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The Great Migration

1132. William Holloway Whittle (Burris, James Sr., William, Ellison) was born in Mount Willing, Lowndes County, AL 24 June 1847 and died there 4 Jan 1924.

Holloway stayed in Lowndes County and continued to farm after his father died. On the 1880 census he is living next door to his brothers, Albert and Jesse. He married Theodocia "Docia" Norris Barganier, 24 Dec 1874. On the 1910 census Docia said she had 11 children, 7 still living:

+ 11321 M i Otto LaFayette Whittle
  11322 F ii Margaret Whittle - was born 11 Mar 1877. She died 24 Aug 1978 in Lowndes County.
  11323 M iii Walter Whittle - was born 5 Dec 1878 and died 22 Jul 1903 (information from
+ 11324 M iv Claude C. Whittle
+ 11325 M v Herbert Auby Whittle
  11326 M vi Oscar C. Whittle - was born 30 Dec 1884 and died 1 Aug 1900, according to his tombstone.
  11327 F vii Pearl Whittle - was born 26 Nov 1886. She married S.M. Matthews. Pearl died 10 Dec 1908 in Lowndes County.
  11328 F viii Ruby Whittle - was born 30 Dec 1888.
+ 11329 M ix Irby Cecil Whittle
  113210 F x Eva Whittle - was born 2 Jan 1897. She married David Caffey Till on 6 Jun 1920.
  113211 M xi Henry Davis Whittle - was born in 1898. No records have been found.

1134. West M. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., William, Ellison) was born in Mount Willing, Lowndes County, AL in 1849 and died sometime after 1910 in Washita County, Oklahoma.

There is a posting on that says West's nickname was "Josephus". There is a J.M. Whittle found on the 1880 census farming in McLennan County, Texas. He says he was born in 1849 in AL and his parents in SC. His wife Nola says she was born in TN which agrees with what was said by West's children on the 1910 census. They have 2 daughters age 4 in 1876, probably twins.

In 1892 his father's estate settlement lists him in Hill County TX, but he can not be located on the 1900 census. By 1910 West M. Whittle is living in Washita County, Oklahoma with his son Arthur and daughter Nora.

  11341 F i Carrie Whittle - was born in 1876 in McLennan County, TX.
  11342 F ii Mammie Whittle - was born in 1876 in McLennan County, TX (probably twin sister of Carrie).
  11343 M iii Arthur J. Whittle - was born in 1885. We have no further records.
  11344 F iv Nora Whittle - was born in 1893.

1137. Albert Y. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., William, Ellison) was born in Mount Willing, Lowndes County, AL about 1854 and died there before 1892.

Albert is found on the 1880 census with his wife Alice and no children. Mentioned in his fathers estate settlement are 3 children and his widow who apparently remarried a Williams.

  11371 M i Vander Whittle
  11372 F ii Pet Whittle
  11373 F iii Martha Whittle

1138. Jesse Robert Whittle (Burris, James Sr., William, Ellison) was born in Mount Willing, Lowndes County, AL 17 Dec 1857 and died in Jefferson County, AL on 22 Dec 1930.

Jesse is found on the 1880 census with his first wife, Georgia McCoy and daughter Ina. They were married 3 Oct 1879. "Jessy" and Georgia are in Butler County for the 1900 census. Georgia says she bore 3 children only 1 still living.

  11381 F i Ina O'Nora Whittle - was born 2 Oct 1879. She married Joseph Scott Coker.

Georgia died 6 Jun 1901 and Jesse married Maude Ethel Cochran on 25 Aug 1901 and started a second family. On the 1910 census Jesse and Maude are living in Jefferson County and he lists his occupation as carpenter in a steel mill.

  11382 F ii Mary Ella Whittle - born 11 Nov 1905. She married William H. Fowler 21 Dec 1921. She died in Oct 1977 in Bibb County, GA.
  11383 F iii Olean Viola Whittle - born 11 Feb 1905. She married Henry Earle Honeycutt 28 May 1937. She died 22 May 1940 in Jefferson County, AL.
+ 11384 M iv James Ellison Whittle
  11385 F v Margaret Marie Whittle - was born 12 Apr 1910. She married William Oliver Holmes, Jr. 21 Jan 1929 in Jefferson County, AL.
  11386 M vi Jesse Mitchell Whittle
  11387 F vii Maude Christine Whittle - was born 26 May 1914. She married Junior Howard Carter 23 May 1931. She married Olin Josephus Mason 3 Dec 1961, Alfred Bockman after 1964 and then remarried Junior on 20 Nov 1981. She died 13 Feb 1994 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL.

NOTE: Two other children died in infancy, T.J. Whittle and William Lee Robert Whittle. Much of the information about Jesse Robert Whittle was provided by Jeffery Whittle, descendent of James Ellison Whittle, and Kay Anderson, a descendent of Ina O'Nora Whittle. Be sure and visit Kay's website at

11313. John Ellison Whittle (Burris, James Sr., William, Ellison) was born in Mount Willing, Lowndes County, AL May 1867 and probably died before 1920 in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida.

