The South Carolina Whittle Families

Sixth Generation

7141. Philemon "Phil" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Stancil, John Wesley) was born 1 Apr 1875 at Lookout Mountain, DeKalb County, AL and died 17 Aug 1966 in Fort Payne, AL.

Phil married Lula Lee Hulgan 31 Oct 1897. She was born 2 Apr 1875; died 25 Feb 1953. Their children are:

  1 F i Georgia Gertrude Whittle - born 2 May 1900 and died 1 Apr 1982. Georgia married John Thomas Parker on 26 Dec 1918.
  2 F ii Willie Ann Whittle - born 15 Dec 1901 and died 12 Feb 1902.
  3 F iii Cornelia "Nealie" Whittle - born 29 Dec 1902 and died 26 Nov 1947. She married Ellis Talmadge Hudgins.
  4 F iv Laura Mae Whittle - born 24 Mar 1905 and died 27 Dec 1992.
  5 M v Willie Ernest Whittle - born 1 Aug 1908 and died 29 Aug 1975.
  6 M vi Johnnie Washington Whittle - born 20 May 1911 and died 25 May 1976.
  7 F vii Alice Jane Whittle - born 6 Jan 1913 and died 7 Dec 1992.

7322. Mark Berry Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark Berry, Ambrose C.) was born 15 Nov 1868 died 21 Mar 1949 in Orangeburg County, SC.

Mark was first married to Rosena Williamson. They had Eugene and Nathan. The other children were by his second marriage to Lillie Kay Odom. Most of his children all lived in Blackville.

+ 73221 M i Eugene Stanmore Whittle
  73222 M ii Nathan Burton Whittle - born 12 Aug 1894 and died 21 Aug 1955. Married Mattie Ruth Knotts.


F iii Gulah Whittle - born 9 Oct 1898 and died 10 Oct 1935 from Pneumonia. Married Byron Percival Morris.


M iv William Lesley Whittle - born 11 Jan 1900 and died 18 Aug 1978. Married Izetta Bell Bright.


M v Wilbur Ernest Whittle - born 29 Oct 1906 and died 13 May 1972. Married Leila Still.
+ 73226 M vi Mark Briggs Whittle


F vii Georgia Velma Whittle - born 4 Apr 1913 and died 20 May 1999. Married Nathaniel H. Martin.


F viii Sarah Jane Whittle - born in 1915 and died in 1999.
  73229 M ix Fred O'Neil Whittle - born 18 Aug 1917 and died 19 Jul 1999. Married Victoria Margie Tindal.
  732210 M x B. Clarence Whittle - born 27 Mar 1920 and died 3 Oct 2007. Married Emma Cook. No children have been found.

7332. William H. Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark Berry, Joseph M.) was born in Jefferson County, Arkansas in 1886.

On the 1920 and 1930 census, William and his wife Cora Belle Hon (not proven) are living in Coal Hill, Johnson County, AK. William does not list any occupation on either census. Some researchers believe this William H. is the son of Albert Galitin Whittle from Sevier County, TN.

  1 M i William H. Whittle, Jr. - born 23 Sep 1911, died 10 Aug 1991.

7341. Arthur Malachi "Mike" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B., Benjamin P.) was born in Edgefield County 12 Sep 1875 and died in Augusta, GA, 26 Mar 1954.

Mike is still living at home in Augusta on the 1900 census, occupation cotton mill weaver. His whereabouts in 1910 can not be found. On the 1920 census Mike is a clerk in a grocery store in Augusta. According to information posted on, he married Laura Cromer. Only one child has been documented from US Census data.

  1 F i Nannie Lee Whittle- born in 1898.

7342. Mark Gary Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B., Benjamin P.) was born in Edgefield County 17 Aug 1879 and died in Augusta, GA, 22 Mar 1952.

Mark is still living at home in Augusta on the 1900 census. He and his dad are listed as street car motorman. In 1907 he married Mary R. Woodward and he has become a deputy sheriff for Richmond County. This was to be Mark's lifetime career.

Courtesy Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN.

M. Gary was interested in Whittle family genealogy and provided considerable information to W.O. Whittle in 1945. See Ambrose Whittle. The 1920 census seems to indicate that he was living at the Richmond County Jail, where the census taker listed all of the inmates as part of his family! Fortunately we find no Whittle's on the list. No record has been found of any children from his marriage to Mary.

7343. Benjamin Clint Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B., Benjamin P.) was born in Edgefield County 25 Feb 1881 and died in Augusta, GA, 23 Jan 1955.

Ben is living in Dodge County, GA for the 1910 census, his occupation is district superintendant at a cotton mill. He married Essie Howard and she bore him 10 children before 1930. Although the family can be found consistently on the US Census, there appears to be reliable information published by Webb Bays Blackman, Jr. on

  1 M i Walter Clint Whittle - born in 1901.
  2 F ii Annie Beatrice Whittle - born 19 Dec 1905 and died 14 Sep 1992.
  3 F iii Nina Whittle - born in 1909.
  4 M iv Benjamin Howard Whittle - born in 1911.
  5 M v Gary Woodrow Whittle - born in 1912.
  6 M vi Albert Robert Whittle - born in 1914.
  7 F vii Marjorie Lucile Whittle - born in 1917.
  8 M viii James Hezakiah Whittle - born 26 Dec 1918 and died 22 Jul 1926.
  9 F ix Dorothy Louise Whittle - born in 1921.
  10 F x Lillian Whittle - born in 1924.

7345. James Hezekiah "Hez" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B., Benjamin P.) was born in Edgefield County Feb 1888 and died in Augusta, GA, 20 Nov 1948.

Hez is still living with his parents and working at the cotton mill on the 1910 census. There is an arrow drawn on the census sheet that indicates he is married to Susie Lee (unknown) and they have a 4 year old daughter named Margaret. By 1920, Hez has changed occupations and is listed as an electrician. Susie died before the 1930 census, Hez and his daughter Dorothy are living alone and he says he is a widower.

  1 F i Lillian Margaret Whittle - born in 1907.
  2 F ii Dorothy J. Whittle - born in 1912.

7346. Walter Killian "Kid" Whittle (Burris, Joseph, Ambrose, Mark B., Benjamin P.) was born in Edgefield County 14 Feb 1892 and died in Augusta, GA, 3 Apr 1966.

Kid shows up on the 1920 census working as a plummer in Columbus, GA.. By 1930, however, he is back in Augusta working as a plumbing inspector and raising a family. From information posted on, he married Margaret Thelma O'Neil and may have had two daughters.

  1 F i Margaret Ann Whittle - born 12 Aug 1928.

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