The South Carolina Whittle Families

Fourth Generation (Continued)

The Civil War Years

254. Augustus Freeman "Free" Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose) was born 27 Feb 1823 in Marion County, Georgia and died 7 July 1898 in Butler County, Alabama.

Some researchers have connected Augustus with William Whittle, the first born son of James Whittle, Sr., probably because he lived in the same general area of Alabama. More likely he is the first son of Ambrose Whittle, therefore his grandfather was Reverend John Whittle. Augustus can not be found on the 1850 census but it is possible he was in Gadsden County, Florida with his brother Jack. If the AF Whittle in Butler County, Alabama on the 1860 census is Augustus, he says that his first son was born in Florida. Unfortunately we only have initials recorded by the census taker.

Augustus F. Whittle served the Confederacy in the 61st Alabama Infantry, Company D. He was recruited in Butler County.

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Augustus does not appear on the 1870 census. In 1880 we find him in Butler County with a partial list of his children. On the 1860 census his wife is P.J., in 1880 it is Jane. Several pedigree charts on list her full name as Penelope Jane Wood. Their children from information found on as well as the 1880 census are:

+ 2541 M i Franklin Augustus Whittle
  2542 F ii Laura L. Whittle - born about 1857.
+ 2543 M iii Edwin Freeman Whittle
  2544 M iv Forest Whittle
  2545 F v Mary Jane "Jinnie" Whittle - born about 1867. Married Sidney Morgan Jones 18 Nov 1883. They had 5 children.
  2546 M vi Elizabeth Whittle - born about 1869
  2547 M vii Geddes Whittle

Augustus F. Whittle is buried in Macedonia Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Butler County. His tombstone says he died 7 July 1919 adding further mystery to the story of Augustus.

255. John Paul "Jack" Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose) was born 13 Oct 1824 in Marion County, Georgia and died 22 May 1896 in Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida.

John appears to be the first of Rev. John's family to settle in Gadsden County, FL. On the 1850 census we find him with his wife Virginia and their first born son. Virginia Rodgers Whittle was born 15 July 1834 in GA and died 30 Oct 1856, following the birth of their 4th child. The children of John "Jack" and Virginia are:

  2551 M i William Ambrose Whittle
  2552 F ii Ruth Whittle - born 27 Oct 1852 and died 2 Apr 1853.
  2553 M iii John Wilkins Whittle
+ 2554 M iv Henry Virginia Whittle

J.P. Whittle is listed on the roster of the 10th Regiment, Florida Infantry along with his brother Quin and cousin JN. Here is his amnesty agreement.

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Researcher, Brenda Laney, has found a John "Whille" born in GA with 3 sons born in FL living with a Cash family on the 1870 census. Ages and names are close enough to assume this is him since Virginia Rodgers died in 1856. On the 1880 census he is living with his sister Rebecca E. Brown and her daughter Sarah. It is also interesting to note that both of them said their parents were born in SC. This helps support the 1790 SC census where Rev. John lists 1 son and 1 daughter, This may prove that Ambrose and Sarah were both born in SC by the time of the 1790 census (extended to 1792 for South Carolina) before Rev. John left SC.

Jack's 2nd marrage was M. Rebecca Mayton on 7 June 1887. She was born in Florida in 1848 and died 12 Mar 1916. This pension application verifies this.

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257. Quintillian Durke "Quin" Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose) was born 2 May 1829 in Marion County, GA and died 28 Dec 1897 in Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida.

Quin is still living at home in Coffee County, AL for the 1850 census, but by 1860 he has joined his brother Jack in Gadsden County, FL. Q.D. Whittle is listed on the roster of the 10th Regiment, Florida Infantry along with his brother Jack and cousin JN.

10th Regiment, Florida Infantry

10th Infantry Regiment was assembled in June, 1864. It was formed by consolidating six companies of the 1st and four of the 2nd Florida Infantry Battalions. Some of the men were from Alachua and Putnam counties. Attached to General Finegan's Brigade, the regiment was active at Cold Harbor, then participated in the long Petersburg siege south of the James River and in the Appomattox Campaign. It surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia with 18 officers and 154 men. Its commanders were Colonel Charles F. Hopkins, Lieutenant Colonel William W. Scott, and Major John Westcott. 6 Florida Whittle sons mustered out of this regiment.

