Fifth Generation

The Great Migration

712. William Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil) was born in Edgefield County between 1840 and 1842 and probably died in DeKalb County, AL before 1900.

In 1850 William is living with Stancil and his second wife, Mary. William married Mary E. Henderson, born 1855 in Alabama and they are on the 1880 census in DeKalb County. Their children are:

  1 M i Columbus C. Whittle
  2 M ii Isaac A. (or M.) Whittle
  3 F iii Mary A. (Leah) Whittle - born 1879.

714. John Wesley Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil) was born in Edgefield County 11 May 1846 and died on Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, Alabama 5 Jun 1923. He is buried in Stewart Cemetery, Fort Payne, AL.

John Wesley enlisted Aug 1863 in the 1st Alabama/Tennessee Cavalry, 3rd Regiment, Company C. He was captured in Georgia a year later and was a POW in Camp Chase, Ohio. He was released on 15 May 1865 after taking the oath of Allegiance to the United States. Here is an affidavit which accompanied John's Confederate pension application, signed by his father.

Courtesy of Amberys R. Whittle (2/17/07)

John married Nancy Ann Stephens, born 1857 in Missouri. She died in 1887. He married his second wife, Margaret Virginia "Puss" Odum on 26 Jan 1887. Puss was born is GA and died in 1925 in DeKalb County. John and Nancy had two children, John and Puss had no children. In this picture it is possible that John Wesley was trying to get into his Confederate dress uniform 40 or so years later.

+ 7141 M i Philemon "Phil" Whittle
  7142 F ii Alice J. Whittle - born 14 Sep 1881 at Lookout Mountain, DeKalb County, AL and died 7 Nov 1978 in Birmingham, AL. She is buried in Valhalla Cemetery, Jefferson, AL. She married Charles Alexander Tindle 29 Dec 1901 in Fort Payne, AL.

715. Andrew Jackson "Jack" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil) was born in Cherokee County, AL 22 Apr 1852 and died in DeKalb County 3 Aug 1926 (or 1927).

Jack was a Methodist minister and maker of special furniture and cabinets. The Huntsville, AL Land Office issued him a patent for 80 acres of land in DeKalb County on 6 Jun 1891.

He married Sarah E. Walker on 22 Dec 1872 at the residence of his father, Stancil Whittle. Sarah was born 1856 in Alabama and died 1924 in DeKalb County, AL. They had 6 children. Jack and Sarah are both buried in Stewart Cemetery, Fort Payne, AL.

  1 M i William M. "Will" Whittle
  2 F ii Minnie S. Whittle - born 1876 in DeKalb County, AL and died after 1965. She married James "Jim" D. Jordan on 22 Apr 1894. Both are buried in Liberty Hill Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL.
  3 M iii George W. Whittle
  4 F iv Brittie Whittle - born 1884 in DeKalb County, AL and died in 1960. She married Sam Graham on 4 Jul 1905 in Ft. Payne, AL. Both are buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL.
  5 M v Francis Eugene "Gene" Whittle
  6 F vi Beulah Hannah Whittle - born 14 Aug 1890 (or 1892) in DeKalb County, AL and died 29 Jan 1910. She is buried at Jamestown Cemetery, Cherokee County, AL. She married George Samuel Paris on 23 Dec 1908 in DeKalb County.

716. Ambrose B. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil) was born in Cherokee County, AL 18 Feb 1853 and died in Chattanooga, TN on 13 Jul 1926.

In Feb 2007, Amberys Whittle provided the following photos and information about his grandfather.

"There is a story that Ambrose went west to Texas in a covered wagon with his first wife and 3 daughters. They were ambushed by Apache Indians and Mary Jane was killed. Ambrose, who must have fought off the Indians to have escaped with no additional deaths, went back to Alabama. This story was confirmed by one of Mollie Whittle Miller's grandsons, who said he asked Mollie about her family when he was young and heard the story from her. Mollie added that her mother was killed by an arrow.