John Elly is on the 1900 census living in Greenville, Butler County, AL. His widowed mother Elizabeth lives with him and also a younger brother Walter. John's occupation is shown as merchant. He married Claudia L. Burkhults, born about 1875 and apparently she died before 1910. On the 1900 census they have 2 children, Herman E. and Vernon E.

10 years later we find John E. Whittle listed as a saloon proprietor in Pensacola, FL. There are 6 children named, including Herman and Vernon. All ages are close enough to the 1900 census to assume this is the same John Elly, although the census taker recorded his birthplace as New Jersey. Herman is head of household by 1920, John is not found.

+ 113131 M i Herman E. Whittle
+ 113132 M ii Vernon Ely Whittle
  113133 F iii Mardis Whittle - was born about 1902, probably in Florida. She is living with her brother Herman on the 1920 census.
  113134 M iv Brooks Whittle - was born in 1902 or 1903 in Pensacola, FL. There are 2 social security death index entries for Brooks Whittle. One SSN from South Carolina and another from Louisanna. No verified information about him has been found.
  113135 M v Walter Whittle - was born in 1905. No verified information about him has been found.
  113136 F vi Katherine Lane Whittle - Katie was born 7 Mar 1908 and died 14 Jan 1978. Thanks to information provided by her granddaughter, Brenda Lane Majors McAllister, Katie was raised by her aunt Sallie Whittle Favor. She married James W. Majors and they had 4 sons. James was born 24 Jan 1903 and died 31 May 1994. Katie, James and their son Vernon Lamar Majors share a joint tombstone in Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery AL.

1155. Eldridge Emsley Whittle (Burris, James Sr., William, Emsley) was born in Mount Willing, Lowndes County, AL in 1846 and probably died there before 1880.

Eldridge is assumed to be the only son of Emsley Whittle that had a family. Based on information found on and partially confirmed by the 1880 census, Eldridge married Caroline Clarinda Bruner on 11 Dec 1866. On the 1880 census Caroline is living with a son named William, apparently from a previous marriage, as he is age 25. Caroline died 30 Sep 1888. Two sons that have been attributed to her marriage with Eldridge are:

+ 11551 M i Walter Marcus Whittle
+ 11552 M ii James Thomas Whittle

1232. Thomas Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Amos) was born in Edgefield County in 1843 and died in October 1914 in the Confederate Soldiers Infirmary in Columbia, SC.

Thomas served the Confederacy in Company B, 14th SC Infantry along with his brother Milledge. His obituary says he was wounded 4 times. Unlike his brother, he survived the war and returned to SC marrying Harriet Reynolds. Thomas is buried at the Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia. On the 1900 census Harriet said 3 of her 5 children were still living. Harriet died prior to 1910. From the 1880 and 1900 census, their children are:

  12321 F i Della Whittle - born 1867 and probably died before 1900.
  12322 F ii Minnie Whittle - born 1875 and was still living at home in 1900.
+ 12323 M iii Thomas A. Whittle
+ 12324 M iv James Edwin Whittle

1268. Edward O. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Alfred) was born in Edgefield County about 1865 and likely died after 1930 in Hickory, Catawba County, North Carolina.

No records have been found for Edward between 1880 and 1910, however, it's a good bet that the Edward Whittle, born 1866 in SC, living in South Point, Gaston County, NC, is the right Edward. Edward married Sarah Ruth Yoder. On the 1910 census, Sarah said she had 4 children and all were born in NC. Three of their children are named after Edward's brothers and sisters. On the 1920 census they are living in Hickory, Catawba County, with their youngest daughter, Sarah Elizabeth.

  12681 M i Charley Whittle - born 1893. There is a Chas J. Whittle listed as an inmate in Augusta, GA on the 1930 census. He says he was born in NC in 1893.
  12682 M ii Marshall Whittle - born 1894 and may have died before the 1920 census.
+ 12683 M iii Zeddie L. Whittle
  12684 F iv Sarah Elizabeth Whittle - born 10 Oct 1908.

1281. Daniel S. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Willis Jr.) was born in Edgefield County in Sep 1851 and died before 1910 in Saluda County, SC.

Daniel and Emma (unknown) are married and living next door to Willis, Jr. by the time of the 1870 census. On the 1880 census they are in Norris Township farming with Dan's brother Green. They seem to have been compatible brothers because they still live next door to each other by 1910. Emma says on the 1900 census that she had 5 children, 3 still living, so we assume they lost William and the daughter born in 1880. Emma is a widowed head of household in 1910. She says she bore 12 children and only 4 are still living. Willie, May Belle and Gerte May are still at home.

  12811 M i William Whittle - born 1874 and apparently died before 1900.
  12812 F ii Daughter - born 1880 and apparently died before 1900.
  12813 M iii Willie A. Whittle - born in May 1878. Willie was single and still living at home in 1910.
  12814 F iv May Belle "Mable" Whittle - born Oct 1887.
  12815 F v Gerte May Whittle - born Oct 1889.

