The South Carolina Whittle Families

Sixth Generation

13251. William E. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Reason, James Clayton) was born in Hillsborough County, Florida in 1872.

On the 1910 census, William and his wife Mary A. (unknown) are living in Suwannee County, William's occupation is blacksmith. Mary says she bore 9 children, only 5 still living. William also lists a sister named Annie, born 1895, living in his household. By 1920 William and Mary are living in Jasper, Hamilton County. William owns his own blacksmith shop.

  1 M i Oscar Whittle - born 1897.
  2 M ii Leonard A. Whittle - born 1900.
  3 M iii Eugene Whittle - born 1905.
  4 M iv Gilford Whittle - born 1907.
  5 F v Ethel E. Whittle - born Jan 1909.

13255. Reason Alexander Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Reason, James Clayton) was born in Hillsborough County, Florida in 1884 and died there in 1947.

On the gravestone of an infant daughter, Reason is called "Ready" which most likely was his nickname. Reason first appears with a family on the 1910 census living in John's Pass, Florida. Sometime after that he and his wife Ruby Ervin moved next door to his 3rd cousin, Claude Wilson Whittle in Seminole, Florida. Both of them were in partnership as successful orange grove farmers. Reason and Ruby are in the Seminole Cemetery along with 14 other Whittles and related family members. Reason and Ruby had the following children:

+ 132551 M i Robert Clayton Whittle
  132552 F ii Ruby Golding Whittle - born Jan 1909. She married a Rothermel
  132553 M iii Reason C. Whittle - born in 1913.
  132554 M iv Rodney M. Whittle - born in 1916.
  132555 F v Freida J. Whittle - born in 1918. She married a Rishor.
  132556 M vi Walter R. Whittle - born in 1920 and died in 1995.
  132557 M vii Jeter E. Whittle - born in 1924 and died 13 Nov 2007.
  132558 M viii Gerald E. Whittle - born in 1927.
+ 132559 M ix Mark Brown Whittle

Courtesy of Mark Elliott Whittle, grandson of Reason Alexander Whittle - 14 Apr 2012

This photograph was taken sometime in the late 1940s after Reason had died. From the left, Walter R, Mark B, Gerald E, Freida and Rodney Whittle.

13431. Harvey Moore Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Allison Harvey) was born Apr 1877 in Alabama and died in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas in 1944.

Harvey worked as a farm laborer in Alabama until about 1908. At age 30 he married Emma Roberts who was born in Alabama. Shortly after that he followed his brother Eugene to Abilene, Texas. On both the 1920 and 1930 census his occupation is postal clerk. Harvey and Emma had one son.

  1 M i Weldon Bernard Whittle - born 10 Jun 1910.

13432. Eugene Wilson Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Allison Harvey) was born 20 Aug 1878 in Georgia and died in Taylor County, Texas on 23 Apr 1939.

Eugene moved to Texas sometime before 1910. Unlike his brother, Eugene seems to have been better suited for continuing the family tradition of farming cotton, probably because he had 5 sons to help him out.

He married an Alabama girl named Minerva Hollingsworth. She was born 16 Feb 1877 and died 28 Apr 1955. Eugene, Minerva and their son Gilbert are buried at McBee Cemetery in Taylor County.

  1 M i Herman L. Whittle - born 1901 and died in 1976.
  2 M ii Carl Whittle - born 1904.
  3 F iii Eula B. Whittle - born 1905 and still living at home in 1930.
  4 M iv Clyde Whittle - born 1907.
  5 M v Grady Whittle - born 1913.
  6 M vi Gilbert Cecil Whittle - born 9 Dec 1916 and died 31 Jul 1942.

13434. Horace Floyd Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Allison Harvey) was born 1886 in Calhoun County, Alabama.

Horace has his own farm in Calhoun County by 1910. On the 1920 census he is living in Fayette County, AL. He married Sudie L. Browning. No records for Horace or his family have been found after 1920.

  1 F i Eva (or Eula) Whittle - born 1907.
  2 F ii Velma L. Whittle - born 1913.

13438. Henry Holton Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Allison Harvey) was born 11 Sep 1896 in Calhoun County, Alabama and died there 23 Feb 1974.

