Fifth Generation (Continued)

The Great Migration

1732. Ruben Elly Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Joseph, Ely) was born in Butler County, Alabama in 1861 and probably died in Santa Rosa County, Florida after 1910.

Ruben is working at a mill and living with his sister Martha on the 1880 census. One report on says Ruben married Emmie Jane Traweek on 4 Dec 1881 and they lived in Santa Rosa, FL. There is an Emily J. Traweek living in Butler County, AL on the 1880 census who could be the right candidate.

By 1900, Ruben and Emmie J have their hands full raising 9 children. They are living in Callihan, Conecuh, AL. The 1900 census also shows a cousin Walter living with them, who is most likely the son of Eldred Whittle. Sometime before 1910 they decide to leave Alabama and move to Santa Rosa County, Florida. On the 1910 census Ruben is a farmer with 7 children still at home to help with the chores. Emmie says she bore 9 children, all living.

  17321 F i Daughter - born 1887.
  17322 F ii Ida B. Whittle - born 1888.
  17323 F iii Ruby L. Whittle - born Aug 1890.
  17324 F iv Emily Pearl Whittle - born Jul 1892.
  17325 F v Nancy Grace Whittle - born Jan 1893.
  17326 F vi Mattie M. Whittle - born Sep 1895.
  17327 F vii Martha E. Whittle - born 1896.
+ 17328 M viii Eldridge Jay Whittle
+ 17329 M ix Thomas Jefferson Whittle

1762. Joseph H. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Joseph, Hezekiah) was born in Edgefield County 19 Jun 1871 and died 22 Mar 1934 in Columbia, SC.

No Joseph Whittle of the right age is found on the 1900 or 1910 census, however, the Joseph Whittle living in Aiken on the 1920 census seems to fit the bill as the only son of Hezekiah Whittle. He is married to Ollie Corbitt and she is 16 years younger than Joseph. Ollie died in 1945. Joseph says he is in the grocery store business. Three daughters are living in their household on both the 1920 and 1930 census:

  17621 F i Mertice Whittle - born 1909. She was the informat on her fathers death certificate which also verifies his father as H Whittle.
  17622 F ii Hattie Mae Whittle - born 1915.
  17623 F iii Annie Whittle - born 1917.

1775. Gary Buster Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Joseph, Milton) was born in Edgefield County 9 Sep 1884 and died 21 Jul 1958 in Lexington, SC.

Buster retired from the twister room in a textile factory. He was married to Pinkey Jennings born 11 Apr 1890 and died 5 Jul 1965.

The children of their marriage are:

  17751 F i Lois Whittle - married a Warren.
  17752 F ii Maddie Whittle - married a Warren.
  17753 F iii Agatha Whittle - married a Dunlap.
  17754 F iv Francis Whittle - married a Black.
  17755 F v Gertrude Whittle
  17753 F vi Jesse Whittle - married a Wood.
  17753 M vii Joseph Buster Whittle
  17753 M viii David Leroy Whittle - born 1930 and died 1992.

1812. Hillary Quincy Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, Hartwell) was born in Edgefield County about 1850 and possibly died before 1880.

Based on the Index of Wills & Estate Administrations, abstracted by Mrs. Phyllis Willson, 21 Oct 1984, Book F, Page 299: "Hartwell Whittle, wife Edney, 1/3 of estate, 26 Oct 1877, oldest son Hillary Whittle executor, sons and daughters, but unnamed."

HQ Whittle is found on the 1860 census, age 10. This is the only record found for Hillary Quincy Whittle.

1813. Amos M. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, Hartwell) was born in Edgefield County about 1852 and died there Jun 1892.

Amos and his wife Mary A (unknown) are on the 1880 census living in Mobley Township. One posting on says that Amos' middle name is McGraw. If this is true, it might be a clue to his grandmother's maiden name (Nancy, wife of John Whittle).

On 15 Jun 1893, a complaint was filed with the Edgefield County Probate Court by Mary Whittle against both her children. Amos owned land that he purchased from Manchester C. Whittle, 8 Nov 1890. In the complaint she states that "the defendants are in possession of said tract of land and wrongfully and unjustly withhold from plaintiff the possession of her said interest." From this it is assumed that Amos may have left her out of his estate. Without a copy of his will however, this is only an assumption.

  18131 F i M. Lenora Whittle - born in 1875. No further records have been found.
+ 18132 M ii James Oscar Whittle

1818. Hartwell Eugene Whittle, Jr. (Burris, James Sr., John, Hartwell) was born in Edgefield County 27 Jan 1864 and died in Aiken County, 27 May 1942.