Historians report that bands of free Apaches continued to give the U.S. Army trouble up to 1896, a full decade after the surrender of Geronimo. The version of this story that has spread on the Internet has Mollie and Maggie as twins, but they were not, as their tombstones at Stewart Cemetery and a photo of them in middle age show.

Later in his second marriage, Ambrose served as a "contractor" providing a labor force for the coal mine at Crudup, about 6 miles north of Gadsden, AL. In 1911 he was injured in the mine when a piece of slate fell and broke his hip. Not long after this event, he moved his family to Fort Payne, where they lived on the main street, then called Gualt Ave., about 6 blocks from the center of town. Ambrose built a church (also used as a school for several years) in Fort Payne. Eventually, a hosiery mill was built behind the front of the church.

Sometime after 1920 the family moved to Chattanooga, TN, near Main Street, where Ambrose did carpenter work and the daughters worked in a hosiery mill. Ambrose died of a stroke in Chattanooga in 1926 and was taken back to Fort Payne for burial in Stewart Cemetery on Lookout Mountain. The family moved to East Chattanooga where some of the children worked for United Hosiery Mill."

Ambrose first married Mary Jane (unknown), born 1860-61 in Alabama. Their children are:

  1 F i Tinnie "Tiney" Lucinda Whittle was born 24 Jul 1880. Tinnie married Loranze Freeman Dean (brother of Ross Howard Dean) on 16 Sep 1897 in DeKalb County, AL. Tinnie's middle name, the same as Ambrose's mother's, was attested to by a granddaughter of Tinnie L. Whittle and is consistent with the 1910 Federal census, which has "Tiny L. Dean". There is also a marker at Lankford for a child who lived only a week as "Dean, infant of L.F. and T.E. Dean," giving rise to "Edna" as one of her names, although there was another Edna at about the same time. Tinnie died 18 Nov 1910 and is buried in Lankford Family Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL. Loranze was born in Tennessee 5 May 1873 and died 20 May 1937. He is buried at Wesley's Chapel Community Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL.
  2 F ii Mollie Whittle was born 7 Jan 1884. She married Green Berry Miller on 21 Nov 1898 in DeKalb County, AL. Green was born 3 Feb 1877 in GA and died 6 Mar 1933. Mollie died 11 Dec 1968. Both are buried in Stewart Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL.
  3 F iii Margaret "Maggie" Idella Whittle was born 14 Jun 1886. She married Ross Howell Dean (brother of Loranze F. Dean) on 20 Aug 1906. Ross was born 25 Jan 1881 in GA and died 14 Jan 1965. Maggie died 16 Aug 1956. Both are buried in Stewart Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL.

Ambrose married his second wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Akins, on 20 Dec 1894. Lizzie was born 8 Jun 1877 in Woodstock, GA. Lizzie told one of her grandsons that she was "one-quarter" Cherokee Indian. Two other names, "Chaney" and "Criola," have been wrongly attributed to her. She died 10 Jan 1954 in Hamilton County, TN and is buried in Tyner Baptist Church Cemetery. The children of Ambrose and Lizzie are:

  4 F iv Ollie Mae Whittle was born Mar 1896 in DeKalb County, AL. Ollie married Mack Hudson McPherson on 15 Dec 1915. According to one of Ollie's brothers, she died in childbirth. Because her child died also, the family trees with a couple of children for her should have them for Mack's second wife instead, as their dates of birth on the census records also indicate. Ollie died 6 Jan 1917 and is buried in Stewart Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL. Mack was born 26 Sep 1891 and died Sep 1969 in Fort Payne, DeKalb County, AL.
  5 F v Gartha Whittle was born 7 Feb 1898 in AL. She married Thomas E. Dobbs . Thomas was born 22 Apr 1887 and died in 1929. He is buried in Stewart Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL. Gartha died 29 Jul 1988 in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA. She is buried in Tyner Cemetery, Hamilton County, TN.
  6 M vi Martin Presley Whittle
  7 F vii Mary Whittle was born 18 Jun 1904 in DeKalb County, AL. She married Will Evett, who was born in Alabama in 1900 and died about 1954. Mary's second husband was Earl Branham, born 1899, probably in Georgia. Mary died 2 Mar 1978 in Ft. Oglethorpe, Catoosa County, GA.
  8 F viii Inez Whittle was born 18 Jun 1907 in DeKalb County, AL . She married James Clyde Thompson. Inez died in childbirth 26 May 1940. After Inez died, Clyde married Mildred (unknown) and they had no children. Both Inez and Clyde are buried in Tyner Cemetery, Hamilton County, TN.
  9 M ix Ambrose B. Whittle II
  10 M x Ernest Whittle was born in 1919 and died in 1920.

