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The Great Migration

2541. Franklin Augustus Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose, Augustus) was born in 1852 in Butler County, Alabama and died 13 Apr 1924 in Butler County.

Franklin married Martha Caroline Kirksey 15 Jan 1874. She was born about 1857 in SC and died 28 Aug 1920.
  1 M i Dallas Whittle - born 30 Dec 1874 and died 10 Aug 1933 in Butler County. He married Mary Hix Jernigan 22 Dec 1892 and they had 2 children.
  2 F ii Lucy Whittle - born about 1879 and died in 1962 in Butler County. She married Pluvus C. Wood and they had at least 5 children based on the 1910 and 1920 census.

2543. Edwin Freeman Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose, Augustus) was born in 1863 in Butler County, Alabama and died there.

Our thanks to Bonnie Whittle for providing this information about her great grandparents. Emmitte and his wife Lula lived on the original 640 acre tract of land pioneered by his father Augustus.

  1 F i Bertha M. Whittle- born Aug 1893.
  2 M ii Quinn A. Whittle - born 1895.
  3 F iii Lois M. Whittle - born 1896.
  4 M iv Robert O. Whittle - born 1898.
  5 M v Emmitte Edwin Whittle - 27 Jan 1900 and died 8 Feb 1994.
  6 M vi William Grady Whittle - born 1901.
  7 F vii Mattie Virgil Whittle - born 1904.
  8 F viii Jannie Myrtle Whittle - born 1906.
  9 F ix Jesse N. Whittle - born 1910.

2554. Henry Virginia Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose, John P.) was born Sep 1856 in Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida and died in Fowlstown, Decatur County, Georgia.

Henry married Claudia Thompson 31 Jan 1878 and they have a 4 month old son on the 1880 census. They are living on the family homestead in Gadsden County. Apparently Henry decided farming wasn't his life long goal, so on the 1900 census he is in Decatur County, Georgia, occupation carriage builder. His new wife's name is Carrie and she says they have been married for 3 years.

On the 1910 census Henry is still building carriages for a blacksmith shop. His daughter Claudia said she was born in Georgia, so this indicates Henry left Florida before 1889. Carrie's sister is living with them and her last name is Cleveland. She is single, so we can assume Carrie's maiden name to be Cleveland.

Based on Henry's statement that he and Carrie were married in 1897, the children of Henry and Claudia Thompson are:

  1 M i Charlton C. Whittle - born 1880.
  2 M ii John B. Whittle - born Feb 1883.
  3 M iii Henry C. Whittle - born Feb 1887.
  4 F iv Claudia E. Whittle - born Aug 1889.
  5 M v Paul G. Whittle - born Aug 1892.

The children of Henry and Carrie Cleveland are:

  6 F vi Ollie R. Whittle - born 1905.

2571. David Ambrose Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose, Quintillian Durke) was born Oct 1861 in Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida and died there in 1939.

David is found on the 1900 census farming in Gadsden County. He married Ella (unknown) in 1894. Ella was born in Alabama in Oct 1875. Her parents were born in South Carolina. The census taker in 1910, added the name "Allday" to Maud which may mean she was adopted or a child of Ella's first marriage.

  1 F i Maud Whittle- born Sep 1889.
  2 F ii Rosa Whittle- born 1912.

2572. Walter T. Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose, Quintillian Durke) was born Mar 1871 in Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida and died in 1944 in Miami, Gila County, Arizona.

On the 1900 census, Walter is found living with a man named Pittman in Gadsden County and apparently still single.There are 5 adult males all listed as son's, all with different last names, a confusing picture. Walter left Florida and in 1902 married Jennie (unknown), born in Maine. On the 1910 census they are found in Union, New Jersey where Walter is a foreman in a rubber factory. Jennie says she had 3 children and only 1 still living. Her son Lawrence lives with them in NJ.

