Fifth Generation (Continued)

The Great Migration

1325. James Clayton Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Reason) was born in Edgefield County in 1851 and died in Clearwater, Hillsborough County, Florida in 1921.

James was the last child of Reason's marriage to Martha McGraw. On the 1880 census, he is married to Anna E. (unknown but possibly Brown) and they have 4 children. On the 1910 census Anna says she bore 11 children, 6 are still living.

+ 13251 M i William E. Whittle
  13252 F ii Eliza L. Whittle - born 1874.
  13253 F iii Alice C. Whittle - born Apr 1876 and still living with her parents in 1900.
  13254 F iv Laura Whittle - born 1879.
+ 13255 M v Reason Alexander Whittle
  13256 F vi Mamie T. Whittle - born Jun 1887 and died in 1964. Mamie married an Etheridge.
  13257 M vii George P. Whittle - born Jan 1890. No records have been found except a George C. Whittle listed as a boarder in the household of Ryan Polk on the 1930 census. This George was born in 1888 but his parents were from SC.
  13258 M viii David Malachis Whittle - born 6 Mar 1892 and died 21 Nov 1902. He is buried in the Seminole Cemetery in Florida.

Courtesy of the Heritage Village Library and Archives, Largo, Florida (12/28/06)

This picture of James and his family was taken in 1896. Although not verified the back row is assumed to be Alice, William E. and Reason A. The front row, Mamie T., George P., James C., Anne E. and David M. James Clayton was a Clearwater City Councilman from 1911 through 1915.

1341. Mary Jane Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County 2 Nov 1844 and died there 7 Oct 1928. She is buried at Emory Methodist Church, Saluda County.

Mary Jane married William Thomas Minick, born Feb 1832 and died 24 Nov 1923. The original Minick family arrived from Germany and migrated to Edgefield, SC at the time of the Revolution. William served the Confederacy in the 14th SC Infantry and was discharged at Hart's Island in 1865. On the 1900 census, Mary Jane said that 6 of their 7 children were still living.
  13411 F i Lillia Victoria Minick - born 25 Feb 1867 and died 15 Apr 1941 in Hawthorne, FL.
  13412 F ii Susan Minick - born 1869 and died before 1880.
  13413 F iii Lula Minick born 1870.
  13414 M iv Doc (David S) Minick - born 1872. If David S on the 1900 is Doc from 1870, there are 2 sons born to his marriage to Fannie, Willie D, 1894 and George M, 1897.
  13415 M v Burr Addison Minick - 22 Feb 1874 and died 15 Aug 1948. Burr and Sallie Brown are found on the 1900 census. On the 1920 census 2 sons are listed, William Henry, 19 Oct 1907. died 9 Jun 1988, Burr Cooper, 6 Oct 1918, died 29 Sep 1969.
  13416 M vi Jessie Pooser Minick - born 19 Feb 1877 and died 19 Jun 1932. On the 1920 census, he and his wife Bessie Wills list 9 children. Their sons are James Drayton, 1905, died 1947; Jessie Jr, 24 Jan 1908, died 11 May 1962; George Earl, 10 Jan 1910, died 18 Jun 1963; Mike Henry, 1 Oct 1919, died 16 Dec 1967; Thomas Earle, 2 Sep 1924, died 29 Jan 1941.
  13417 M vii Olin Watson Minick - born 18 Feb 1884 and died 16 Apr 1954. He married Inez Shaw. They are living with his parents on the 1910 and 1920 census. 3 sons appear on the 1920 census. Steve Olin, 7 Feb 1911, died 14 Apr 1969; Joe Robert, 30 Apr 1913 and died after 1970, and John Adam, 21 Jan 1918, died 30 Nov 1999. The 1930 census also lists Meadors, 1922 and Ray, 1925.

