McClendon. On the other side of them is William and Mary McClendon. I believe these are the same people as found on the Florida census." This would also suggest that these "cousins" may have been good friends as well.

Agrippa must have learned the carpender trade when he wasn't repairing shoes in Florida. On the 1870 census we find A. Wittel, occupation carpender, and Mary and Lizzie, living in Savannah, Chatham County, GA. All are about the correct age and born in South Carolina.

Agrippa and his two sons rest in peace at Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah.

  1441 F i Nancy Elizabeth Whittle was born in 1855.
  1442 M ii Levi McDonald Whittle was born in 1857 and died 22 Oct 1864.
  1443 M iii William Madison Whittle was born in 1858 and died 27 June 1861.

145. Elvanus Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Elijah) was born in Edgefield County about 1836 and died at the siege of Petersburg, VA on 17 Jun 1864.

"Avanis" is the name that was translated from the 1850 census. Because of the use of initials on the 1860 census, it is next to impossible to verify Avanis. Searching on A Whittle produces no candidates. Searching on E Whittle finds 2 age 25 year old males, one of them is married to an E Whittle and they have a 3 year old son named Elbert. Elizabeth Whittle is listed on the 1870 census, living with Louiza Davis. She has a 12 year old son named Elbert. It seems very likely that this is the same familiy from 1860. On the 1900 census Elizabeth, mother-in-law, lives with Rufus and Elvania Bush in Augusta, GA. She tells the census taker that she bore 5 childen, only one still living.

Elvanus and Elizabeth (believed to be Jones) had the following children:

  1451 M i Elbert Whittle was born about 1858. The only Elbert located on any census after 1870 that seems to fit the bill is an Elbert E. Whittle listed as proprietor of a lodging house in Phoenix, AZ on the 1910 census. He says he and his parents were born in SC. Elbert also says he is married but no family members are listed.
  1452 F ii M. Whittle was born about 1858 and died before 1870.
  1453 F iii Tishino (or Elvira) Whittle was born in 1862.
  1454 F iv Elvania (or Evelina) Whittle was born 26 Jan 1863 and died 14 Apr 1930. She married Rufus Bush. On the 1900 census Rufus and "Elbauey" are living in Richmond County, GA. At some point they returned to SC, as both can be found at Spann Methodist Church, Ward, SC.

The records of the 22nd SC Infantry show an "Elvanus Whittle" in Company A. Our thanks to researcher, Dallas Phelps, for determining his fate. "According to the book, Broken Fortunes, by R. Kirkland, Elvanus Whittle was killed in action on 17 Jun 1864 at Petersburg, Virginia."

Courtesy of the National Archives and

22nd Regiment, South Carolina Infantry

22nd Infantry Regiment was organized and mustered into Confederate service in December, 1861. Some of its members were recruited in Oconee and Edgefield counties. After serving in South Carolina, the unit was sent to Virginia and assigned to General Evans', Elliot's, and Wallace's Brigade. It was active at Second Manassas, South Mountain, and Sharpsburg before being ordered to North Carolina and later Mississippi. The 22nd was engaged at Jackson, moved to Charleston, and in the spring of 1864 returned to Virginia. It participated in the Petersburg siege south and north of the James River and saw action around Appomattox. The unit reported 18 casualties at Secessionville, 17 at Rappahannock Station, and 84 during the Maryland Campaign. In October, 1863, it contained 360 effectives, and there were 216 killed or wounded at the Petersburg mine explosion. Many were disabled at Sayler's Creek, and on April 9, 1865, it surrendered 11 officers and 77 men. The field officers were Colonels Joseph Abney, William G. Burt, Olin M. Dantzler, David G. Fleming, and Spartan D. Goodlett; Lieutenant Colonels James O'Connell and Thomas C. Watkins; and Majors Miel Hilton, and James N. Shedd, and James M. Stewart.


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