717. George W. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil) was born in Cherokee County, AL between 1853-1855.

George is only on the 1860 and 1870 census living with his parents; after that he disappears from the records.

7111. David Wilson Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil) was born 6 Apr 1865 in DeKalb County, AL and died 2 Nov 1945.

Our thanks to Amberys Whittle for providing this account from Dave's family.

"According to his relatives, Dave's leg stopped growing when he was about 12 years of age. He carved a piece of wood to fit the bottom of his shoe and extend upward with a handle that he held like a cane. It is reported that the family of his wife, Letha Brown, disowned her when she married Dave, because they considered him deformed; but he farmed, raised a family, and prospered. After Letha died, Dave never remarried, and he had her body moved from Stewart Cemetery to lie beside him at Liberty Hill Baptist Church Cemetery."

Dave and Letha (born 30 Oct 1868, died 15 Sep 1898) had the following children:

  1 F i Mary Idella "Della" Whittle was born 27 Feb 1889 and died 27 Feb 1960. She married Levi Bernard Fowler, born 6 Aug 1868 in GA; died 16 Apr 1935. Both are buried in Liberty Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL.
  2 F ii Ida Rose Ella Whittle was born 18 Feb 1891 in Lookout Mountain, DeKalb County, AL and died 27 Nov 1981 in Adamsburg, DeKalb County, AL. She married Edward Henderson on 2 Jan 1910.
  3 F iii Lura Jane Whittle was born 16 Jul 1893 in DeKalb County, AL and died 24 Jul 1948 in Chattooga County, GA. In 1909 she married Alfred Wesley Keith (David Whittle's obituary has Mrs. Lewis Keith, however).
  4 M iv Eddie Vester Whittle

7112. Joseph Hazel "Hazy" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil) was born in 1866 in Cherokee Country, AL and died in Chattanooga, TN 23 Jun 1947.

One of his nephews had this to say about Joseph:

"He was in the grocery and meat business in Gadsden, AL for 25-30 years, then came back to Fort Payne and opened a similar business until his wife died. He then went to Chattanooga and lived with his daughter Freida. He was carried back to Fort Payne and is buried along with his wife Hattie at Glenwood Cemetery, DeKalb County, AL."

The children of Joseph and Hattie R. Armstrong (born 1875; died Nov 1949) are:

  1 M i Robert Whittle
  2 F ii Selmer J. Whittle - born 1892 in Alabama.
  3 M iii Hubert Whittle
  4 F iv Maude Leigh Whittle - born 1898 in DeKalb County, AL. She married Cecil R. Evans, born 1897 in AL.
  5 M v Ralph Whittle
  6 M vi Joseph C. Whittle
  7 F vii Cleve Whittle - born 1909. She reportedly died during childbirth in 1941.
  8 F viii Freida Whittle - born 1911. She married Johnny Foy, who was born 22 Sep 1900 and died Oct 1966 in Montgomery, AL.
  9 F ix Cloe Whittle - born 1915 in Etowah County, AL.

732. Ambrose C. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B.) was born in Edgefield County 6 Aug 1846 and died in Columbia 11 Feb 1906.