In time for the 1920 census, Walter and Jennie are found in Miami, Gila County, Arizona.Walter works in the office of a copper mine. They appear to also own a rooming house with 5 boarders and a maid. Jennie's son still lives with them, and his name is Clarence on the 1920 census. Walter also works for the copper mine in 1930, but seems to have given up the rooming house.

Walter died in 1944 as noted in the letter from his nephew Felton Whittle. It does not appear that he and Jennie had any children of their own.

2574. Norton Fagg Whittle (Burris, John, Ambrose, Quintillian Durke) was born Feb 1878 in Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida and died there 4 Jan 1946.

On the 1900 Census, Norton is working on his brother David's farm in Gadsden County. In 1909, Norton married Bessie Alline McDonald and started a family. Bessie was born 14 Oct 1888 and died 12 Aug 1966. One of their sons, Rev. Felton Whittle, wrote this letter to W.O. Whittle in 1945 which verifies their 9 children and provides other family information.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

  1 F i Hazel Gertrude "Trudie" Whittle - born 1911.
  2 M ii William Quinn Whittle - born 1913.
  3 M iii Otho Woodrow Whittle - born 1915.
  4 M iv Norton Felton Whittle - born 1918.
  5 M v Oliver Alva Whittle - born 1919, died age 18 months.
  6 M vi Herschel Keith Whittle - born 1922.
  7 M vii James Kennard Whittle- born 1924
  8 M viii Winton Oziel Whittle - born 1926.
  9 F ix Betty Nell Whittle - born 1929.

2595. Zack Wilkins Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, James Gideon) was born 4 Apr 1868 in Dooly County, GA and died in Berrien County, GA on 25 Jul 1925.

Zack is farming in Dooly County on the 1900 census, Crisp County in 1910 and Berrien County in 1920. He married Fannie Louphella (Lowe) Dorough, born Oct 1875. They had 9 children.

  1 F i Florence L. Whittle - born Mar 1892.
  2 F ii Anna R. Whittle - born Nov 1893.
  3 M iii Ewell N. Whittle - born Dec 1895.
  4 F iv Ove Whittle - born Dec 1897.
  5 M v Robert W. Whittle - born Jan 1900.
  6 M vi Darough Whittle - born 1902.
  7 F vii Gurly F. Whittle - born 1904.
  8 F viii Gather L. Whittle - born 1906.
  9 M ix Lynn S. Whittle - born 19152.

2596. Robert Quintillian Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, James Gideon) was born 29 Nov 1870 in Dooly County, GA and died in Clay County, GA on 16 Feb 1957.

Robert worked in a sawmill in 1910 and is listed as a minister on the 1920 census. He married Ola Louise Wade and had 3 children. Two of their children are living with Robert and probably a second wife named Lucy in 1930.

  1 F i Jewel Whittle - born 1904.
  2 F ii Sallie M. Whittle- born 1912.
  3 M iii Lamar Whittle - born 1918.

2597. Lee Roy Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, James Gideon) was born Oct 1877 in Dooly County, GA and died Sep 1903 in Bibb County, GA.

On the 1900 census, Leroy and Laura Whittle are listed as step children in the household of James Bellflower in Bibb County. Based on family data we received from James D. Brooks, it seems likely that Laura is his wife, Laura Draughon. She says that she is the mother of one child who is no longer living. James Bellflower is married to a Laura as well. This is likely Laura White Draughon, Laura's mother, and her second marriage.

On the 1910 census, Laura Draughon has remarried John Oliver and Ira and Curtis Whittle are living in their household in Turner County, GA.

  1 M i Lee James Whittle - born 16 Jul 1899 and died 30 Jul 1899.
  2 M ii Ira Hugh Whittle - born 23 Aug 1900 and died 13 Mar 1936.
  3 M iii Curtis Whittle - born 6 Dec 1902.

2598. Hugh Lawson Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, James Gideon) was born Sep 1881 in Dooly County, GA.

On the 1910 census Hugh is farming in Crisp County with his wife Mary Jane Harden. By 1920 he is in Berrien County near his brother Zack. No records have been found after 1920.