Quin married Louisa Jane Shepard. She was born 26 June 1840 in Florida an died 31 Aug 1899. They had 6 children:

+ 2571 M i David Ambrose Whittle
  2572 M ii Walter T. Whittle
  2573 F iii Florence Whittle - born 13 Aug 1872 and died 19 Apr 1956 in Gadsden County. Florence married Montgomery Levi Johnson on 6 Jan 1906. He was born 26 Aug 1874 and died 1 Sept 1935 in Gadsden County.
+ 2574 M iv Norton Fagg Whittle
  2575 F v Addie C. Whittle - born 9 Apr 1882 and died June 1978 in Tallahassee, Leon County, FL. Addie married Augustus Johnson in 1901. He was born 13 Sept 1889 and died Jan 1980 in Madison County, FL.
  2576 M vi Quintilian Durke Whittle, Jr. - born Jan 1884 and died in 1905, probably without issue.

On the 1900 census Florence is listed as head of household along with her sister Addie and Quin, Jr. David A. is living next door to them.

259. James Gideon Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose) was born 28 Oct 1832 in Dooly County, GA and died 7 Sept 1900 in Wilcox County, Georgia.

James was not mentioned as a son of Ambrose in the letter sent to W.O. Whittle in 1945 from Felton Whittle. He married Harriet C. Mann, 5 Dec 1853 in Henry County, AL. She died before 1860. He married Tabatha Ann Rebecca "Becky" Draughon on 5 May 1861 in Jones County, GA. Becky was born in 1835 and died in 1915. On the 1870 census, James' sister Rebecca Brown is living in his household with her two daughters. James served the Confederacy most likely in the 5th GA Reserves.

James and Harriet had one daughter:

  2591 F i Zemily Angeline Whittle - born 6 Feb 1855. Information on indicates Zemily married Charles Edward Burch in Texas and they later moved into Oklahoma Territory.

James and Becky had the following children:

  2592 F ii Bertha Whittle - married William Mayo.
  2593 F iii Mary Madison Whittle - born 19 Dec 1863 died 17 Feb 1942 in Dooly, GA. She married James Blackshear Musselwhite
  2594 F iv Sarah Jane Emily Whittle - born 9 May 1866 and died 11 Aug 1945 in Colquitt, GA. She married (1) Uriah Anderson Musselwhite and (2) William R. Knott.
+ 2595 M v Zack Wilkins Whittle
+ 2596 M vi Robert Quintillion Whittle
+ 2597 M vii Lee Roy Whittle
+ 2598 M viii Hugh Lawson Whittle

2511. Ambrose William Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose) was born 2 Oct 1837 in Dooly County, GA and died after 1900 probably in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ambrose followed his brothers, Jack and Quin to Gadsden County, Florida by the time of the 1860 census. Ambrose is on the roster of the 2nd Florida Cavalry and mustered out at the rank of Sergeant. There are numerous records of his service on file at the National Archives.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

2nd Regiment, Florida Cavalry

2nd Cavalry Regiment was organized with 1,190 men during the late spring of 1862. Its members were from Melton and Tallahassee, and the counties of St. John, Marion, Gadsden, and Madison. The unit was attached to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and served in Florida throughout the war. It fought at Olustee, Gainesville, and Braddock's Farm, and surrendered at Tallahassee on May 10, 1865. Colonel Caraway Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Abner H. McCormick, and Major Robert Harrison were in command.

After the war, Ambrose married Mattie E. Gregory on 18 Dec 1866 in Gadsden County Florida. No records for Ambrose have been found from the date of his marriage through about 1888. There are records from 1888 through 1893 that list Ambrose W. Whittle as a bookkeeper in Jacksonville, FL. He is also on the 1900 census living in a boarding house in Jacksonville. No records have been found of any children.

263. Ambrose Daniel Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell) was born in 1828 in Houston County, GA and died 13 Aug 1886 in Echo, Dale County, AL.

A. D. is found on the 1850 census living in Barbour County, Alabama. He married Mary Jane McNair, born 16 Feb 1829 in NC and died 21 Jan 1887. Both are buried at Mt. Carmel Methodist Cemetery. There are 3 people in the household named "Nair" They would likely be Mary Jane's brother, mother and aunt. There first born son, Daniel, is listed as age 0.

By 1860 his family has grown to 5 children. There are 3 other people on this census living in his household, Elias Riley, Harmon H. White (Whittle) born in 1837 and Elizabeth White (Whittle) born in 1842. On the 1870 census all 5 children are still living at home.

The 1880 census shows Ambrose, Mary Jane with their sons George W and Cornelius living next door.

+ 2631 M i Daniel William Whittle
+ 2632 M ii George "Sandy" W. Whittle
  2633 F iii Margaret Sarah Whittle - born 1855 and died 16 Oct 1932. She married Marion Kirkland.
  2634 F iv Catherine Mary Whittle - born 19 Oct 1857 and died 31 Jul 1917. She is buried at Mt. Carmel Methodist Cemetery with her mother and father. She apparently never married.
  2635 M v Cornelius "Niel" Whittle - born 1858.