1284. Green Berry Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Willis Jr.) was born in Edgefield County in Jun 1853 and died 22 May 1918 in Norris Township, Edgefield SC.

Green and his wife Amanda Asbill first appear on the 1880 census with their first born daughter, Zula. Amanda probably died shortly after that because Nancy Warren is the name found on the 1900 and 1910 census. One researcher has said that all of the children except Zula are by Nancy Warren. Nancy was born in 1857 and died 14 Oct 1939.

  12841 F i Zula Whittle - was born 29 July 1879 and died 22 Feb 1952. She married Wade Hampton Goff and they had 3 children.
+ 12842 M ii Albert H. Whittle
  12843 F iii Beulah Whittle - born Dec 1885 and died about 1908. Based on information posted by Donna Bowling in Apr, 2000, Beulah married John C. Maroney and they had one child before she died or they divorced.
  12844 F iv Jettie Whittle - born 29 Aug 1887 and died 7 Jan 1968. Donna Bowling also posted that Jettie married John C. Maroney after Beulah died or left. They had 11 children.
+ 12845 M v Charles H. Whittle
+ 12846 M vi Willis A. Whittle
+ 12847 M vii Green Berry Whittle, Jr.
+ 12848 M viii Olin Whittle
  12849 F ix Sallie Whittle - born 19 Apr 1898 and died 6 Jun 1988. Sallie married Paul R. Rankin and later Herman Wade. Sallie and Paul had 10 children.

1294. Florence Cornelia Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Mahlon) was born in Edgefield County 19 July 1867 and died in Myrtle Springs, Van Zandt County, Texas, 18 Feb 1949.

Florence married Elmer Addison Swepston, born Oct 1852 in Ohio. He died in 1932. Our chief Texas researcher, Glen Collier found this picture of Dr. Sweptson relaxing in front of the Myrtle Springs Baptist Church.

Courtesy of the Van Zandt County Texas, Pictorial History 1848-1994

Florence apparently made a wise choice. This poem, A "Ring" for the Doctor, written by Guy Malone tells us about the life and times in Texas in the early 20th century.

There was nothing consoling

In those bygone, childhood days
As our kind, old family doctor
with his reassuring ways
Gloom would hover like a storm cloud;
Make our faces drawn and sad,
But that dear, old family doctor
Brought a smile that made us glad.
Sometimes fever like a bonfire
Made a loved one burn in pain.
then that kind, old family doctor
Gave a pill that worked like rain.
Often party lines would jingle
In the middle of the night -
Someone calling for the doctor
To dispel a wave of fright.
He would come and "bring the babies";
Always there when dear ones left,
Saying words of joy and comfort,
Using hands so swift aand deft.
Dollars? Not his aim, i'll tell you.
Service? Yes, that was his goal.
I'm afraid God lost the pattern
Of that kind, old doctor's soul.
Then my tears burned like that fever
When he took his well earned rest.
But when God "rings" for a doctor
We must send the very best.

Courtesy of the Van Zandt County Texas, Pictorial History 1848-1994

1297. Ravenel "Ralph" McBeth Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Mahlon) was born in Edgefield County in Dec 1872.

Ravenel first appears on his own farming in Saluda County on the 1900 census. His brother Zeddy also lives with him. He married Ceceil Iona Scurry, born Dec 1877. By 1920 Ralph and Ceceil have plenty of help on their farm.

+ 12971 M i Travis Scurry Whittle
+ 12972 M ii Ravenel McBeth "RM" Whittle, Jr.
+ 12973 M iii Mahlon Dupre Whittle - born 1902 and was alive in 1973.
  12974 M iv Brooks Whittle - born 1905 and probably died before 1930. He is not named in the obituaries found for RM and Travis.
  12975 F v Iona Whittle - born 1906. She married a Lee, and lived in Sumter, SC.
  12976 M vi Harvey Whittle - born 1908 and died 14 Aug 1920.
  12977 M vii Carl Edgar Whittle - born 1910.
+ 12978 M viii Clyde Marvin Whittle - born 1913.
  12979 F ix Mary Ella Whittle - born 1918. She married a Suggs, and lived in Darlington County, SC.

1299. Shelton Fox Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Mahlon) was born in Edgefield County, 5 May 1876 and died, 12 Dec 1950 in Dade County, Florida.

Shelton farmed in Johnston Township, Edgefield County. He married Elizabeth "Bessie" Gardner, born Jan 1870. Unlike his brother Ravenel, he didn't have the family farm laborers to continue. By 1930 he is the manager of a lunch stand in Columbia. His son Prevost and his family are living with them. Sometime before 1950 Shelton moved to Florida and lived with Prevost until his death.

Shelton Fox Whittle - Courtesy of Heather Patrick - March 7, 2008

The children of Bessie and Shelton from the 1910 census are:

+ 12991 M i Prevost William Whittle
  12992 F ii Veo Whittle - born Mar 1898.
  12993 F iii Eunice Whittle - born 1900.
  12994 F iv Clara Whittle - born 1903.
  12995 M v Reginald Whittle - born 1907 and died in 1916.

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