  1 F i Nancy Jane Whittle - born 1907.
  2 M ii Warren B. Whittle - born 1909.
  3 F iii Annie M. Whittle - born 1912.
  4 M iv Benjamin D. Whittle - born 1918.
  5 M v James Russell Whittle - born 1917.
  6 M vi Pleasant Henry Whittle - born 1917.
  7 M vii Hugh Lawson Whittle, Jr. - born 9 Aug 1921.

2631. Daniel William Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, Ambrose Daniel) was born in 1850 in Dale County, AL.

  1 M i William Whittle

2632. George "Sandy" W. Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, Ambrose Daniel) was born in 10 Aug 1852 and died 5 Mar 1917 in Dale County, AL.

George is found on the 1880 census living next door to his father. He married Susan A. Riley born Aug 1858 in AL. She died 17 Apr 1906. There is a patent for 120 acres in Dale County, AL on file with the Montgomery Land Office dated 1 Dec 1885 for George Whittle. Most of this family is buried at Mount Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery in Dale County, AL.

  1 M i William Early Whittle - born Jun 1876.
  2 F ii Mary Effie Whittle- born 27 Apr 1878 and died 18 May 1957. Effie married John Wesley Cone and they move to Missouri.
  3 M iii Daniel D. Whittle - born Jan 1880 and died 24 Feb 1965.
  4 F iv Aquilla Whittle - born Apr 1885.
  5 M v Whit Whittle - born Sep 1887.
  6 F vi Alcie Whittle - born Feb 1890.
  7 M vii James Tilmon Whittle - born 22 Apr 1893. He served in a medical unit during WW I.
  8 M viii Timothy "Dock' Whittle - born 8 Nov 1895 and died 14 Oct 1969.
  9 M ix John B. Whittle - born 9 Oct 1897 and died 7 Jun 1918 at Baccarat, France in WW I.
  10 M x Simon E. Whittle - born 24 Mar 1900 and died 25 Jul 1900.
  11 F xi Lutie Whittle - born 1902

2635. Cornelius "Neil" Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, Ambrose Daniel) was born in 1858 and died prior to 1920 in Dale County, AL.

Cornelius is found on the 1880 census living next door to his father. He married Malinda Riley born 1861 in AL. On the 1920 census Melinda is living with her mother.

2641. Newton Carmichael Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, Cinchen) was born 13 Dec 1853 in Barbour County, AL and died in Houston, Texas on 28 Sep 1905.

Newton is living with his parents on the 1870 census. Some time before 1880, Newton moved to Crockett, Houston County, Texas. He married Mollie (reported on as Jones) on 4 Nov 1879. They had 3 children:

  1 F i Louella Whittle - born 26 Sep 1885.
  2 F ii Eula Lee Whittle- born 1 Oct 1892 in Jones School House, Houston, TX. She married Joseph Brown Nelson.
  3 M iii Clifton Leonard Whittle - born 1899.

Newton is buried at McCarty Cemetery, Jones School House, Houston County, Texas. This information was originally made public in 1981 by Neta Nelson who is related to Eula and Joseph Nelson. We believe it to be accurate.

2645. Buford L. Yancy Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, Cinchen) was born 17 Oct 1865 in Mitchell County, GA and died there on 24 Apr 1937.

Yancy is on the 1910 census with his wife Ida Belle (unknown) and their 6 daughters. Ida Belle was born 9 Oct 1876 and died 6 May 1955. Yancy, Ida Belle and their infant son Earnest are in Liberty Hill Cemetery, Mitchell County, GA.

  1 F i Estelle Whittle - born May 1895.
  2 F ii Lenora Whittle - born Nov 1896 and is not on the 1910 census.
  3 F iii Ettie Whittle - born 1898. She Is on the 1910 but not 1900 census.
  4 F iv Leonas Whittle - born 1898. She is on the 1910 but not 1900 census.
  5 F v Loretta Whittle - born Oct 1899.
  6 F vi Lois Whittle - born 1903.
  7 M vii Earnest P. Whittle - born 16 Apr 1905 and died 2 Dec 1906.
  8 F viii Rosa Belle Whittle - born 1907.
  9 F ix Edith Whittle - born 1910.
  10 F x Clara Whittle - born 1914.