At age 14, Ambrose was one of the youngest of the Edgefield County Whittle boys to serve in the 14th SC Infantry. He survived the war and married Sarah Jane McGraw, daughter of Joel and Elizabeth McGraw. On the 1870 census they are living in Batesville next door to both of their widowed mothers, Elizabeth McGraw and Nancy Whittle.

This court petition, having to do with Ambrose's grandfather's guardianship over the estate of Sarah's father Joel McGraw, verifies that Sarah is a McGraw.

Courtesy Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah

On the 1880 census Ambrose and Sarah not only have their 6 children, but also Ambrose's grandfather, mother and sister. Although not proven to be Ambrose, there is an A C Whittle, born 1846, listed as a patient in the State Hospital For The Insane on the 1900 census. From the Richland County cemetery list A C Whittle died of TB on 11 Feb 1906.

According to the letter written by Mark Gary Whittle in 1945, "After the death of Ambrose Whittle, the grandson of the first Ambrose, his widow Sarah went with her son to New Mexico. Her son was Chester Whittle and they are now living in New Mexico." Neither of them have been found on census records. According to research done by Claude Medlin, Sarah died 30 Aug 1914 in Henretta County, TX.

  7321 M i Joel Milledge Whittle - born 1 Jan 1866, died 1 Aug 1938 in Aiken, SC.
+ 7322 M ii Mark Berry Whittle
  7323 M iii Chesley M. Whittle - born 2 Feb 1871, died 27 Jun 1949 in Sulfur Springs, Hopkins County, TX.
  7324 M iv John Elbert Whittle - born 1874.
  7325 M v Henry Edgar Whittle - born 1876.
  7326 F vi Bettie Whittle - born Dec 1879, died in Sulfur Springs, Hopkins County, TX.
  7327 M vii Alonzo A. "Lon" Whittle - born Apr 1882, died 15 Jan 1948 in Pickens County, SC.
  7328 M viii Charles J. Whittle - born 8 Jun 1884, died 29 Apr 1944 in Junction City, OR.
  7329 M ix Bazzel Whittle - born 24 Jun 1886, died 14 Sep 1973 in Lovington, NM.

Joe M. Whittle, in his letter from the W.O. Whittle papers, confirms all 3 children born after the 1880 census.

733. Joseph M. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B.) was born in Edgefield County July 1850 and died before 1910 in Spring, Jefferson County, Arkansas.

From the letters written to W.O. Whittle by both Joe M. Whittle and Mark Gary Whittle, we know Joseph left SC sometime before 1880 and settled near Pine Bluff, AK. He married Mary E. (unknown), born Aug 1858 in Mississippi. They first appear as farmers on the 1880 census with their 5 month old daughter, Nancy. The census taker records Nancy's birth place as Mississippi. From this we can assume Joseph stopped in Mississippi before Arkansas. By 1900 they have 5 children living at home. Mary says she has had 10 children, 5 are still living.

Mary is a widow on both the 1910 and 1920 census. Their last child was born in 1903.

  1 F i Nancy M. Whittle was born Aug 1880 and was still living at home in 1900.
  2 M ii William H. Whittle was born Aug 1886.
  3 M iii Robert J. Whittle was born Apr 1888.
  4 M iv Thomas M. Whittle was born Oct 1889.
  5 F v Mary Ida Whittle was born Sep 1892.
  6 M vi Jesse H. Whittle was born in 1903.

734. Benjamin "Ben" Perkins Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B.) was born in Edgefield County Oct 1852 and died in Augusta, GA in 1918.

Ben is farming in Germanville Township on the 1880 census. He married Laura Ann Shealy. His sister Mary Ann died prior to 1880 and Ben and Laura raised 3 Prater children as well as their own. Some time prior to 1900 Ben gave up farming, moved his family to Augusta and became a motorman working for the city transit authority.

On the 1900 census Laura says she had 6 children, 5 still living. There are, however, 6 children still living at home as well as a daughter-in-law (Ida) and a grand daughter (Nancy). Ida may be a first wife of Arthur or the wife of a deceased son.

