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Several branches of the Etheridge family came to South Caroline about the same time as James Burris Whittle. After the Revolutionary War some married Whittles and visa versa. For those interested in the Etheridge family history visit Our Etheridge Family Circles.pdf

The story of Tyre Etheridge is difficult to determine because there were two Tyre Etheridges in Edgefield County. Based on the 1870 census, Elizabeth Etheridge Whittle had a brother named Tyre (1) who was born 12 Nov 1849 and died 17 Apr 1928. He is 7 or 8 years older than Elizabeth. This Tyre was born to Joseph Etheridge (1810-1893) and Elizabeth Inabinet (1811-1881).

The other Tyre (2) was born 20 Apr 1830. This Tyre was born to William Etheridge (1787-1846) and Letha Jennings. Based on the will of William Etheridge in 1847, he bequested land and money to Tyre, Guilford, Joseph, Mary Ann and other daughters not listed by name.

1.Tyre Fletcher Etheridge - was born 12 Nov 1849 and died 17 Apr 1928.

Tyre married Sarah Adranna Parlee Riser Etheredge born 29 Jun 1851 and died 22 Nov 1939.

The children of their marriage are:

F i Rosa Lentz Etheredge Jun 23,1877 - May 28,1955 Married: William Peurifoy Yarbrough 1875 - 1915.
F ii Susan Marilla Etheredge Mar 17,1879 - Oct 27,1880.
M iii William Marion Etheredge Jun 13,1881 - May 1971.
M iv Coke Etheredge   Born Oct 25,1883.
F v Happuch Janet Etheredge Jul 15,1886 - Dec 11,1970 Married Daniel Eugene Pendarvis (1889-1971.
M vi Henry Hartwell Etheredge May 9,1889 - Mar 1972. He married Lillian Monita Cox.
F vii Ruth Parlee Etheredge

Courtesy of Find a Grave and Brenda Laney - 2014

2.Tyre Etheridge - was born 20 Apr 1830 and died 14 May 1910.

His wife, Matilda Matthews. was born 17 Nov 1831 and died in 1910. Tyre and Matilda had 10 children. Tyre enlisted in Company M, 7th SC Infantry at the start of the war. He was wounded, hospitalized for various sicknesses and captured before the surrender at Appomatix Court House. It is said that he walked home from Virginia with a minny ball in his leg.

Courtesy of Find a Grave and Brenda Laney - 2014

The children of Tyre Etheridge and Matilda Mathews are:

M i Bud Clark Etheridge - born 12 Sep 1850 and died 16 Jun 1911. He married Lennie Holston and they had 3 children. Two sons died very young. One daughter, Myrthis, survived through maturity.
F ii Elizabeth M Etheridge - born 5 Dec 1857 and died Aug 1945. She married Minick Quincy Whittle.
F iii Lucy Ann Etheridge - born 1856.
F iv Martha R Etheridge - born 1858.
M v George Tillman Etheridge - born 8 Nov 1860 and died 6 Jun 1919 in Gilbert Hollow, Leesville, SC. On the 1900 census he is living in Saluda with his wife Mary Hare and their 8 daughters. They must have tried hard for a boy.
F vi Laura R Etheridge - born 1864.
M vii William Etheridge - born 1867.
F viii Rose Etheridge - born 1872.
M ix Ezekiel J Etheridge - born 28 Aug 1871 and died 23 Sep 1938. He married Mary Belle (unknown) in 1897. They were living with Tyre and Matilda in 1900. Belle was born in 1871 and died in 1966. By 1910 they had 3 children, one son named James F, 1903. Sometime before 1920, Ezekiel and Belle moved to Sebring, Florida.
M x Lee J Etheridge - born Sep 1874. He married Essie (unknown). On the 1930 census they have 1 son Lee J, Jr born 1910. Lee and Essie lived in Richmond County, GA.

It is impossible to determine which Tyre this service record belongs to. Both were of the right age to have served in the Confederacy, but Tyre 1 would have been only 12 in 1861. Likely this is Tyre 2 born 1830.

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