The census taker noted that Henry and his brother Arthur were twins on the 1900 census. He married Jennie L. (unknown) they have one son on the 1930 census. Henry's parents, Allison and Eula, are living with them on their farm in Alabama.

  1 M i Vernon R. Whittle

13441. Eula Hepsey Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born 24 Dec 1875 in Batesburg, SC and died 6 Jan 1914. She is buried at Old Providence Methodist Episcopal Church in Saluda County.

Eula married William Logan ("Doc") Wise. Doc was born 13 Sep 1866 and died 20 Sep 1950. Doc's parents were Annie Elizabeth Banks Wise (1837-1901) and John William Wise (1837-1904). Our thanks to Brad Wise for providing this information about his family.

"From left to right.....William Logan Wise, wife Eula Hepsy Whittle Wise, Annie Elizabeth Banks Wise.
I am guessing this picture was also taken in the 1890's. Again.......this is an amazing find. For 98% of you that receive these emails. Annie Elizabeth Banks Wise is either your great, 2nd great, or 3rd great grandmother. Annie Elizabeth was the daughter of Amos Banks. Amos was one of the first sheriffs in the Lexington County area before the Civil War when it was not a county. It was called the Dutch Fork District."

Courtesy of Betsy Shealy Humphries - Nov 2012

Eula Hepsey Whittle Wise - Courtesy of Brad Wise, Nov 2012

Eula and Doc Wise had the following children:

  134411 F i DeAlva Wise - 1st married Preston Shealy, Jr. They had one daughter named Claire Lorraine Shealy Haltiwanger. Preston died very young and then she married F. Hampton Hendrix, Jr. They had two children, F Hampton Hendrix III and DeAlva Gail Hendrix.
  134412 F ii Alma Teresa Wise - married Josiah Shealy.
  134413 F iii Elizabeth Wise - married Lynn W. Cooper.
  134414 M iv Lorraine Wise - survived World War II but was killed in a plane crash after the War. He is buried in Quam.

13442. Joseph Edgar "JE" Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born 30 Jul 1877 in Batesburg, SC and died in Seminole, Hillsborough County, Florida on 3 Feb 1947.

JE left South Carolina about 1900 and headed West. He stopped for a time in Texas and then moved to Altus, Oklahoma in Oct 1902 where he married Addie Williams who was from Lyon County, Kentucky. JE and Addie had one son before she died in Jun 1908. JE is listed as a book keeper at an alfalfa mill on the 1910 census.

Courtesy of his grandson, Joe Claude Whittle, April 2007

+ 134421 M i Thomas Edgar Whittle

JE moved to Oklahoma City in 1921 and was a life time member of the Odd Fellows Lodge. He was the founder and president of the Odd Fellows fraternal organization, The Good Samaritan Life Association. Here he is featured in their newsletter in 1933 along with his two sons.

Courtesy of his grandson, Joe Claude Whittle, April 2007

JE married Janie Cash who was a cousin of his first wife. Janie also was raised in Lyon County, KY. They had one son.

+ 134422 M ii J. Claude Whittle

JE spent a lot of his time on the road visiting his relatives always ending in stops in Kentucky and South Carolina. He owned property in Florida and was always close to his brother Claude. JE is buried in Memorial Cemetery in Oklahoma City as are both his sons. Janie Cash Whittle is buried at Saratoga Church Cemetery in Princeton, KY.

13443. Alma Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born 17 Aug 1879 in Batesburg, SC and died there in 1948.

Alma married Noah Derrick who was born in 1878 and died in 1947. Both were life time employees of Matthews and Bouknight Store in Leesville. They had no children but they had a very well known house in Leesville. This family picture was taken on Pearl Harbor Day, 7 Dec 1941.

Courtesy of Lauriston Keith Whittle - March, 2007

From left to right Mark Manchester Shealy, Noah Derick, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shealy, Alma Derick, Quinby Eubanks, Vita Whittle (Jake's wife), Eunice Eubanks, Curtis Columbus Whittle, Jr "Jake", Elizabeth Etheridge Whittle, Herbert T. Whittle, Curtis Columbus Whittle, Sr., Lauriston Keith Whittle, Effie Wise Whittle, Freddy F. Whittle and Rudolph "Rye" Whittle.