2661. Burrell Edward Whittle (Burris, John, Burrell, John N.) was born 10 Sep 1872 in Liberty County, FL and died 14 Mar 1951 in Liberty County, FL. He is buried in the J.C. Whittle Cemetery in Gadsden County.

Part of this information has been reconstructed from the tombstones at the J.C. Whittle cemetery. Burrell married Elizabeth Rebecca Boykin on 30 Jan 1896. She was born 7 Sep 1879 and died 11 Feb 1948. On the 1900 census Burrell and Lizzie list their first son William. On the 1930 census, their sons, James and Vasco are still living on their farm in Liberty County. Their son Charlie lives next door. Burrell is likely the distant cousin that Felton Whittle mentioned in the above letter.

  1 M i William Edward Whittle - born 17 Nov 1896 and died 13 Apr 1925. His tombstone lists him as a Sergeant in the US Army.
  2 M ii Charlie L. Whittle - born 3 Jul 1902 and died 29 Sep 1981.
  3 M iii James Clifford Whittle - born 30 Nov 1910.
  4 M iv Vasco Adolfus Whittle - born 15 Oct 1913 and died 1 Jan 1984.

3143. Samual Madison Whittle, Jr. (Burris, John, James, Samuel Madison) was born 18 Jan 1887 in Lee County, Alabama and probably died before 1930 in Georgia or Arkansas.

On the 1910 census we find Sam Jr. and his wife Rubie L. (Pinnell) living in Rome, Tallapoosa, AL next door to his father and mother. Sometime before 1920 Sam and Rubie have moved to Atlanta, GA where Sam's occupation is listed as blacksmith. We have not been able to locate Sam or Rubie on the 1930 census. There is a Warren M. Whittle living in a boarding house in Tennessee who is about the right age to be their son. There is one, and only one, report on that Warren and his two sisters moved to Palestine, AK and are buried there.

  1 M i Warren M. Whittle - born 27 Oct 1908 and died 20 Jul 1979 in Palestine, AK (Bell Cemetery).
  2 F ii Allie Jean Whittle - born 19 Apr 1910 and died in Palestine, AK 15 Dec 1998.
  3 F iii Louise Whittle - born 1913.

3144. Marion Watkins Whittle, Jr. (Burris, John, James, Samuel Madison) was born 3 Aug 1889 in Lee County, Alabama and died 1 Feb 1931 at Camp Hill, AL (Verified from tombstone at Camp Hill Cemetery).

Marion served his country during WW I as a private in the 28th Infantry, 1st Division.

3151. Henry King Whittle (Burris, John, James, James Jackson) was born 21 Jan 1872 in Columbus, GA and died 3 Jun 1961 in New Orleans, LA.

Our thanks to both James D. Brooks, great grandson of James Jackson Whittle, and to Henry King Whittle, Jr., who responded to W.O. Whittle in 1941, for providing information about this family. It is unfortunate that Henry's father never responded to W.O Whittle.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

"Henry married Kitty Hill Threlkeld, 20 Jun 1894 in Columbus, GA. Kitty was born 28 Jun 1871 in Griffin, GA and died 15 Sep 1951 in Columbus, GA." Their children are:

  1 F i Francis Louise Whittle - born 27 Jul 1895 and died 7 Feb 1958 in Columbus, GA.
  2 F ii Sidney Leverette Whittle - born 8 Nov 1897, died 19 Mar 1950.
  3 M iii Henry King Whittle, Jr. - born 29 Sep 1899, died 15 Jan 1964 in Orlando, FL.
  4 F iv Angelyn Whittle - born 16 Jan 1905, died 31 Jan 1951 in East Point, GA.

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