Hartwell and his brother Henry bought land in Wards Township, Aiken County and started farming and raising families about 1890. Hartwell married Eva Farmer on 2 Feb 1888. They worked their way through 8 daughters before Hartwell got his first son. From census data and a family data sheet on file with the Old Edgefield Genealogical Society, Hartwell and Eva's children are:

  18181 F i Allie Idonia Whittle - born 16 Nov 1890 and married Robert Glazer.
  18182 F ii Bessie Jeanette Whittle - born 9 Mar 1892 and married Claude Rodgers.
  18183 F iii Bertha Monroe Whittle - born 29 Jul 1893 and married C. L. Swann.
  18184 F iv Eva Setbell Whittle - born 27 Oct 1894 and married H. E. Smith.
  18185 F v Hattie Beatrice Whittle - born 3 Apr 1897 and married David McGee.
  18186 F vi Ada Matilda Whittle - born 3 Aug 1898 and married G. C. Hines.
  18187 F vii Mattie Lee Whittle - born 7 Oct 1899 and married a Bodie.
  18188 F viii Lucy Cleo Whittle - born 9 Apr 1901 and married Robert Beck.
  18189 M ix Wilber Eugene Whittle - born 25 May 1903.
  181810 M x Lewis Hayward Whittle - born 17 Dec 1905. Lewis and Carvin owned the Whittle Lincoln/Mercury dealership in Aiken.
  181811 M xi Calvin Brunson Whittle - born 19 Apr 1908 and died 2 Feb 1992.

Eva was born 2 Apr 1872 and died 30 Sep 1953. Both Eva and Hartwell are buried at Bethany Cemetery, Aiken, SC. They had a record setting 43 grandchildren in 1942.

Courtesy The Aiken Standard

1819. Henry L. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, Hartwell) was born in Edgefield County Mar 1867 and probably died before 1920 in Aiken County, SC.

Henry and his brother Hartwell had adjacent farm lands in Ward Township, Aiken County. Henry married Lydia S. (unknown). On the 1900 census, Sallie McGee, Henry's niece, is living with them. Sallie is age 18 so she would not be on the 1880 census and because the 1890 census is non-existent, it is difficult to identify her parents. Daniel and Sarah McGee are living in Saluda County so she is mostly likely not their daughter. Until there is further evidence we will assume she is the daughter of John and Marina McGee, and they both may have died before 1900.

Lydia died before 1910, on that census Henry says he is a widower. Neither Henry or any of his children are on the 1920 census, his brother Hartwell has a new neighbor.

  18191 M i Dallas L. Whittle - born May 1889.
  18192 M ii Henry S. Whittle - born Jul 1890.
  18193 M iii John B. Whittle - born Nov 1892.
  18194 M iv Austin A. Whittle - born Aug 1895.
  18195 F v Lilly Mae - born Apr 1897.

18112. Calvin Monroe Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, Hartwell) was born in Edgefield County 8 Mar 1873 and died 18 Nov 1948 in Oakland, Alameda County, California. His death certificate confirms his mother's maiden name as Watson.

Calvin retired from the US Army and lived most of his adult life in California after leaving Edgefield County. He married Celia M. Dunsing who was born in Montana about 1881. On the 1910 they are listed at the Benicia Barracks and Arsenal in Solano County, CA. Celia is listed as head of household there in 1920, Calvin must have been on assignment. Their children are reported on the 1910-1930 census as:

  181121 M i Calvin Louis Whittle
  181122 F ii Marie E. Whittle - born 1904.
  181123 M iii

William H. Whittle - born 26 Nov 1905 and died 23 Sep 1970. Except for a record of his enlistment in WW II and his name listed on the obituary for his mother in 1959, very little information has been found.

Courtesy of Kohana Jai (9/13/14) - A friend of mine was constructing a back yard patio in Oakland, CA and came across a headstone honoring a William H. Whittle. It seems that he may have been buried on the property.

1841. Allison W. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, John W.) was born in Edgefield County 24 Jul 1857 and died in Lexington County 23 Jul 1932.

Allison was a farmer in Ward Township and stayed in SC. He married Myra J. McGee. On the 1910 census Myra says she had 8 children, 7 still living. Only 5 can be verified using census data.

+ 18411 M i Jesse Clifton Whittle
+ 18412 M ii John Wesley Whittle
  18413 F iii Marjorie Corrie Whittle - born Jun 1882. Listed on but not on the 1900 census.
  18414 M iv Floyd Whittle - born Dec 1885. No information after 1910 has been found.
+ 18415 M v Moses Culbreath Whittle
  18416 F vi Ruby Whittle - born 1900 and is found on the 1910 census.

1842. Floyd Wesley Whittle (Burris, James Sr, John, John W.) was born in Edgefield County 3 Mar 1859 and died 10 Feb 1938 in Aiken County, SC.