13444. Claude Wilson Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born in 1881 in Batesburg, SC and died in Seminole, Pinellas County, Florida in 1974.

Claude left South Carolina in 1902 and followed his uncle Reason to Florida. He homesteaded in the Seminole area on what is now 86th Avenue and Seminole Blvd. Claude went into a partnership with his 3rd cousin Reason Alexander Whittle and they bought land for growing oranges. Reason died in 1947 and it is said that it took Claude 9 years to buy out Reason's interest.

When he wasn't fishing, he ran this road side fruit stand and sold some of his oranges to the tourists that came to town. It is said that his wife made him close it down because he would occasionally take credit instead of cash.

Courtesy of Sally Marie Whittle Smith, October 2006

Here is a picture of Claude published in either the St. Petersburg Times or the local Seminole or Largo newspaper in 1959. Note the references to St. Pete board sidewalks a few years before the "green benches" were installed. Try and find this spot in 2007, he is probably pointing at the traffic even in 1959.

Courtesy Dorothy Dale Taylor Whittle, May 1959

Claude married Perry Detta Cobb in 1905 after he moved to Florida. Detta was born in 1888 and died 16 May 1980. Both are buried in the Seminole Cemetery in Largo, Florida.

  1 F i Clemmentine Elizabeth Whittle - born in 1907 and died in 1983. She married Dr. Daniel McMullen.
  2 F ii Mildred Harriet Whittle - born in 1910 and died in 1969. She married a Meares.
  3 F iii Emma Vinelle Whittle - born in 1918 and died in 1981. She married a Plemmons.

Here is a picture of the family dating from sometime in the early 1930's.

Courtesy of Brad Wise, January 2013

13445. Curtis Columbus Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born 1883 in Batesburg, SC and died in Williston, SC in 1945.

Curtis moved to Williston about 1910 and bought farm land from his uncle Paul Quattlebaum. He married Effie Eugenia Wise. Effie was born in 1885 and died in 1972. They raised a family of 7 children and had one son Truett Wise who died in infancy. All of the six Whittle brothers remained in Williston and owned local businesses including Whittle Motor Company, a seed and feed store, a grocery store, Whittle Brothers gas station and farming operations.

Courtesy of Lauriston Keith Whittle - March, 2007

  134451 M i Curtis Columbus "Jake" Whittle, Jr.
  134452 M ii Rudolph "Rye" Whittle was born 1910.
  134453 F iii Dorothy Ruth Whittle - born in 1914 and died in 1987, she married Robert Ritter.
  134454 M iv Minick "Jim" Quincy Whittle was born 1916.
  134455 M v Herbert Tillman Whittle was born 1918.
+ 134456 M vi Lauriston Keith Whittle
  134457 M vii Freddy Fellows Whittle - born 1924 and died in 2002. Freddy never married. Keith Whittle told me that Freddy never recovered from his experience at Omaha Beach during WW II.

13446. Clarence M. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born in 14 Nov 1885 in Batesburg, SC and died in Huntington, West Virginia on 25 Aug 1957.

Clarence followed his brother JE to Altus, Oklahoma and lived with him on the 1910 census. Clarence married Mary "Mollie" Alice Withers and they had 3 daughters before leaving Oklahoma. They moved to Huntington, WV before 1920. Clarence is a book keeper for a wholesale grocery on the 1920 census. By 1930 he has become the proprietor of the grocery store. Clarence and Molly had 5 daughters.

  1 F i Mary Elizabeth "Bill" Whittle - was born in 1913. She married Phillip Tracey Lambert and they had one son.
  2 F ii Virginia "Gin" Alice Whittle - was born in 1916.
  3 F iii Clarice Ruth Whittle - was born in 1918.
  4 F iv Marjorie Louise Whittle - was born in 1919. She is said to have never married.
  5 F v Hilda Katherine Whittle - was born in 1922. She lived in Bristol, VA and married a Shy.

Keith Whittle says that his brother Rye used to get dates for the girls when they made their annual visit to kinfolk in South Carolina.

13447. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ethel Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born in 13 Oct 1887 in Batesburg, SC and died there 19 Jan 1977.

Aunt Lizzie married Mark Manchester Shealy He was born in 1889 and died in Dec 1948. This account of their family was published about 1980 by his daughter.