1342. Georgia Anna Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County 17 Jul 1848 and died 13 Aug 1892.

Our thanks to Gerald Gibson and Mary Scott who provided this information. Georgianna married John Ruel Gibson (1839) and lived in Germanville, Saluda Division, Edgefield District, next door to John’s widowed mother, Nancy Berry Gibson.  John enlisted in Co. B, 14th SC Infantry at Camp Butler, SC on the same day as his brothers, Francis Marion Gibson (1840-aft. 1921) and Ambrose Gibson (1842-1880).  All 3 survived the war, but Ambrose was traumatized by the experience and eventually committed suicide.  John was discharged at Appomattox. John is buried in the Mount of Olives Cemetery in Johnston, SC. Findagrave reports his tombstone to bear an inscription from Georgianna:

"Dearest husband, thou hast left me.
Here thy loss I deeply feel,
But tis God who hath bereft me.
He can all my sorrows heal. "

By 1880 John & Georgianna were living in Johnston, Edgefield District, where John was a merchant. They had the following children:

  13421 F i Lula May Gibson - (1872-1893), who married Albert Gaines Ouzts (1869-1956). 
  13422 M ii Edgar Gibson - born 25 Oct 1873 and died before 1880). 
  13423 M iii Edward "Ebby" Ruel Gibson (1875-1956), he never married.
  13425 M iv Luther Gibson, died as an infant (perhaps stillborn) in 1879.
  13424 F v Johnnie Estelle Gibson (1883-1953) married Herbert Harris Scott (1879-1947) on 25 Oct 1908 in Augusta, GA. On the 1900 census, "Stella" Gibson is living with her aunt Corrie Whittle and uncle Willie Moffett.

1343. Allison Harvey Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County 3 Dec 1848 and died in Calhoun County Alabama on 25 May 1931.

Allison left Edgefield County sometime before 1880. He is found on the 1880 census as a butcher living in Atlanta, GA. From information sent to us by Wade Prater, Harvey worked with his cousin Hezekiah Lynch in the junk business while he was in Georgia. Sometime before 1900 he moved to Calhoun County, AL where he returns to farming.

Allison married Eula Mae Moore after he left SC. Eula was born in GA, Mar 1857 and died in 1933. Allison and at least two of his children are buried in Patterson Cemetery in Calhoun County, AL.

Courtesy of "The Heritage of Calhoun County, Alabama" 1998

They had 10 children, 9 of whom were living by the 1910 census. Thanks to the article above provided by Jim Sexton, we now know that a son Otis was likely the one who died before the 1910 census.

+ 13431 M i Harvey Moore Whittle
+ 13432 M ii Eugene Wilson Whittle
  13433 F iii Mary Maude Whittle was born Mar 1882.
+ 13434 M iv Horace Floyd Whittle
  13435 F v Carrie Bell Whittle was born July 1887.
  13436 F vi Alma Pauline Whittle was born May 1892 and died 23 Jan 1974.
  13437 F vii Willie Neta Whittle was born 5 Dec 1894 and died in 29 Nov 1917.
+ 13438 M viii Henry Holton Whittle
  13439 M ix Arthur Dewitt Whittle was born 11 Sep 1896 and died 9 May 1917.

1344. Minick Quincy Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County on 23 Jan 1852 and died at home in Leesville, SC on 1 May 1930.

Minick married Elizabeth "Lizzie" M Etheridge. She was the daughter of Joseph Etheridge (1810 - 1891) and Elizabeth Inabinet (1811 - 1881). Based on the 1870 census, Joseph and Elizabeth had 3 children still living at home, Tyre, Joseph and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born 5 Dec 1857 and died 10 Aug 1945.

When asked what his middle initial "Q" stood for, Minick always said "Quick".

Photo and Biography Courtesy of Nathan and Emma Shealy

The children of Minick and Elizabeth are:

+ 13441 F i Eula Hepsey Whittle
+ 13442 M ii Joseph Edgar Whittle
  13443 F iii Alma Whittle
+ 13444 M iv Claude Wilson Whittle
+ 13445 M v Curtis Columbus Whittle
+ 13446 M vi Clarence M. Whittle
+ 13447 F vii Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ethel Whittle
+ 13448 M viii Otis C. Whittle
  13449 F ix Verda Whittle - born 3 Sep 1893 and died in 1927. Her husband Haynes Roof was born in 1891 and died in 1966.
  134410 F x Eunice Inez Whittle - born 9 Nov 1895 and died 27 Aug 1994. Her husband S. Quinby Eubanks was born in 1897 and died in 1965. Aunt Eunice was a Leesville Elementary School teacher.

The State Newspaper, 1 May 1930

Courtesy of Brenda Laney, June 2014

15 years later, 10 Aug 1945

Courtesy of Brenda Laney, June 2014

1345. Eudora Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County 5 Jan 1853 and died 27 Aug 1919.

Eudora married Joel Etheridge, born 1845 and died in 1893. He was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Etheridge.

