The South Carolina Whittle Families

Fourth Generation (Continued)

The Civil War Years

61. Nancy Whittle (Burris, Joseph, James C.) was born in Edgefield County about 1813 and died sometime after 1870.

Based on a complaint filed 19 Feb 1851 found in the Padgett Family history we have proof that Nancy was the daughter of Margaret Padgett and James C. Whittle. "...the children of his pre-deceased daughter Margaret or Peggy Whittle and James Whittle, three in number of whom your Oratrix (Nancy Rucker) is one." There is no evidence that Margaret was married to someone else before James.

Descendants of Josiah Padget 1 (Before 1755-1811) Volume 1 and 11 Compiled by James Suddath Padget, Jr

Nancy married James Madison Norris, Esquire and they had 3 children before he died in 1842. She then married Henry Rucker. The continuation of the petition against William Padgett spells this out loud and clear.

Descendants of Josiah Padget 1 (Before 1755-1811) Volume 1 and 11 Compiled by James Suddath Padget, Jr

On the 1850 census, we find the two Norris boys and three children from her marriage to Henry. Her sister Mary Ann is also living with them, not with her father James C. Sometime before 1860, Henry and Nancy pull up stakes and move to Lafayette County, Florida. Henry was a Private in the 1st Battalion, Florida Special Cavalry and experienced the following action:

1st Battalion, Florida Special Cavalry

1st Special Infantry Battalion, originally mustered as artillery, was organized during the fall of 1861 with six companies which totalled 577 officers and men. The unit served in Florida, Georiga, and in the Charleston area before fighting at Olustee in February, 1864. During June it moved to Virginia and became part of the 10th Florida Infantry Regiment. Leutenant Colonels Daniel P. Holland and Charles F. Hopkins and Major William W. Scott were in command.

Henry may have died during the war. Nancy is living alone in Cedar Key, Florida on the 1870 census. She is indexed under the name "Racker". From the 1850 and 1860 census, the children of Nancy Whittle Norris Rucker are:

  611 F i Sophia Norris - she married James Rucker about 1853
  612 M ii William Norris - born in 1838.
  613 M iii Nathan Norris - born in 1839.
  614 M iv B. Franklin Rucker - born in 1846.
  615 F v Chaney B. Rucker - born in 1847.
  616 F vi Georgiana Rucker - born in 1849.
  617 F vii Margaret Rucker - born in 1852.
  618 F viii Emma Rucker - born in 1856.

63. Mary Ann Whittle (Burris, Joseph, James C.) was born in Edgefield County 27 Nov 1827 and died there 29 Mar 1918.

Mary Ann married James Daniel R. Miller after 1850. On the 1860 census 3 children are listed along with Mary Ann's father James C. Whittle. JDR was born Jan 1830 and died in 1913. He served the Confederacy in 2nd Regiment SC Artillery, Company K.

It is interesting to note that Mary Ann said both of her parents were born in South Carolina on both the 1880 and 1900 census. No evidence that James C. might have migrated from Virginia. On the 1900 census Mary Ann said she was the mother of 10 children only 5 of which were still living.

  631 F i Ann Civilla Miller was born about 1854. She married James Wesley Whittle, son of Ira Whittle from the James Whittle, Jr. line.
  632 F ii Albrotha Miller was born about 1857.
  633 M iii Luther Miller was born about 1860.
  634 M iv James Miller, Jr. was born about 1863.
  635 M v Robert Miller was born about 1865.

71. Stancil L. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County about 1816 and died at Fort Payne, DeKalb County, Alabama in 1904.

Our thanks to Amberys R. Whittle, who provided the following information about his family history. Amberys has his own family website which you can visit for more information about his family.

"We know that Stancil (Stancel, Stansil, Stansel, Stansell) L. Whittle was born in South Carolina about 1816 (the present grave marker has 1809) by the fact that the census records of 1850-1880 all have that as his place of birth. The 1900 census record has Georgia instead, but the information must have been given by someone else, who perhaps remembered that he once lived in that state. Other than census records, the principal document for Stancil’s descent is a form letter filled in by a grandson of Ambrose and Rebecca Whittle, Chesley Whittle, Jr., then living in Fort Payne, Alabama, and returned to W. O. Whittle in Tennessee. Chesley heads the list of his father’s brothers with Stancil, who apparently was the first born son."