Courtesy of Emma Shealy - 2006

13448. Otis Curran Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick) was born 7 Sep 1890 in Batesburg, SC and died in Seminole, Pinellas County, Florida 2 Apr 1954.

Otis followed his brother Claude to Florida about 1910. His occupation is listed as fruit broker. He traveled back and forth between Florida and South Carolina and sold fruit from portable stands. Keith Whittle says he used to set up shop at the farmers market on Assembly Street in Columbia.

He married Mary Murphy and they had one adopted son named Billy. Mary was born in 1899 and died in 1969. Otis is buried in the Seminole Cemetery along with his brother Claude and the family of Reason Whittle.

13473. Luther Artimus "Bud" Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, William Floyd) was born 28 Jan 1881 in Batesburg, SC and died in Grady County, Georgia.

Luther is found in Saluda County on the 1910 census under L.A.Whittle, living next door to his brother Ernest. He married Wilmer or Wilma (unknown) about 1903. Some time before 1920, Luther left SC and moved to Grady County, GA which borders the Florida panhandle.

The census takers consistently mispelled the names of his family members, so this list may not be accurate.

  1 M i Luther Whittle, Jr. - born 17 Feb 1904 and died 9 Feb 1971. He married Josephine Davis, born 12 Aug 1907 and died 8 Dec 1992.
  2 F ii Gladys Whittle - born in 1907.
  3 M iii James F. Whittle - born 1910.
  4 M iv Harvey A. Whittle - born 1913.
  5 M v Virgil A. Whittle - born 1918.
  6 F vi Elizabeth Whittle - born 1921.

13475. Arthur Cromwell Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, William Floyd) was born 14 Mar 1884 in Batesburg, SC and died in Jefferson, Guilford County, NC.

Arthur married Mary Ethel Smith who bore him 4 children. On the 1930 census the family is found in Guilford County, NC. Arthur is a salesman of household tools.

  1 M i Leland Smith Whittle - born in 1911.
  2 F ii Evelyn M. Whittle - born in 1913.
  3 M iii Arthur Cromwell Whittle, Jr. - born in 1917.
  4 F iv Rachel A. Whittle - born in 1922.

13476. Ernest Wilson Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, William Floyd) was born 6 Dec 1885 in Batesburg, SC, and died in Chappells, S.C on 26 Jun 1972.

Our thanks to Richard Whittle for information about his father, James Ernest Whittle. His grandfather, James Ernest and his new bride Ruby Barre are found on the 1910 census farming in Saluda County next door to his brother Luther, "Bud". Ruby was born 12 Nov 1887 and died 11 Jan 1968.

  1 M i Everett Whittle
  2 M ii James Ernest Whittle - was born April 9, 1917 and died Nov. 4, 1956, in Greensboro, N.C. He married Clara Brackett, born Oct. 25, 1924, died Feb. 14, 2003.

13478. Allen Webster Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, William Floyd) was born 23 Jan 1890 in Batesburg, SC and died 27 Mar 1974 in Charleston, SC.

Webster is a farm laborer working with his father on the 1910 census. He must have decided that farm life was not to be his career, on the 1930 census he is a fireman in Charleston. According to the Eidson family history, Allen married Minnie Lee Eidson about 1911. Their children are:

  1 F i Catherine R. Whittle - born about 1911.
  2 F ii Dolores A. Whittle - born about 1914.
  3 M iii John Eidson Whittle - born 20 Jul 1917.

134710. William Floyd Whittle, Jr. (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, William Floyd) was born 16 Jan 1894 in Batesburg, SC. and probably died 26 Sep 1938 in Mitchell County, GA.

William moved from SC to GA with his father about 1915. He is found on the 1920 census in Pelham, GA with his wife Mabel (unknown) and their first son. It is interesting to note that there is a 3rd family of Whittle's in Pelham on the 1920 census, "Wihl Whittle" is likely a grandson of Kinchen Whittle. Wonder if they knew they were related? William has not been found on the 1930 census. There are records of the death of two William F. Whittle's in Georgia in 1934 and 1938. It is likely they are father and son.

  1 M i William N. Whittle - born 1915.

13533. James Rema Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., William Floyd, Milton A.) was born 12 Nov 1878 in Madison County, FL and died 26 Oct 1936 in Salerno, Martin County, FL.