+ 7341 M i Arthur Malachi "Mike" Whittle
  7342 M ii Mark Gary Whittle
+ 7343 M iii Benjamin Clint Whittle
  7344 F iv Annie Laura Whittle was born Jul 1884.
+ 7345 M v James Hezekiah "Hez" Whittle
+ 7346 M vi Walter Killian "Kid" Whittle

735. Mackalilly Pope Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B.) was born in Edgefield County 15 Aug 1854 and died there 13 Feb 1934.

Mack married Mary Anna Whittle, daughter of Wesley Whittle from the James Whittle line. His death certificate shows his occupation as a stone cutter. Fortunately their son Joseph Marion Whittle. responded to one of WO Whittle's letters and verified both of his parents were Whittles as well as all 10 of their 11 children.

  7351 M i James Wesley Whittle was born about 1878 and died in 1887, age 9.
  7352 M ii Joseph Marion Whittle was born Aug 1879 and died 27 Oct 1950. He married Corrie Civilia Whittle, the daughter of Levi David Whittle and Idonia Lucretia Bodie. Corrie was born 28 Aug 1881 and died 27 June 1970. Both of them are in Travis Memorial Park cemetery.
  7353 F iii Nancy Isabelle "Belle" Whittle was born 27 Dec 1882 and died 30 Apr 1958. She married Albert Mack Smith who was born 5 Apr 1880 and died 6 Feb 1953. Mack was the son of Mack Smith and Sarah Padgett.
  7354 F iv Carrie Lucy Whittle was born 15 Jun 1886. She also married a Whittle from the James M Whittle line, Beauford Ferrell Whittle, son of Levi David and Idonia Lucretia Bodie, born 4 Mar 1884 and died 4 Sep 1940. Lucy died 26 Jul 1929. Both are buried in Oak Ridge, Florida.
  7355 M v George Tillman Whittle was born 4 Oct 1898 and died Mar 1994. He married Harriet Inez Swygert from Waco, TX. Both are buried at First Calvary Baptist Church cemetery. He married Julia Padgett after Inez died.
  7356 M vi Arthur Wesley Whittle was born 18 Sep 1890. He married Myrtle Smith the daughter of G. Hampton Smith and Mary Warren. Mrytle ws born Dec 1892 and died May 1982. No children have been found.
  7357 F vii Mary Maggie Whittle was born 3 Oct 1892 and died 26 Sep 1986. Maggie married Frank Peter Padgett. he was born 6 May 1887 and died 21 Sep 1942 Frank was the son of Silas P. Padgett and Savannah Padgett. Both are buried at West Creek Baptist Church.
  7358 M viii Coke Woodford "Wood" Whittle was born 1894 and died in 1980. Wood married Annie Belle Warren born 1895 and died 1967. Annie was the daughter of Charlie Warren and Suzannah Smith. Both are buried at Batesburg Cemetery.
  7359 F ix Callie Whittle was born in 23 Aug 1899 and died in 1 Oct 1899. She may be the twin sister of Elmore Rice Whittle.
  73510 M x

Elmore "Elmo" Rice Whittle was born 28 Aug 1899 and died 6 Sep 1976. Elmo marred Callie Corley born 26 Jul 1901 and died 28 Nov 1960. Callie was the daughter of John Martin Corley and Kitty Katura. Both are buried at Nazareth Methodist Church.

  73511 M xi Walter Night Whittle was born 17 Nov 1902 and died in 5 May 1903. He is buried at Old Providence Cemetery along with his parents.

742. Jacob "Jake" M. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, John B.) was born in Edgefield County 12 Mar 1844 and died in Lamar County, Texas, 15 July 1910.