Left to wonder who Owens Whittle is. This is the first and only reference to his name.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

"Stancil appears on record along with his wife, Sarah, in 1842 in Sumter County, Georgia, where they are members of Friendship Baptist Church, 13 miles from Americus. Census records suggest that Martha and perhaps William may have been born of this marriage, although they are usually assigned to Mary, the wife with whom he was living by 1850 in Cherokee County, Alabama, Sarah apparently having died. Mary and John are born of this second marriage. During his long lifetime Stancil would have three wives."

"NOTE: The Cherokee County Courthouse was destroyed twice by fire, in 1882 and again in 1895. This and similar factors may explain why there are so few records extant for some of the daughters and sons of Stancil. Most dates have been derived from census records and tombstones."

  711 F i Martha Whittle was born in Edgefield County in 1839. She married John H. Swader, 28 Jan 1870, DeKalb County, AL.
+ 712 M ii William Whittle
  713 F iii Mary E. Whittle was born in 1844. She married G. W. King, 29 Sept 1881 in DeKalb County, AL.
+ 714 M iv John Wesley Whittle

"By the 1860 census, Mary having died, Stancil is married to Lucinda (Lucy) Tomberlin, who was born in North Carolina, but whose family was living nearby in Cherokee County. She will bear him additional children: Andrew J., Ambrose B. (the initial mistakenly written “M” in the 1860 census, causing confusion for genealogists), George W., Esther A., Nancy J., Elizabeth D., David W., Joseph H., Evaline, and Sarah Ellen."

"Stancil, always listed as a farmer, and Lucinda buy and sell land, in nearby DeKalb County, during these years. The Huntsville Land Office issued a patent to Stancil for 120 acres as late as 2 Nov 1891. Lucy Whittle appears in the 1880 census, although her grave marker at Stewart Cemetery, near Fort Payne, Alabama, reads 1825-1875. Stancil would live on until 1904, with only daughter Sarah Ellen in the household then in DeKalb County. He too is buried at Stewart Cemetery on Lookout Mountain."

+ 715 M v Andrew Jackson Whittle
+ 716 M vi Ambrose B. Whittle
  717 M vii George W. Whittle
  718 F viii Esther "Easter" A. Whittle was born in 1858. She married W.N. Jones on 26 Sept 1896 in DeKalb County.
  719 F ix Nancy J. Whittle was born in 1860. She married J.G. Sanders on 11 Jan 1886 in DeKalb County.
  7110 F x Elizabeth "Betty" Whittle was born in 1864. Said to have married Dos Tidwell but evidence is lacking.
+ 7111 M xi David Wilson Whittle
+ 7112 M xii Joseph Hazel "Hazy" Whittle
  7113 F xiii Evaline Whittle was born in 1868. She married Charles L. Hester on 8 June 1890 in DeKalb County.
  7114 F xiv Sarah Ellen Whittle was born in 1875. She was still living at home in the 1900 census. She married J. Marion Thomas 29 Oct 1905.

72. Lydia Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County about 1818 and probably died before 1880.

Lydia was probably named after Ambrose's sister. She married Thomas Goodwin. On the 1850 census there are 5 children listed. By 1860 she is listed as head of household with 6 children and she lives next door to her brother Mark. Lydia is not found on the 1880 census and apparently never remarried.

  721 M i James Goodwin was born about 1835.
  722 M ii William Goodwin was born about 1836.
  723 M iii John Goodwin was born about 1838.
  724 F iv Sarah Goodwin was born about 1839. She is still living at home in the 1870 census.
  725 M v Daniel Goodwin was born about 1848.
  726 M vi Simeon Goodwin was born about 1854.

73. Mark Berry Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County in 1820 and died there in 1863.

We do not have a lot of information about Mark because he died at age 43. He apparently did not die in the Civil War because no service record has been found. Here is what his grandson had to say about the family in a letter send to W.O. Whittle.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

Mark married Nancy Ann Warren, the daughter of Joshua Warren. They had 9 children before he died:

  731 M i

Millege Malachi Whittle was born in 1843 and died 8 Nov 1861, apparently from disease. Several documents found at the National Archives verify that his father was dead when this payment was made to his mother.