"A Supposed Suicide", Edgefield Advertiser, Dec. 7, 1893, page 3
On Friday last the dead body of Mr. Joel Etheredge, post master of Dupont, Edgefield Co.,was found in the woods near his place. The top of his head was blown off and his face was burned and his coat was also burned off his body. Near by was a stump on fire. It is supposed that he placed loaded shells in the stump and then held his head over it. It is said his daughter married against his wishes and it is supposed that this caused him to take his own life. 

Dora and Joel can be found on the 1880 census with 4 of their 9 children. On the 1900 census Dora said she had 9 children all still living.

  13451 F i Cornelia "Nelia" Etheridge - born 17 June 1874 and died 14 Sep 1947. She married married George Rufus Taylor. Two of their daughters married Shealy's.
  13452 F ii Lila Eudora Etheridge - born Sep 1876 and died in 1960. She married Fred Calhoun Black.
  13453 F iii Eppie Louise Etheridge - born 9 Jan 1879, died 14 Mar 1943, twin sister of Bessie. She apparently never married.
  13454 F iv Emmie Bryce "Bessie" Etheridge - twin sister of Eppie born 9 Jan 1879 and died 7 Jun 1906. She was married to J. O. Matthews.
  13455 F v

Kate Etheridge - born 26 Aug 1881 and died 6 Oct 1975. Married SC Congressman Butler Black Hare.

  13456 M vi Uriah Pearce Etheridge - born 5 Jun 1884 and died 7 Dec 1934. He married Amanda Rebecca "Bessie" Walsh. 1 Son, Maurice, born 1910.
  13457 M vii Herman Elwell Etheridge - born 11 Jun 1887 and died 15 Dec 1959, He married Evelyn Lucy Addy. 2 Sons are Dalton, born 1909 and Edgar, born 1922. His second marriage was Abigail Louise "Abby Lou" Kneece.
  13458 F viii

Eula Mae Etheridge - born 30 Sep 1889 and died 10 Jan 1968. She married Walter James Ballentine.

  13459 M ix Leonard Boyce Etheridge - born 27 Sep 1892 and died 20 Dec 1963. He married Rose Lillian Browne.

Here are the Joel and Eudora headstones in the Leesville cemetary.

Courtesy of Brenda Laney and Find a Grave - July 2014

1346. Sophia Victoria Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County in 1855 and died in 1915 at Williston, South Carolina.

Sophia married Paul Samuel Quattlebaum. Paul was born 4 Jul 1852 and died 8 Dec 1938. Paul and "Sophie" had 9 children, 8 were living on their farm in Williston on the 1900 census. Curtis Culumbus Whittle bought his land from Paul and Sophia about 1910. Keith Whittle, one of Custis Whittle's sons, said that he never understood why this happened from his father, but knew it was true. Apparently the Quattlebaum family did not continue their dynasty in Williston, SC. Most Quattlebaums have now disappeared from South Carolina.

  13461 M i Willard J Quattlebaum - born 1879. He may have had one son named Willard J, Jr.
  13462 F ii Lessie Mae Quattlebaum - born 1881..
  13463 F iii Cora A Quattlebaum - born 1883.
  13464 M iv Milton Thomas Quattlebaum - born 1885 and died in 1929. He married Daisy Rushton.
  13465 M v Judson Paul Quattlebaum - born in 1887. He is found in Jacksonville, FL after 1910.
  13466 F vi Essie Ella Quattlebaum - born 1890. She married a Rushton.
  13467 F vii Eva Quattlebaum - born 1893.
  13468 F viii Gladys Quattlebaum - born 1895.

Paul's father was Thomas Quattlebaum. His grandfather was General Quattlebaum.

Courtesy of Louise Riley, The Twin-City News, March 8, 2007

Courtesy of Louise Riley, The Twin-City News, March 8, 2007

1347. William Floyd Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County 30 Sept 1856 and died in Pelham, Mitchell County, GA 26 Sep 1938.

William Floyd married Amanda Catherine Etheridge, probably a 1st cousin of Elizabeth Etheridge Whittle, daughter of Tyre Etheridge. Amanda was born 21 Feb 1857 and died 21 Feb 1939. Based on information from the Etheridge family history, Amanda's parents were Allen Etheridge, Jr. and Elizabeth Rinehart. On the 1880 census they are living with Floyd's mother Hepsey and their first 2 daughters. By 1900 the family numbers 13 children. Sometime between 1910 and 1920, Floyd and Amanda pulled up stakes in SC and moved to Pelham, GA. It is interesting to note that Yancy Whittle (John/Burrell/Chinchen) also lived there in the same time frame. Did they know each other?