Jake served the Confederacy in the 14th SC Infantry Company B. His records at the National Archives all show him "present for duty" throughout the war. He was captured at Petersburg briefly and took the oath of allegiance at Point Lookout, MD in 1865. Jake returned to Edgefield County and married Katherine R. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., Willis, Oratio). Katherine was born 9 Jan 1847 and died 30 July 1910.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

Jake and Katherine moved to Red River County Texas about 1870 with their first son, James. Most likely they traveled with Jake's younger brother Daniel and his wife Flora. Three children are listed on the 1880 census. On the 1900 census a grandson Claudie, born Oct 1887, lives with them. Katherine says she had 7 children, only 3 still living.

  1 M i James Whittle - born 1869 in South Carolina.
  2 F ii Georgette Whittle - born 1873 in Texas.
  3 F iii Mamey Whittle - born 1876 in Texas.

We have death certificates for both Jacob and Katherine. Unfortunately neither of them list parent's names. Jacob is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas.

743. Tillman Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, John B.) was born in Edgefield County in 1846 and died in Mississippi, 27 Jun 1862.

Tillman served the Confederacy in the 19th SC Infantry, Company F. He died during the Corinth Campaign (April - June 1862) in Mississippi and is buried in the Quitman Confederate Cemetery.

Courtesy of the National Archives and

19th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry

19th Infantry Regiment was organized during the winter of 1861-1862. It moved to Mississippi, then to Kentucky where it saw action at Munfordsville. The unit was brigaded under Generals Manigault and Sharp and from September, 1863, to April 1864, was consolidated with the 10th Regiment. It served with the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, fought with Hood in Tennessee, and was active in the North Carolina operations. The regiment lost 8 killed and 72 wounded at Murfreesboro, and the 10th/19th sustained 236 casualites at Chickamauga and totalled 436 men and 293 arms in December, 1863. During the Atlanta Campaign, July 22-28, the 19th reported 12 killed, 60 wounded, and 25 missing, and there were 9 killed, 34 wounded, and 8 missing at Ezra Church. It surrendered on April 26, 1865, with 76 men. The field officers were Colonels Augustus J. Lythgoe, W.C. Moragne, James F. Pressley, and T.S. Shaw; Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Jones; and Majors John A. Crowder, Tillman Watson, and James L. White.

745. Daniel Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, John B.) was born in Edgefield County 12 Dec 1847 and died in Manchester, Red River County TX on 28 Jan 1889.

Daniel and his wife Flora D. are found on the 1880 census farming in Red River County, Texas. Flora was born 5 Apr 1852 and died 14 Jul 1889.

  7451 F i Della Whittle was born Jun 1875 and died in 1943. She married James Albert Ringwald and they had 8 children.
  7452 M ii Zebulum Whittle - born in 1876.
  7453 M iii Thomas Whittle - born 31 Oct 1878 and died 1 Apr 1900. He is buried with his parents in Cowan Cemetery.

748. John Franklin Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, John B.) was born in Edgefield County 7 Jan 1858 and died 30 Sep 1914 in Bowie TX.

JF married Ella M. Rodgers, a half sister to Martha Ann Rodgers, on 7 Jan 1891 in Bowie, TX. Ella was born 20 Feb 1871 amd died 7 Apr 1956.They are found in Arkansas for the 1900 census.

749. Andrew Jackson "Jack" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, John B.) was born in Edgefield County 16 Jun 1859 and died in Red River County, Texas, 13 Mar 1946.

Thanks to our chief Texas Whittle researcher, Glen Collier, we have this biography of Andrew Jackson Whittle and confirmation of his SC roots.

Courtesy Red River County Historical Society, Clarksville, TX 1986

  1 M i Robert Lee Whittle
  2 F ii Hattie Whittle
  3 M iii Andrew Jackson Whittle, Jr.
  4 M iv George Washington Whittle
  5 M v Frank James Whittle
  6 M vi Sam Howard Whittle
  7 F vii Mattie E. Whittle

752. Burton Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Chesley) was born in Edgefield County, SC in 1854.

In 1880, Burton and his wife Nancy (unknown) are living next door to his father and mother in Floyd County, GA. After 1880 we have found no records.