Elizabeth and Harmon Whittle on the 1860 census are apparently not a brother and sister of Ambrose or children of Burell Whittle. One reference to Harmon refers to him as Hammer Whittle and says that he was wounded 6 times at Gettysburg. On the 1850 census Harmon was living with a John Vann in Alabama. It is probably not possible to determine the parents of either Elizabeth or Harmon. Here is his Confederate Record which indicates he died in Montgomery, AL during the war. AD Whittle certifies the record as guardian.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

264. Cinchen (Kinchen) G. Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell) was born in 1820 in Houston County, GA and died in 1915 in Mitchell County, GA.

No census data ever consistently verifies that Cinchen was born in 1820, but his tombstone in Liberty Hill Cemetery says that, so we will accept it for now. CG makes his first public appearance on the 1850 census living with his brother A.D. in Barbour County, Alabama. He is listed as age 19. Because he is found in Barbour County living in the same precinct with the former Edgefield County, SC Whittles, some researchers have concluded that he is one of them. However, there is no evidence that Maston, Reuben or William Whittle ever lived in Georgia and Chinchen consistently said he was born in Georgia. On the other hand, in 1880 the census taker recorded his parents as both born in South Carolina.

On 8 Feb 1852 he married Emeline O. Chambers, who was born in SC. By 1860 they are farming in Mitchell County, Georgia. Their first born son, Newton is recorded as born in AL, which supports the fact that he did live in AL until about 1852. No record has been found of any military service. The children of Chinchen and Emeline as verfied from the 1860 through 1880 census are:

+ 2641 M i Newton Carmichael Whittle
  2642 F ii Virginia S. Whittle - born about 1855 and was still living with her father in 1910.
  2643 M iii Willburn N. Whittle
  2644 F iv Anna E. Whittle - born about 1861 and was still living with her father in 1910. She may be the Aunt "Bunch" who died in 1918 and is buried in Liberty Hill Cemetery with her father.
+ 2645 M v Buford L. Yancy Whittle

By 1900, CG has aged almost 20 years and in 1910 he is 106. The following article about him appeared in 1904 and suggests that he might be the son of John Whittle, not Burrell:

Paper: The Montgomery Advertiser
Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Vol.: LXXV No. 85
Date: Thursday Morning, March 31, 1904
Page: 4 Column: 3
Article: A Georgia Patriarch
Transcription: by Nadine Shipman Sinkwitz

A Georgia Patriarch
Thomasville (Ga) Times-Enterprise

C. G. Whittle, the oldest man in Colquitt County [Georgia], says that he was born in the part of the State that now constitutes Twigg County [Georgia] in February 1804. His father moved to South Alabama when the country was just a wilderness, scarcely any white people living there, but Indians were plentiful. His father dieing [sic] in 1836, left the family at Eufaula, [Barbour County] Ala. when only one log cabin marked the place. He says that he had seen 1,000 Indians there at a time on trading expeditions. Mr. Whittle looks to be hale and hearty and says he never was sick a day in his life.

265. James B. Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell) was born 15 Sep 1836 in Houston County, GA and died before 1910 in Liberty County, FL.

James B has not been proved to be a son of Burrell Whittle but all of the evidence to date seems to suggest it. There is a record for him in the 4th Florida Infantry. He must have been one of the 23 who surrendered in 1865.

4th Regiment, Florida Infantry

4th Infantry Regiment was organized in the summer of 1861 at Jacksonville, Florida. The men were raised in the counties of Gadsden, Franklin, Madison, New River, LaFayette, Columbia, Marion, Levy, Liberty, Washington, Jackson, and Hillsborough. For a time it served in Florida, then was assigned to General Preston's, Stovall's, Finley's, and J.A. Smith's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. During December, 1863, it was consolidated with the 1st Forida Cavalry Regiment. The 4th was engaged at Murfreesboro and Jackson, participated in the campaigns of the army from Chickamauga to Nashville, and saw action in North Carolina. It was organized with 983 officers and men and lost forty-two percent of the 468 engaged at Murfreesboro, forty percent of the 217 at Chickamauga, and eighty-nine percent of the 172 at Missionary Ridge. The 1st/4th totalled 198 men and 109 arms in December, 1863. The regiment surrendered 23 men in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Wiles L. L. Bowen, Edward Hopkins, and James P. Hunt; Lieutenant Colonels Edward Badger and M.W. Smith; and Majors Jacob A. Lash and John T. Lesley.