Floyd apparently decided early on to avoid farming. He moved to Aiken County and worked in the cotton mills. On the 1910 census his wife, Matilda Storey Whittle says she had 14 children, 6 still living. This would seem to be in error based on the family picture circa 1914. Matilda was born 12 Dec 1868 and died 20 Aug 1944. Our thanks to Mark Whittle, great grandson of Floyd Whittle, for sharing much of this information about his family.

Courtesy of Mark Whittle, CDR USN(Ret) - Photograph circa 1914

Back Row: Floyd Wesley Whittle, John McGee (Laura), Jacob “Jake” Whittle, William McMichael (Mandy), Preston Lewis “Press” Whittle
Middle Row: Matilda Whittle, Laura Whittle McGee, Carrie Bell Whittle, Annie Whittle (Jake), Amanda “Mandy” Whittle McMichael, Essie Whittle (Press)
Front Row: Floyd Tracy Whittle, Effie McGee (D of Laura), John Wesley Whittle, Lola Whittle (D of Jake), James Albert Whittle, Etta Whittle (D of Press)
Not Shown: Charles Oscar Whittle (On Duty with US NAVY at this time.)

+ 18421 M i Preston Lewis "Press" Whittle
  18422 F ii Laura Whittle - born Oct 1887. Based on information provided by Robert McGee, Laura's great grandson, she married John Reedy Lamar McGee. She and her daughter are living with her parents on the 1910 census.
+ 18423 M iii Jacob "Jake" Whittle
  18424 F iv Viola Whittle - born 1893. She married Monroe Derrick. They are living with her brother Preston in 1910.
  18425 F v Amanda L. "Mandy" Whittle - born Feb 1895. Amanda is widowed with a 4 year old son and living with her parents on the 1920 census. She married 3 times: John William McMichael (1892-1940), Claude Cecil Dunlap (1900-1953) and Rasho Howland (1892-1961). She had 4 children by McMichael and others by Dunlap or Howland.
  18426 M vi Charles Oscar Whittle - born Jun 1897 and died in 1966. Charles was a WW II US Navy veteran and was aboard the USS Arizona. He is not known to have married.
  18427 F vii Carrie Belle Whittle - born Sep 1899. She married John Hall and they had 6 children.
+ 18428 M viii John Wesley Whittle
+ 18429 M ix James Albert Whittle
+ 184210 M x Floyd Tracy Whittle, Sr.

1851. Levi Burdette Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, William Manchester) was born in Edgefield County 6 Sept 1853 and died there in 1924.

Brenda Laney provided us with this picture of Burdette and Mary Whittle as well as the information about his family.

Courtesy of Brenda Laney and Family

"Exact birth date was recorded in a handwritten notebook by his daughter-in-law, Ida Catherine Day Whittle, wife of William Furman Whittle. Levi is buried in the Batesburg Cemetery, Batesburg, South Carolina. There is no month and date of death, only the year 1924. Although he died after the South Carolina Death Index began, no entry for him has been found. The census has listed him as Levi, Burdette, LB and once as Birded, he was apparently most frequently called Burdette."

Burdette married Mary Haseltine Matthews, born September 22, 1856 and died December 19, 1914. She was the daughter of Richard Furman Matthews and Permelia Caroline Clarke. Burdette and Haseltine had 7 children:

+ 18511 M i James Benjamin Whittle
  18512 F ii Laura Ella Whittle - born 2 Oct 1879 and died 24 Dec 1906.
  18513 F iii Rosa Lee Whittle - born 22 May 1881 and died 1 Dec 1956. Rosa married James Milton Horne.
  18514 F iv Mary Permelia Whittle - born 1 Apr 1884 and died 24 Jan 1903.
+ 18515 M v William Furman Whittle
  18516 F vi Julia Geneva Whittle - born Oct 1890. Geneva married James Boatwright.
  18517 F vii Annie Verdelia Whittle - born 8 Apr 1895 and died 22 Sep 1983. Verdelia married Marcellus "Cellie" Calvin Padgett, born 1894, died 1971.

The 1920 census shows Levi Whittle married to Della unknown. So far no document has been found to show her maiden name.

1853. Manchester C. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, William Manchester) was born in Edgefield County 30 Jun 1859 and died on 23 Nov 1890. He is buried in the Manchester Whittle Cemetery, Batesburg, SC.

Brenda Laney provided the following information about Manchester's family:

"Manchester married Sarah (Sallie) Unknown. She was born May 22, 1861 and died Dec 6,1885 at the age of 24. They had one son, Perry Whittle born Nov 24,1885 and died Jun 12,1886, age 6 months. Sarah died about 12 days after Perry was born. Both Sarah and Perry are buried in Manchester Whittle Cemetery.

Manchester married 2nd Catherine (Kate) Unknown born May 1866 according to the 1900 census. Manchester and Kate had two sons. Tillman Whittle born Jun 4, 1888 and died Jun 14, 1889 at 1 year and ten days old. He is buried in the Manchester Whittle Cemetery.