James is found in Palatka, Putnam County, FL on the 1900 census living in the household of Robert Stubbs. His occupation is fisherman. He married Mary V. (unknown), a SC girl, in 1904. On the 1910 census they are living in Brevard County. Mary says she has lost her first two children. In 1920, James and a 2nd wife named Martha are found in Palm Beach with their first daughter, Julia. Fishing must have worked well for James because he is still doing it in 1930. The children of James and Martha (unknown) from the 1930 census are:

  1 F i Julia Martha Whittle - born in 1919.
  2 F ii Virginia Whittle - born 24 Feb 1921. She married Niels Peter Metzger.
  3 F iii Cordela Whittle - born in 1924.
  4 F iv Annie L. Whittle - born in 1925.
  5 M v Johnny Whittle - born in 1928.
  6 M vi Samuel Ellison Whittle - born 27 Dec 1929.

13621. William Capers Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wesley, Francis Coke) was born 22 May 1878 in Edgefield County, SC and died in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas 15 Jul 1971, age 93.

WC followed his father into the general merchandise business in Texas. On the 1900 census he is living in Hopkins County with his wife Maggie B. Taylor and their first born son. By 1910 they have 5 children and WC is farming in Rains County. Apparently the salesmanship in his blood got the best of him and he is a dealer in live stock by 1920. It is difficult to find WC after 1922. There is a social security death index for him which does match his birth month and year.

  1 M i Obie Earl Whittle - born 5 Nov 1898, was in the US Army during WW I.
  2 M ii

Ernest B. Whittle - born 20 Oct 1900 and died 20 Jan 1922

EmoryCity Cem south section (#9) row 8
January 20, 1922
A deep gloom settled over our little city Saturday afternoon when the word went out that Ernest Whittle was dead. He was stricken with that dread malady, meningitis, Friday night January 6, and death relieved him of his suffering at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, January 14th. Ernest was one of our most highly respected young business men, being just a few months past his 21st mile post, and his untimely death came as a shock to his many friends, Taylor and Whittle gent's furnishings and pressing parlor. Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church Sunday afternoon at 3:15 o'clock by the pastor, Rev. W.C. Hughes, assisted by Dr. M.T. Tucker, pastor of the Baptist church. The attendance at the funeral was probably the largest ever assembled in Emory. The church would not hold the vast assemblage that gathered to pay their last tribute to our young fellow-citizen and hundreds stood about the doors and in groups near the building until services were concluded. Pall bearers were selected from his school mates as follows: King Henslee, Bailey Clendenin, John T. Henry, Herman Settle, Paul Parkins, and John T. Reeves, Jr. The floral offering was said by many to have been the handsomest and largest ever seen in Emory. He is survived by his young wife, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Whittle, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and a number of other relatives, who have the sincere sympathy of the community.

  3 M iii Hubert Whittle - born 1903 and died 6 Feb 1938 in Hunt County, TX.
  4 M iv Carl Whittle - born 1906.
  5 F v Maggie Whittle - born 1908.
  6 F vi Elizabeth Whittle - born 1914.

13623. William M. Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wesley, Francis Coke) was born Nov 1882 in Edgefield County, SC and died sometime after 1931 probably in Dallas, TX.

Based on Coke Whittle's obituary, it seems that he named two of his sons William. On the 1910 census Will and his wife Lillie have one son named Claude. Lillie states that she bore 4 children, so it seems they lost three of them. Unlike the rest of the family, Will began his career in law inforcement. In 1910 he is a baliff and constable. In 1912 he was elected Sheriff of Rains County and served until 1918.

Not to be out done by the other salesmen in Will's family, our chief Texas Whittle researher Glen Collier found the following statement in the Rains County Leader newspaper. "Everybody's doin' it, so Will Whittle says, that is, buying Chevrolets. In the past 2 weeks he has sold Chevrolet cars to the folllowing..." By 1920 Will has remarried a women named Stella and lives in a boarding house or apartment in Dallas, occupation is listed as grocery helper. Will can be found in Dallas city directories through 1931 and on the 1930 census his occupation is recorded as investigator for a loan collection agency. No record has been found of any children from his marriage to Stella.

  1 M i Claude F. Whittle - born 1905.

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