Courtesy of the National Archives and
+ 732 M ii Ambrose C. Whittle
+ 733 M iii Joseph M. Whittle
+ 734 M iv Benjamin Perkins Whittle
+ 735 M v Mackalilly Pope Whittle
  736 F vi Chesley Jane Whittle was born about 1855.
  737 F vii Mary I. Whittle was born in 1856.
  738 F viii Betty Whittle was born in 1858.
  739 M ix Elbert Whittle was born in 1859 but was not on the 1870 census.

74. John Berry Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County 6 Apr 1820 and died 7 Oct 1899 in Bowie County, Texas.

John and his wife Belinda are on both the 1850 and 1860 census in Edgefield County. By the beginning of the Civil War they had 8 children. Belinda was born in 1820 and probably died about 1864. John has not been found on any 1870 census.

On the 1880 census, a John B. Whittle shows up living in Bowie County, Texas. He states he was born in South Carolina and his son A.J. from the 1860 SC census is the same age as Andrew Jackson Whittle. He further states that both his sons were born in SC. Thanks to our chief Texas researcher, Glen Collier, we finally have some proof. In an article published by the Red River County Historical Society in 1986, there is a biographical sketch for Andrew Jackson Whittle. It says that he is the son of John and Belinda Whittle of Edgefield County, Ridge, SC.

By 1880, John has married a young widow named Martha A. Shaw. Her 2 children are listed as step daughters. A new family is in the making for John B and Martha. Courtesy of Granville and Patricia Murphy we have the following information about Martha Rodgers Shaw Whittle Phillips.

Martha Ann Rodgers was born in Texas, August, 1853 to James W Rodgers and unknown mother. Her father and stepmother and probably her mother, along with several siblings and other relatives are buried in Old Union Cemetery, Bowie County, Texas. There the name is spelled "Rogers", without a "D" although every historical document on any of these people does have Rodgers spelled with a "D".

Martha married a Mr. Shaw in Bowie County, Texas sometime after the 1870 US Census. We think it was Charles Shaw who was an older widowed man with several children. Martha Rodgers and Mr. Shaw had two girls born in Bowie County, Texas, Susan Payne Shaw, born 12-31-1872 (FAG# 5651589) and Mary Shaw, born 8-8 1875 (FAG# 20899511).

After Mr. Shaw died, late 1870's, Martha married John Berry Whittle in Bowie County, Texas. He also was widowed with several children. Martha and John Whittle had four surviving children, all born in Bowie County, Texas. Mark Whittle, son, born Jan. 1881; Maxie N Whittle, dau, born July 29, 1885; Lou Onie Whittle, dau, born Feb. 1888 and Benjamin Buel Whittle, son, born May 28, 1893.

She was located in the 1910 US Census in Jefferson County, Oklahoma with her son Buel B Whittle, under the name, Martha A "Philips" living with her step-son and family. In June, 1917, she was living with her son Buel and his wife in Talala, Rogers Co. OK. according to his WW I Registration. There is a letter from her grandaughter, Myrtle May, stating that Martha died there (14 Aug 1917) after falling and breaking a hip.

The children of the marriage of John and Belinda are:

  741 M i William Whittle - born 1842. No records have been found after 1860. He may be the William Whittle on the roster of the the 7th SC Infantry.
+ 742 M ii Jacob M. Whittle
  743 M iii Tillman Whittle
+ 744 M v Daniel Whittle
  745 F vi

Susannah "Sarah" A. Whittle - born Nov 1850, she married Isaac H. Satterwhite. From the Satterwhite Family - Book by Lonnie Deaton, Troup, Harris, Jones Co. GA, Chambers, Russell, Dale Co. AL, Harrison, Hopkins Cos. TX, Washita Co. OK Submitted by Lonnie Deaton, we have the following information:

"They lived in Cass County, TX. Isaac Satterwhite was born 2-7-1815 Harris Co., GA. He married Lucretia"Lucy" Hollis 10-20-1836 in Harris Co., GA. "Lucy" was born 2-12-1819 in GA. Isaac was a farmer. This family appears in the 1850 census of Harris Co., GA. By 1860, Isaac and family have moved to Harrison Co., TX. They appear in that census in HH 233, living next door to William Hollis. Isaac is farming and is recorded as owing real estate valued at $2500 and personal property valued at $1030. Isaac 2nd married Susannah A. Whittle after 1865. Susannah is buried in Cowan cemetery near Manchester, TX. Her parents were John B. Whittle of Edgefield, SC, and "Belindy Rebecca." Isaac died in 1882 in Clarksville, Red River Co., TX. "Lucy" died 8-15-1879 in Harrison Co., TX. She was the daughter of William Hollis and Ruth T. Roberson (Robertson?). The family appears in the 1880 census of Red River Co., TX. They are living in HH 315. Isaac is farming."

  746 F vii Rebecca A. Whittle - was born in 1854, and we have no further records.
  747 F viii Catherine Whittle - was born in 1856, and we have no further records.
+ 748 M x John Franklin Whittle
+ 749 M ix Andrew Jackson "Jack" Whittle

The children of the marriage of John and Martha Ann Rodgers Shaw Whittle are:

  7410 M x Mark B. Whittle - born Jan 1881.
  7411 F xi Maxie M. Whittle - born Jul 1885 and died in 1940. She married a Crummey.
  7412 F xii

Cornelia Lou Onie Whittle - born Feb 1888 and died in 17 Aug 1941 in Jackson County, MO. She married George Henry May in 1904.

  7413 M xiii Benjamin Buel Whittle - born 28 May 1893. He moved to Oklahoma.

After John B died, Martha married George Henry May in 1900 followed by John Wesley Phillips in 1904 after moving to Logan County, AK. So, when she died her name was Martha Ann Rodgers Shaw Whittle May Phillips. Apparently enough husbands for a lifetime.

75. Chesley Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County in 1824 and died in 1899 in Floyd County, GA.

Chesley is hard to find until after the Civil War. He is listed on the roster of the 63rd GA Infantry, Company G and on the 1870 census as "Jessie" living with his wife Emily in Meriwether County, GA. In 1880 he and Emily are in Floyd County. I find it interesting that Chesley Jr. was a mail carrier like his father.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

Chesley is said to have married Emaline "Emily" Reynolds. The children of their marriage based on the 1870 and 1880 census and also the family group sheet send to W.O. Whittle by Chesley Whittle, Jr. are:

  751 M i Nathaniel Whittle
+ 752 M ii Burton Whittle
  753 M iii Susan Whittle was born in 1856.
  754 M iv Martha Whittle was born in 1858.
  755 M v Clifton Whittle
+ 756 F vi Emanuel Whittle
+ 757 F vii Chesley Whittle, Jr.
  758 F viii Emily Whittle was born in 1866.

NOTE: There is a Charley Phillips living with Burton in the 1880 census. He is listed as a brother-in-law. One of Chesley's daughters must have died prior to 1880.

76. Elizabeth Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County about 1824.

Elizabeth presumably married Charles Autry. On the 1850 census they are neighbors of her brother Mark B. On the 1860 census they live next door to Wesley and Huldah Whittle from the James Jr. side of the family. Sometime after the 1870 census it is likely they left Edgefield and moved to Emanuel County, GA.

Neither Charles or Elizabeth's ages are ever consistently recorded by the census takers, so all there is to go on is the similarites in their children's names.

  761 M i Peter Autry was born about 1846.
  762 F ii Mary Jane Autry born about 1848. She is still living at home in GA in the 1880 census.
  763 M iii J. Davis Autry was born about 1851.
  764 M iv Nathan A. Autry was born about 1853.
  765 M v J. P. Autry about 1856.
  766 F vi Elizabeth C. Autry was born about 1858. She is still living at home in GA in the 1880 census.
  767 M vii Miledge Autry was born about 1862. He is living at home in GA in the 1880 census.