  13471 F i Rosa Ela Whittle - born 1877 and died in 1956. Ela married James Mell Sawyer.
  13472 F ii Essie Alma Whittle - born 1879 and died from burns suffered in 1885.
+ 13473 M iii Luther Artimus "Bud" Whittle
  13474 F iv Annie Bell Whittle - born 1882 and died in 1989.
+ 13475 M v Arthur Cromwell Whittle
+ 13476 M vi Ernest Wilson Whittle
  13477 F vii Corrie Elizabeth Whittle - born 1887 and died in 1980. Corrie married Bert Wright.
+ 13478 M viii Allen Webster Whittle
  13479 M ix Collin Floyd Whittle - born 1891 and died in 1893.
+ 134710 M x William Floyd Whittle, Jr.
  134711 F xi Alison Minick Whittle - born 1895 and died in 1897.
  134712 F xii Louella Whittle - born 1891 and died in 1924. Louella married William Thomas Atkinson.
  134713 F xiii Hattie Mae Whittle - born 1899. Hattie married Leroy Tucker.

1348. Ella Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County in 1859 and died there 26 Dec 1888.

Ella married Melvin Milton Quattlebaum on 1 Jan 1878. Melvin was born 26 Nov 1853 and died in Mar 1934. They can be found on the 1880 census living in Lexington with their 1st born son, Lewis, age 1. Ella died at age 29 of unknown causes. It is reported that she had a 2nd son named Olin Emanuel nicknamed "Poss". Milton remarried Carrie Timmerman and they had an additional 9 children.

1349. Cora "Corrie" W. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson) was born in Edgefield County Sept 1861 and died there after 1930.

Corrie married William "Willie" B. Moffett, born Dec 1857. They are on the 1900 census where she reports that 4 of her 5 children are still living. Her niece, Stella Gibson, daughter of John and Georgiana Whittle Gibson also lives with them. On the 1930 census Corrie is living with her son Clarence Moffett.

1352. James P. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., William Floyd) was born in Edgefield County 16 Aug 1847 and died in Madison County, Florida on 18 Oct 1888.

James P and his wife Georgia Ann Brady had one daughter Ella Teresa. They are all buried in Brady Cemetery, Madison County, FL. Georgia's tombstone says she was born 26 Oct 1849 and died 5 Mar 1909. The 1900 census says Georgia is a widow who bore 1 child and has no living children. The dates on Ella Teresa's tombstone are 25 Oct 1882, 10 Oct 1883.

1353. Milton Asberry Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., William Floyd) was born in Edgefield County in Dec 1848 and died in Madison County, Florida before 1910.

Milton is one year old on the 1850 census and living with his parents William Floyd and Sophia in Edgefield Co. On the 1870 census Milton is living with his father and stepmother and working on their farm in Madison County, FL. He married Julia Almera Lanier and by 1880 they have 3 children. Julia was born about 1854 and died before 1900. Without the 1890 census, it is impossible to identify any other children, however by 1900 they have a 7 year old daughter named Anne who would be 17 years older than her sister. There are no Whittles found in Madison County by 1910.

  13531 M i William G. Whittle - born about 1873. We have no further records.
  13532 F ii Julia A. Whittle - born Sept 1876. We have no further records.
+ 13533 M iii James Rema Whittle
  13534 F iv Anne B. Whittle - born Oct 1893. We have no further records.

1362. Frances Coke Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wesley) was born in Edgefield County 8 Nov 1853 and died in Emory, Rains County, Texas on 26 Nov 1915.

Coke was a merchant in Emory. Our chief Texas researcher Glen Collier provided us with FC's obituary from The Rains County Genealogical Society, March 2002 issue.

Courtesy of the Rains County Ledger and Genealogical Society

Coke married Florella Cates in South Carolina and they moved to Texas after 1880. Ella was the daughter of William Cates and Talethy Padgett. Ella was born 17 Jan 1857 and died 19 Jan 1929. Coke, Ella, Ella's parents and some of their children are buried in Dougherty Cemetery near Emory, TX.

Thanks to information provided to us in March 2012 by Buddy Cates, Dougherty Cemetery is about a mile from the original Cates land in East Texas and 300 acres are still owned by the Cates family. Coke and all of his sons, except Will, were merchants in Rains County.

