The South Carolina Whittle Families

Seventh Generation

132551. Robert Clayton Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Reason, James Clayton, Reason Alexander) was born 16 Apr 1907 in Seminole, Pinellas County, FL and died in WW II, Sep 1942.

Robert married Grace Gainey 16 Sep 1930.

  1 M i Robert Clayton Whittle, Jr. - born 9 Apr 1930 in Anona, Florida. He married Carolyn Ann Barlow, born 2 Jan 1937. They have 5 children: Robert Clayton Whittle, III, Rodney Ervin Whittle, Sherry Ann Whittle, John Robin Whittle, Lance Myron Whittle.
  2 M ii James Raymond Whittle - born 24 Oct 1932. He married Janice H. Lawhon and they have 6 children: Katherine Helen Whittle, Cathleen Ruby Whittle, Corene Ann Whittle, James Raymond Whittle, Jr., Joseph Reason Whittle, Eugene Richard Whittle.

132559. Mark Brown Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Reason, James Clayton, Reason Alexander) was born in Seminole, Pinellas County, FL in 1928 and died there in 1983.

Mark married married June A. Ellis in 1950. They had 2 children:

+ 1325591 M

Mark Elliott Whittle - born 11 Feb 1951.

+ 1325592 M

Robert Clayton Whittle - born in 1952 and died in 2000.

Courtesy of Mark Elliott Whittle, son of Mark Brown Whittle - 14 Apr 2012

This picture of Mark, June, Mark Elliott and Robert Clayton and was taken in 1953. The oldest boy is Roger C. Cannon, first child of June Ellis born in 1948.

Robert Whittle, son of Robert Clayton, provided the following information about June Ellis and Mark Brown Whittle on 24 Mar 2014:

"The reason we weren't able to know my grandfather or any other Whittles when my grandmother, June Whittle, who was next married to Clyde Cannon of her 5 husbands left my grand father Mark Whittle very ruthlessly and was talked about for years. She changed my dad and Mark's name to Cannon, had them adopted and they never saw their father again, leaving us not knowing any of the family. As you know my father passed now almost 15 years ago.

Then years later My uncle Mark E. Cannon, my father Robert Clayton Cannon, Thomas Cannon and myself Robert Roy Cannon all changed our names back in 2/15/1996. We went in front of a judge and got our names changed from Cannon which is what I was born with."

134421. Thomas Edgar Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick, Joseph Edgar) was born 29 Dec 1905 in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma Territory and died 4 Apr 1968 in Oklahoma City, OK. He is buried along with his father and brother at Memorial Park Cemetery in OKC.

Edgar ran the Good Samaritan Life Association in Oklahoma City after his father died. His brother J. Claude also worked there prior to WW II.

Edgar married Virginia Leah Shaw, born 30 Aug 1907 in Altus, Oklahoma Territory and died 23 Jul 2001 in Bradenton, Manatee County, FL. Edgar and Virginia had 2 daughters:

  1 F i Nancy Whittle. She married Jefferson Myres Guilford, born 1 Jul 1932, died 3 Oct 1998.
  2 F ii Ann Whittle. Ann first married a Johnson and then a Card.

Edgar married Alice Reed, born 3 Jul 1918 in Steelton, Dauphin County, PA. Alice died 26 Dec 2010 in Oklahoma City, OK. They did not have any children and she was not married before Edgar.

134422. J. Claude Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick, Joseph Edgar) was born 15 Sep 1915 in Altus, Oklahoma and died 26 Oct 1994 in Oklahoma City, OK.

J. Claude was required to have a middle initial when he was drafted for WW II. He decided to just add the initial "J". Later his son would be named Joe Claude and his grandson Jay Claude in his honor.

Claude was in the general insurance business throughout his career after WW II. He owned insurance agencies in Oklahoma City and St. Petersburg, Florida before returning to Oklahoma in 1965.

Claude married Dorothy Dale Taylor. She was the daughter of Willard J Taylor and Minnie Cooper of Shawnee, OK. Dorothy was born 26 Oct 1915 and died 18 Jan 1975. She is buried in the family plot at Memorial Park Cemetary in Oklahoma CIty, OK.

  1 M i Joe Claude Whittle - born 6 Sep 1945.
  2 F ii Sally Marie Whittle - born 1950.

Claude married Marguerite Bell Fain after Dorothy died. She was a best friend of Dorothy Whittle. Marguerite was born 17 Sep 1917 in Texas and died 25 May 2003 in Las Vegas, NV. Marguerite had 2 children while she was married to Jim Fain. She did not have any children by J. Claude Whittle.

134451. Curtis Columbus "Jake" Whittle Jr. (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick, Curtis Columbus) was born 19 Feb 1906 in Williston, Aiken County, SC and died there 26 Nov 1969.

Jake married Vida Harrison on 13 Mar 1938. Vida was born 22 Jan 1911 and died 16 Jul 1967. Our thanks to Mary Whittle Chalker for her remembrances about her father.

"I was in my early-20s when my parents died and I've missed them sorely forever but, interestingly, now that I'm almost old, not having them stings more than ever. At age 61, I would give absolutely anything to hold Mama's hand and sit on Daddy's lap just one more time. FYI, Daddy was a real character and well-loved by everyone who knew him. He smoked unfiltered Camels and Chesterfields and drank heavily (usually Seagram's 7) and cursed good-naturedly (called friends SOB). And, with all that, he was the very best husband, father, friend, provider - indeed, man - ever. The entire town of Williston closed down for Daddy's funeral."

134456. Lauriston Keith Whittle (Burris, James Sr., James Jr., Wilson, Minick, Curtis Columbus) was born 7 Aug 1921 in Williston, Aiken County, SC and died 4 Nov 2011 in Columbia, SC.

"Cudin" Keith was a 1948 graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, and a member of the American and South Carolina Bar Associations. He was founder and owner of Whittle Real Estate and Insurance in Williston. He practiced law there from 1951 to 1991 and continued as a real estate broker until retirement in 2003. He moved to Columbia in 2004 with his wife Anne Baker Black Whittle.

A U.S. Navy veteran of World War II, he was well known and respected for his leadership and civic service, especially in the Barnwell County area. He was a member and former Adjutant and Commander of the American Legion, a member of the Jaycees and first president and charter member of the Williston Lions Club. In addition, he was first president of the Blue Devils Booster Club formed to advance local athletics and first president of the Williston Progressive Association designed to attract industry to the area. He was named Businessman of the Year by the Barnwell County Chamber of Commerce in 1986.

This letter from his niece Mary Whittle Chalker to Keith's daughter Susan when his death was imminent, was read at Keith's funeral:

"Oh, Susan, this is something we all anticipated, but it still stings something fierce when we know for sure that the end is near. Of all people, Uncle Keith would be ready to take on the next chapter because a better, more loving and gentle mortal has never walked the face of this earth. Uncle Keith is one of the very few men who can claim a million friends and no enemies. Your daddy, my uncle, definitely is unique, and I am so very proud, so fortunate, to have been honored with a seat at his table so many times over so many years. By his actions, even more than by his words, your daddy has taught all of us forgiveness, humility, honesty, humor and generosity of spirit. He also has shown us the ethics of hard work and the importance of a kind and loving heart. Your daddy, though short in stature, is one of the tallest of men. I, and everyone who ever has known L. Keith Whittle, look up to him. And we smile."

The children of his marriage to Anne are:

  1 F i Susan Anne Whittle
  2 F ii Lauri Keith Whittle

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