In the 1860 census James is living in the household of N.P. Mercer, assumed to be the husband of James' sister Elizabeth. On both the 1870 and 1880 census he is found with his wife Amanda M (Unknown) living next to his presumed brother John in Gadsden County. In 1870 there are 3 children named Black living in their household. From this it is assumed that Amanda was previously married to a Black.There were 6 Black sons who fought in the 4th Florida. James is a widower on the 1900 census. No Whittle children are listed on any census, so we assume that he and Amanda had none of their own.

Here is his application for a Confederate pension in 1909.

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266. John N. Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell) was born Dec 1838 in Houston County, GA and died before 1900 in Liberty County, Florida .

Because there are several John Whittles born about the same time in Florida and Georgia, it is hard to determine who is who, but here is our current best quess. John is found on the 1860 census living with Elijah Shepard in Gadsden County, FL. Elijah is likely the father of Louisa Shepard, who married John's cousin Quin Whittle. John N. is also listed as a private in the 10th Regiment Florida Infantry along with his cousins JP and Quin. Here is his amnesty agreement.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

The Gadsden County Marriage Index references a John N. Whittle and Florida Willifred marriage dated 3 May 1866. On the 1870 census he is listed as "John Whitle" living in Liberty County with a 1 year old named, Ann. There is a record of a marriage of John Whittle and Anna Indman dated 22 Dec 1870, so this could be an error by the census taker. John lives next door to James B. Whittle, who is likely another son of Burrell. He is still in Liberty for the 1880 census, married to Martha A. (unknown). Three children are listed.

On the 1900 census, Martha A. is listed as a widow and head of household. Four children are named.

+ 2661 M i Burrell Edward Whittle
  2662 M ii Thomas E. Whittle - born Mar 1874.
  2663 F iii Mary M. Whittle - born in Oct 1876.
  2664 F iv Lucy J. Whittle - born in May 1878.

312. John S. Whittle (Burris, John, James) was born about 1836 in Marion County, Georgia and died 6 May 1864 at Wilderness Field Hospital near Richmond, VA.

On the muster role of Company K, 4th Regiment GA Voluntary Infantry we find "Whittle, John S: ---- private April 27, 1861. Wounded at Malvern Hill, Va. July 1, 1862; Wilderness, Va. May 5, 1864. Died of wounds in Wilderness, Va. hospital May 6, 1864." All of this is verified in the National Archives.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

We assume this to be John, son of James Whittle. John married Ellen L. (Donaldson, reported on on 23 Oct 1862 and they had a daughter named Maggie.

314. Samual Madison Whittle (Burris, John, James) was born 6 Oct 1841 in Marion County, Georgia and died 16 Feb 1925 in Camp Hill, Alabama (Verified by his tombstone at Camp Hill Cemetery, Tallapoosa, Alabama).

S.M. Whittle is on the roster of the 10th Georgia Infantry, Company C. Apparently he was wounded well enough to be discharged after Chancellorsville.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

By 1870 Madison is farming in Chattahoochie County, GA. He is living with John McCook, age 35. It is interesting to note that some of the McCook family were living with Madison's father James as early as 1860.

Madison moved to Alabama before 1880 and married Harriet "Hattie" A. Watkins on 21 Dec 1879. Hattie was born 19 Mar 1859 and died 1 Mar 1931. There is a Samuel Whittle, born in GA, and wife Hattie on the 1880 census in Lee County, AL. By 1900 they are living in Rome, Tallapoosa County, AL. Hattie tells the census taker that she has 5 children, all still living and they are listed as follows:

  3141 F i Jimmie Whittle - born Nov 1880.
  3142 F ii E. Birdie Whittle - born 9 Aug 1882 and died 31 Oct 1958 (Camp Hill Cemetery).
  3143 M iii Samuel Madison Whittle, Jr.
  3144 M iv Marion Watkins Whittle
  3145 F v Bertha Whittle - born Nov 1891.

315. James Jackson Whittle (Burris, John, James) was born 22 Oct 1846 in Marion County, Georgia and died in Birmingham, Alabama on 17 Mar 1933.

There is a James J. Whittle listed on the roster of the 28th Battalion, Georgia Siege Artillery. He survived the war and took his oath of allegiance.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

Our thanks to James D. Brooks, great grandson of James Jackson Whittle, for providing information about his family.

"James married Francis Louise King who was born 31 July 1842 in Columbus, GA. and died 1 Sept 1932. Francis is buried in Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, GA. They had one child."

+ 3151 M i Henry King Whittle

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