+ 13621 M i William Capers Whittle
  13622 M ii John W. Whittle - was born 21 Apr 1880 and died 3 Feb 1922 from influenza. His death certificate says he was single.
+ 13623 M iii William "Will" M. Whittle
  13624 F iv Mattie Whittle was born in 1888. She married A.K. Boswell.
  13625 M v

James Samson Whittle

Daugherty Cemetery, Rains Co. Cemeteries of TX
Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

Rains Co. Leader
Jan 12, 1912
Emory, Texas, Jan'y 8, 1912
In loving remembrance of Jimmie Whittle, son of F.C. & F.E. Whittle, born August 8, 1896, and died Dec 29, 1911, aged 15 years, 4 months, and 20 days. He graduated from the Emory school under Prof. Horsley last spring. He was taking some special studies under Prof. Bradford. He was the youngest child. The funeral services were conducted at the family residence in Emory by the writer and Rev. C.M. Martin. He was buried at Daugherty cemetery. There was placed on his grave 2 beautiful wreaths, one by Sister Maud Hill and Glass.---His pastor, D.W. Garvin

1363. Nancy Emaline Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wesley) was born in Edgefield County 8 Dec 1857 and died there in Oct 1892.

Nancy was first marrried to William "WJ" Jefferson Cates, born 1856 and died Jan 1880. Cates family history says that WJ was murdered. On the 1880 census Nancy is head of household and there are 2 Cates boys.

  13631 M i Clarence Cates - born 1878.
  13632 M ii Sampson Cates - born 1880.

Both Clarence and Sampson moved to Texas as soon as they were of age. After WJ died, Nancy married George Wesley Asbill and that they had two children:

  13633 F i Bessie Asbill - born 17 May 1887 and died 22 Nov 1973. "She married Boyd Traywick Duffie on January 3, 1903. She and Boyd Traywick are buried at Butler Methodist Church’s cemetery in Saluda, SC. They had 6 children. A 7th child died in infancy." Our thanks to Doris C. Brock for information about her grandmother Bessie and uncle Bunyon.
  13634 M ii Bunyon Wesley Asbill - born 16 Jun 1883 and died 29 Mar 1902. "He is buried at Cedar Groves Presbyterian Church’s Cemetery in Leesville, SC. He was married to Corie Edna Risinger, and I believe they had 4 children. Corie was the daughter of Wesley Risinger and Rosa Shealy".

"After Nancy Emaline died, George Wesley Asbill married Corrie E. Miller. They had 7 girls and 5 boys—at least that’s my count so far!! Corrie was born in April of 1867/1869. She died February 2, 1962. George Wesley was born 2 Jun 1865 and died 15 Jan 1936 in Columbia, SC."

1364. Mary Anna Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wesley) was born in Edgefield County 9 Nov 1859 and died there 14 Jun 1930.

Mary Anna married Mackalilly Pope Whittle , son of Mark B. Whittle from the Ambrose Whittle line.

1365. Wesley Annette "Nettie" Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wesley) was born in Edgefield County Feb 1863 and died in Burg, Arkansas before 1920.

Nettie is living in Edgefield County with her widowed mother Hulda on the 1880 census. Sometime before 1884, Nettie married William "Bill" M. Willis. Bill was born in Edgefield in Jan 1865 and died before 1930. On the 1900 census they are farming in Lexington, SC. Sometime after 1900 they will move to Howard County, AK. Nettie says she only bore 1 child on the 1910 census, a daughter Kizza, born Mar 1884.

1383. Augustus Alonzo "Gus" Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Malachi) was born in Edgefield County 27 Apr 1891 and died in Roanoke, VA on 19 Dec 1949.

Our thanks to Claude Medlin, Jr. for providing this information about his family. Claude says that Gus and his brother Roy were home builders and traveled around North and South Carolina during the depression years. Gus married Junia Bernice Turner, born 1904 and died in 1979.

  13831 F i Sarah Genevieve Whittle - born 1926 and died in 1999. She married Emile Christian.
  13832 F ii Olgus Bernice "Pot" Whittle - born 1932. She married Claude Vernon Medlin, Sr.
  13833 F iii Iris Camelia Whittle - born 13 Oct 1938. She married Marshall Phillip Everett.
  13834 M iv Connie LaRue Whittle - born 19 Nov 1941.

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