Edgar Whittle born Aug 26, 1890 and died Feb 23, 1912 at the age of 21 according to the tombstone. On the 1900 census Edgar was born Apr 1892 and was 8 years old. Manchester Whittle died in Nov 1890 and the tombstone says Edgar is the son of Manchester and Kate Whittle. The census date has to be right. Edgar is buried at Spann Methodist Cemetery, Ward, South Carolina. According to the 1900 census Kate is remarried to Emanuel Thomas born Dec 1872. On the 1910 census Edgar is living with Emanuel and Kate and is listed as 19 which matches the tombstone.

No clue has been found to explain why Manchester Whittle, a wife and three sons died so young."

1861. Luther G. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, Meady) was born in Edgefield County 26 Nov 1861 (1863 on tombstone) and died in Aiken, SC on 25 Jul 1927.

Luther is probably the only child of Meady Whittle and Ellen Floyd. He is found living with his widowed mother in 1870 and 1880. On the 1900 census he is listed as a widower with 2 sons, living in Aiken, SC. In every census he is working in the cotton mill industry.

The children of Luther and 1st wife unknown are:

  18611 M i Horace Manchester Whittle
  18612 M ii Joseph B. Whittle - born 25 May 1897 and died 10 Sep 1909. Tombstone says s/o L.G. and M.C.

By 1910, Luther has a 2nd wife named May and a new family. All of these children are still living with their widowed mother in 1930. 

  18613 M iii George Whittle - born in 1902. No other record has been found after 1930.
  18614 M iv John Whittle - born in 1904. No other record has been found after 1930.
  18615 M v Edward Whittle - born in 1907. No other record has been found after 1930.
  18616 F vi Myrtle Whittle - born in 1908.
  18617 F vii Mary "Mammie" Whittle - born in 1910.
  18618 M viii Luther G. Whittle - born in 1912. No other record has been found after 1930.
  18619 F ix Ida Mae Whittle - born in 1920.

1882. William M. "Willie" Whittle (Burris, James Sr., John, Seaborn) was born in Edgefield County Mar 1875 and died in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia before 1920.

William is a policeman in Augusta on the 1910 census. He is married to Cornelia D. (unknown). His 69 year old mother Lucretia lives with them. By 1920, Cornelia is a widow and head of household. Lucretia still lives with her, age 78. In 1930 we find Cornelia living with her son Johnie E.

  18821 F i Hattie M. Whittle - born in 1897.
  18822 M ii Thomas Olin Whittle - born 1901 and died in 1967.
  18823 M iii Herbert C. Whittle - born in 1902.
  18824 M iv Johnie E. Whittle - born in 1904. Married Mary E. (unknown). Cornelia lived with them in 1930.

2352. Lawrence Edward Whittle (Burris, James Sr, Ira, James Wesley) was born 15 Dec 1874 in Edgefield and died 6 Oct 1955 in Columbia.

Lawrence was a professor at Ward High School in Columbia.

Lawrence had one daughter named Margaret who married Neville Bennett. He was chairman of the democratic party and a candidate for governor in 1938 and the US Senate in 1942.

Courtesy of Brenda Laney - September 2014

2354 Lewis Simpson Whittle (Burris, James Sr, Ira, James Wesley) was born in 1883 in Edgefield and probably died after 1942.

In the 1900 census Simpson Whittle, 19, was living with his parents. In 1910 Lewis S Whittle was at Augur Barracks, Jolo Jolo, Philippines, Military and Naval Forces. No census information for 1920 or 1930. 1940 Census Louis Whittle Passaic, New Jersey born SC age 60 single WPA Project Flood Control Laborer 1942 L S was mentioned in Mary Alberta Hill's obit. He was living in Newberry 6 Nov 1942 Lewis wasn't listed in Lawrence Edward's obit Oct of 1955. It almost sounds as if he moved around for the military and died sometime in WW II. No wife or children have been found.

2357. Charles Brown Whittle (Burris, James Sr, Ira, James Wesley) was born Oct 1894 in Saluda County. He died in Columbia 20 Apr 1922 of an acute appendicitis.

Charley is found on the 1910 census living in Columbia working as a carpenter with his wife, Bessie Miller, and their infant son. On the 1920 census Charley lists his occupation as life insurance agent. After Charlie died Bessie married Simon Claude Younginer. Charley and Bessie had 2 children.

+ 23571 M i Charles Bert Whittle
+ 23572 M ii Harold Whittle

Courtesy of Brenda Laney - September 2014

2374. Buford Ferrell Whittle (Burris, James Sr, Ira, Levi David) was born 4 Mar 1884, died 4 Nov 1940 in Arcadio, DeSoto, FL.

He married Lucy Whittle, daughter of Mackalilly Pope Whittle.

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