77. Wesley Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County 18 Apr 1832.

Wesley is harder to find than his brother Chesley. He is listed on the 1850 census still living at home with his father Ambrose and he is verified by the letter from Chesley, Jr. There is a Wesley Whittle on the 1870 census living in Meriwether County, GA who said he was born in GA not SC. He is the correct age and the following information about the 28th GA Infantry seems to confirm his whereabouts before 1865. He was a POW at Fort Delaware, either escaped or was paroled and then wounded at the siege of Petersburg.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

28th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company E
Meriwether County " Confederate Invincibles"

This company moved from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Charleston, South Carolina, August 1862. A portion of it was on duty at Fort Sumter, and the remainder at Battery Wagner, Morris Island, South Carolina.

Whittle, Wesley - Private - September 10, 1861. Wounded in head and left hand, date and place not given. Pension records show he surrendered, Greensboro, North Carolina, April 26, 1865. (Born in Edgefield District, South Carolina, April 18, 1832.)

Wesley married Nancy (unknown) and 4 children are listed on the 1870 census:

  771 M i Butler Whittle - was born about 1852. No further records have been found.
  772 F ii Ophelia Whittle - was born about 1854.
  773 F iii Lulian Whittle - was born about 1856.
  774 M iv Wiley Whittle - was born in 1870. It is interesting to note that Wiley Reynolds, brother of Sophia Reynolds, wife of Joseph Whittle also lived in Meriwether County in 1870. Doubt this is anything more than coincidence, but left to wonder. No further records have been found.

78. Emanuel W. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County in 1835 and died in Augusta, GA after 1910.

According to Sheriff Mark Gary Whittle, Emanuel was "very rich in land and slaves and inherited from his father". No one has been able to find the will of Ambrose Whittle so we can't confirm this.

Emanuel is on the roster of the 2nd SC Cavalry, Company I. Ironically, this cavalry unit was led by Matthew C. Butler reminiscent of revolutionary times and Burris Whittle.

Emanuel married Sardelia "Sardie", possibly Reynolds, the daughter of Wiley Reynolds but not proven. Sardie was born in 1835 and died in 1899. She is buried on a mound in the woods just off Goff Road in Batesburg. After she died Emanuel must have sold his property and moved to Augusta. On the list prepared by Joe M. Whittle, he mentions a daughter Maggie in addition to Savannah and Georgia, perhaps it is Dorothy.

  781 F i Georgianna Whittle was born in 1857 and died in 1906. She married Yancey Bunyan Watson, born 1849, died 1928.
  782 F ii Savannah Whittle was born in 1859.
+ 783 M iii Jefferson Davis Whittle
  784 F iv Dorothy Whittle was born in 1864.
  785 F v Emmie Whittle was born in 1865 and died in 1872. She is buried next to her mother on the family property.

79. Mary Ann "Francis" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose) was born in Edgefield County about 1838 and died there before 1880.

Francis married James Hezekiah Prater, Jr. He was born 20 Mar 1827. The following information was published by Curtis Thomasson in the Andalusia (Alabama) Star-News. Most of the story can be verfied using census information.

The other brother who emigrated to Covington County was Hezekiah Prater, Jr. In the 1860 census, he was listed as a store clerk at 35 years of age and living in the household of Isaac Smith. He apparently moved his family down after this date.

Hezekiah Jr. And his wife, Mary Ann Whittle, sister to his brother’s wife, had the following children: Martha Ann, b. 1854, d. 1928; Sumpter Daniel, b. 1857, d. 1939; James Hezekiah, b. 1860, d. 1950; Elizabeth Betty, b. 1863, d. 1881; Robert E. Lee, b. 1866, d. 1926; William Tillman, b. 1869, d. 1870; and Dollie Evangeline, b. 1871, d. 1958.

Hezekiah Jr. served as a private in Co. E, 11th. Fla. Inf. of the CSA. Some records indicate he died in 1863 in Milton, Fla., while home on sick leave. Other records suggest he died circa 1873, and this would seem more likely based on the birth dates of his last three children. After his death, his family returned to live with his father-in-law, Ambrose Whittle, on Cloud’s Creek west of Batesburg, S.C.

James H. Prater - Courtesy of Linda Rogers (May, 2010)

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