  1 M i Lawrence Whittle - Born in 1876.
  2 F ii Perle Whittle - born in 1879.

756. Emanuel Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Chesley) was born in Floyd County, GA in 1862 and died 30 Jul 1955 in Cave Springs, Floyd County, GA.

"Manuel" Whittle is on the 1910 census in Floyd County, GA with his wife Dolly (Unknown) and their 5 children.

  1 M i Causey Whittle - Born in 1890.
  2 F ii Nora V. Whittle - born in 1892.
  3 F iii Georgia Whittle - born in 1896.
  4 F iv Mattie Whittle - born in 1900.
  5 F v Susie Whittle - born in 1902.

757. Chesley Whittle, Jr. (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Chesley) was born in Floyd County, GA on 11 Feb 1864 and died in DeKalb County, AL in 1957.

Chesley and his wife, Laura Harrison Carr, are living in Rome, Floyd County, GA in 1900. By 1910 Chesley is farming in Moore, DeKalb County, AL. It is likely that Chesley's Uncle Stancil had something to do with why he moved there. The descendants of Stancil Whittle are certainly glad he did, because Chesley's family group sheet sent to W.O. Whittle is still the only proof that Stancil was the son of Ambrose Whittle.

In 2007, Amberys Whittle visted the DeKalb County Court House and found the following information about Chesley. "In a book at the library, I found that before welfare payments, the homeless and needy of the county were cared for in “county farms.” In Adamsburg there was such a farm with a “caretaker’s home” and units for the inmates. Chesley Jr. was one of a series of caretakers at that location. At another time Chesley was one of the riders who, three times a week, carried the mail from Fort Payne to nearby Adamsburg on horseback. This information appears in Landmarks: A Pictorial History of DeKalb County, Alabama, published in 1971; this book is also the source of often repeated information about the Rev. Andrew Jackson Whittle, one of Stancil’s sons."

  1 M i Walter Judson Whittle - Born in 1891.
  2 M ii Melvin M. Whittle - born Aug 1894.
  3 F iii Emily J. Whittle - born in 1895.
  4 M iv Raymond Whittle - born in 1897.
  5 M v Dewey Whittle - born in 1898.
  6 M vi Robert Chesley Whittle - born in 18 Aug 1904 and died Sep 1986.

783. Jefferson Davis Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Emanuel) was born in Edgefield County about 1861 and died in Blackville, Barnwell County, SC 1 Mar 1913.

Jeff owned considerable land in Blackville, SC and had a mule dealership. Several family members worked for Jeff. He was married twice. His first wife was Lizzie E. (unknown) and they had 3 children. Lizzie may have died in childbirth with Lena. His 2nd wife was Alice (unknown). In 1910 he is in Blackville living with Alice and his daughter Lena born in 1902. Alice is listed as head of household in 1920.

J D Whittle Dies at Blackville Home
Leading Business Man and Planter of Blackville Passes Away From Effect of Laudauum.
Special to the State:

Blackville, March 1 -- J D Whittle, one of this town's leading business men died here at 8 o'clock tonight following the taking of two doses of laudauum one at 3 o'clock this morning and another at 9 o'clock. Physicians worked throughout the day in an effort to save his life but their labor was fruitless, death coming early this evening.
Mr. Whittle was a man of wide interests. He was an extensive mule stock dealer having sold as many as 35 mules in a single season.
He was 57 years of age and is survived by his wife and one child. He was the largest landowner in this section and is said to have carried life insurance amounting to $100,000.
He is said to have suffered financial reverses and in the last few months has suffered from ill health.

The children of his marriage to Lizzie E. (unknown) are:

  1 F i Mary Ruth Whittle - born Sep 1888 and died in 1898.
  2 M ii Orren Lester Whittle - born 25 Jun 1899 and died Jun 1903.
  3 F iii Lena Whittle - born in 1902.

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